Last Chance: Win a Tablet of your choice from TouchType

Win a Tablet of your Choice

This is it, folks. Your **last chance** to enter this massive tablet give-away. Haven't been paying attention? Wel that to celebrate 1 million downloads of their SwiftKey keyboard app, TouchType is giving away a tablet each to THREE lucky winners! Which tablets? Whichever the winner chooses so long as they're available for purchase for up to $800 where he or she lives. iPad 2, PlayBook, Xoom, Galaxy Tab are all on the table.

How do you enter? TouchType has put together a small survey which shouldn't take more than five or ten minutes to complete. That's it - well, that and a quick perusal of the official entry rules just to make sure you're eligible (sorry minors and SPE employees). The contest is open to readers of Android Central,, TiPb, and WPCentral and ends at midnight Pacific on April 14.

Not familiar with TouchType? You may have also seen that TouchType made a splash at this year's CTIA with their tablet keyboard for Honeycomb - that's coming soon, but SwiftKey is available now for Android devices. 

So get cracking on the survey, folks - these tablets aren't going to give themselves away.

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Reader comments

Last Chance: Win a Tablet of your choice from TouchType


I think it would be really nice to have a 3G model but have having a 64GB would also be really nice. All I know is I would love to have a tablet!

If I win, I'm getting the BlackBerry tablet.
I could really use something to wedge under my tire, for traction when I get stuck in the winter.

So, when do we know the results of the contest? I've been watching my e-mail faithfully since Friday (including the spam folder) and am wondering when I can stop hitting refresh on my iPhone. ;)