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How to manage Privacy settings on iPhone and iPad

Privacy is a front-facing, top-of-line feature for Apple, and the settings on your iPhone and iPad reflect that.

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How to manage email and mailboxes in Mail for iPhone and iPad

Find out the easy way to manage your email and mailboxes on your iPhone or iPad.

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How to get lost iCloud contacts back on your iPhone

Why has my friend's contact info disappeared from my iPhone? You may need to resync your iPhone with iCloud.

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Five best flight tracking apps for iPhone

If you're feeling lost in the air, these flight tracking apps will keep you grounded!

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Can't take a photo? Use Optimize Storage to free up space on your iPhone

Do you keep getting that pesky "Out of Storage" error on your iPhone when you try and take a photo with your iPhone? Free up space on your iPhone or iPad with these tips and tricks.

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How to turn off your iPhone if your On/Off button doesn't work

If your iPhone's On/Off button stops working, you can use AssistiveTouch to still control your device. Here's how!

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How to configure VPN access on your iPhone or iPad

How do I configure a VPN on my iPhone? With the built-in network configuration tool!

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How to tweak iOS 10's visuals, multitouch gestures, and sounds to your liking

Don't like blurs? Can't read thin text? Want all that parallax stuff to just STOP ALREADY? Here's a guide to tweaking just about everything in iOS 10.

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How to move your iPhone or iPad backups to an external hard drive

If you have iOS backups taking space on your internal drive, you can relocate them to an external hard drive to clear out some space.

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How to fix repeat iCloud sign-in requests on iPhone and iPad

Constantly hammered with sign-in requests from iCloud on your iPhone or iPad? Here's how you can fix that.

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