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How to rotate, crop, and straighten in Photos for iPhone and iPad

How do you rotate, crop, and straighten your photos so they're framed exactly the way you want them? It's easy with the Photos app!

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How to clear Reminders on iPhone and iPad

If you've accomplished a task, you can cross it off you list. If you just want to get rid of it though, you can do that too!

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How to personalize Contacts on iPhone and iPad

How do I add a custom ring tone to a contact on iPhone? Personalize your contacts – here's how!

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How to manage your books in iBooks for iPhone and iPad

iBooks makes it easy to keep your book collections organized!

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How to reset and restore your iPhone's settings, network, location, and more

Running into bugs or quirks with your iPhone? Here's how to reset and restore your settings, network connections, keyboard dictionary, Home screen, or Location & Privacy settings.

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Get started with iPhone 7: The Ultimate Guide

Welcome to your new iPhone! Here's how to set it up and get started with it!

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How to download and install iOS 10.0.2 on your iPhone or iPad

Apple has just released iOS 10.0.2 with a number of bug fixes. You can download iOS 10.0.2 using the same procedures as previous updates.

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How to use and customize Shake to Undo on iPhone and iPad

Have you ever tried to delete a giant paragraph of text you just typed out on your iPhone or iPad? You don’t have to hold the backspace and watch all the letters and words disappear, you can simply shake your iPhone.

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How to change Auto-Lock on your iPhone and iPad

Your iPhone and iPad will, by default, auto-lock your phone after two minutes of sitting idle. If you are tired of having to deal with the Lock screen every two minutes, you can easily change the amount of time it takes, or even turn it off completely!

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How to download iOS 10.1 public beta 1 to your iPhone or iPad

Itching to try out iOS 10.1? The first public beta version is now available. Here's what you need to know about downloading and installing it!

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