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iOS 11 wish list: Type to Siri

For when you can't or shouldn't talk, imagine being able to access Siri through text!

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How to manage Background App Refresh on iPhone and iPad

Background refresh is part of what allows any app for iPhone or iPad to appear to be multitasking all the time. But sometimes you want to cut back on power and data usage. So lock it down!

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How to customize the keyboard on iPhone and iPad

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe your keyboard could be doing more for you?

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iOS 11 wish list: Handoff for iTunes and Apple Music

With Handoff you can push, not just data, but also the state of activity between iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Imagine having that for iTunes and Apple Music.

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How to customize Find my Friends on iPhone and iPad

Choose what you share and how you share it when using the Find Friends app on iPhone and iPad.

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Weather app: The ultimate guide

Track the weather in your hometown and around the world using the Weather app on your iPhone!

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Secret Safari shortcuts: Speed up your browsing now!

Once you know how to long-tap (touch and hold) and swipe your way around, you'll be using Safari for iPhone faster than ever!

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iOS 11 wish list: VIP for all messages, not just mail

VIP lets you create a separate group and notification priority for the contacts that matter the most to you. But only in Mail. That's not enough.

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Custom keyboard keep switching back to default? Here's the fix!

Have you been tempted to try out a new third-party keyboard recently, but hate that it always switches back to Apple's keyboard anyway? There's a way to stop that.

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How to use trackpad mode on your iPad with an external keyboard

You don't need 3D Touch or the software keyboard to move your cursor on an iPad. Watch and learn.

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