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How to use trackpad mode on your iPad with an external keyboard

You don't need 3D Touch or the software keyboard to move your cursor on an iPad. Watch and learn.

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How to use Find My Friends on iPhone and iPad

Locate your amigos or let them know where you are with the Find Friends app on iPhone and iPad.

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How to manage channels, history, and more in Apple News for iPhone and iPad

How do you customize your Apple News experience? It's easy!

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Stocks app: Ultimate guide

How do you check the stocks and markets most important to you, right on your iPhone? With the built-in Stocks app and Siri, of course

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How to use get directions and maps with Siri

If you've got both hands on the wheel and don't know where you're going, Siri and Maps can help.

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iOS 11 wish list: Touch ID and password lock for every app

Touch ID and passcode protection for every app would protect our data no matter where it is, or who's trying to access it

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Worried about Wi-Fi assist using too much cellular data? Here's how to turn it off!

Wi-Fi Assist is great for maintaining connections on shaky Wi-Fi—but it can also quickly eat up your data plan. If you want to conserve your cellular data, here's where you can disable this switch.

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How to pick a cover photo for Memories in Photos (spoiler: you can't)

Want to change your cover photo in Memories? It’s not as simple as you’d think, and that’s kind of silly.

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How to return a purchase in-store with Apple Pay

Buying something in-store with Apple Pay is as easy as getting into NFC range and touching the Home button or tapping out the passcode. If you want to return your purchase — if you get the wrong size, the wrong brand, or simply change your mind — all you need is your iPhone.

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Best iMessage apps and sticker packs for iOS 10 — so far!

iMessage Apps and Stickers have hit the App Store for iMessage in droves (upon droves). Here are the apps and stickers we think you should check out!

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