Win a FREE iPad mini in your choice of AnoStyle color!

Simply comment, like and/or follow for your chance to win a free AnoStyle colored iPad mini!

AnoStyle uses a brand new process that's anything but your typical color modification. It not only adds color to mobile devices but also provides an anodized finish with enhanced durability that actually meets military grade requirements. In the case of the iPad mini, it will greatly minimize the chances of scuffing and scratching in addition to providing fantastic new color options. Better still, according to the AnoStyle, it's now available internationally:

AnoStyle™ is now available internationally in over 50 countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Italy, Spain, Russia, the United Kingdom, and several more.

Best of all, to celebrate their international launch, AnoStyle -- which includes our own Ally Kazmucha -- is teaming up with iMore to give one of you lucky readers a free iPad mini in your choice of AnoStyle color!

To enter, simply:

  1. Follow @AnoStyleLLC and @iMore on Twitter
  2. and/or like and on Facebook
  3. Then leave a comment below telling us which color you want (see options here) along with your Twitter or Facebook name/link so we can notify if you win!

The fine print:

One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open internationally. And the prize is just the iPad mini 16GB Wi-Fi, as is, any additions or accessories are the responsibility of the winners. As always, our regular contest rules apply. The contest begins now and ends Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 11:59pm PST.

Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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There are 2724 comments. Add yours.

Quarks_ says:

Blue Steel looks great @Quarks_

bodezzz says:

Thanks for the contest. I would love one in flat black. My twitter handle is @opusapps

Thanks again

MiXoLoGiSt says:

Gotta go with Blue!


thunder38 says:

I would love to win a pink iPad Mini to give to my 85 year old grandmother who wants an iPad to read and do crossword puzzles but can't afford one!!!!

grol4 says:


Blue please!

Barth DaviD says:

nice event...just trying to get one for my coming birthday...

@AnoStyle and @iMore I want #Color#Violet#Please

Ty ...[^_^]...

YellowCake7 says:

Blue Steel for me :)


train21reb says:

Flat black please!

areyes says:

Green one...


send it over.

techguru74 says:

Blue Steel, please! @techguru74

davidphx says:

The Teal one is my favorite....

that_maynard says:

Blue steel, @that_maynard is my twitter handle. Danmaynard for fb and thanks in advance :-)

SPNKr says:


Flat black I need this to sell to get money to buy my z10 out of contract and wont have to spend my own money. >:)

haters gon' hate.

Scott21 says:

Blue would be great!

slaws says:

Blue Steel please!


smub99 says:

Has to be the steel blue.

I'm on twitter @smub99

kwright817 says:

Steel Blue would be great, please!

Cezar54 says:

A pink one would be dope!!! Guys like pink too!!

lfcard says:

I want to win a blue iPad mini.

Paul Norris says:

Blue steel please....

Mark Gilles says:

Congratulations on the launch. The colors are amazing. Green is my favorite color - so green it is. Thanks for a chance a one!

MGLeet says:

Teal! Best color there is.


Good luck to everyone!

IkuraBB says:

Blue Steel


christy920 says:

Violet, please.

jwolfera13 says:

Flat Black all the way

mgtmacu20 says:

Flat Black, l love it!

tw: @mgtmacu
fb: /mgtmacu

NilsonF says:

Would love a flat black

@nilsonflrs/Nilson Flores

jacobjanzen says:

OMG the red one looks amazing! Would go well with all my other red gadgets!


Ahmedfarghal says:

i love the violet one iPad mini

hboutin says:

I'll go quiet: Black would be nice, or Red. @hboutin (twitter)
Thanks for the contest.

rich1017 says:

flat black - is there any other color?

iTzMaf says:

A really dark black :)


clearrants says:

Green please!


Ziltoid says:

Already following iMore. Now following AnoStyle.
Would love to have the Flat Black!


RevJar says:

I would really like the violet iPad mini for my wife. Purple is her favorite color and this would win me major brownie points.

hotrod says:

RED PLEASE. Red would be fantastic. Thanks iMore, and AnnoStyle.

Ziltoid says:

Already following iMore. Now following AnoStyle.
Would love to have the Flat Black!



jyoung says:

They are all awesome! I have to choose red though!


Thanks again for a great giveaway!

Charlf says:

Ipad mini will looks killer in AnoStyle's "Flat Black" colour, all I can say is I WANT ONE!!!

ajm135 says:

Definitely want the gold one.
twitter: @ajm135
facebook: ajm maldnodano

bagarwa says:

The one in the picture is looking cool. What is it called? Blue-Steel? Thats my choice.

geekfori says:

liked on Twitter as @matthewfsnider and on Facebook as matthewfsnider

Blue Steel is pretty darn sharp if you ask me

ridiculocity says:

Wanting in RED pweaseeee
@dreadcircus :)

CriticAcertada says:

Red, please and thank you. I wanna give it to my mom.


martinr80233 says:

If its free I'll take what you give me!!

qshio says:

Blue steel y'all.

Fb: paulfidalgo
Twitter: @paulfidalgo

teamjager says:

teal please!!


Craig Kaminski says:

I want the blue one please :)

@cckaminski5 (twitter)

Mr.Chow says:

Blue would be my choice :)

Zue Zuniga says:

I have to go with the Lime Green! :)


phillie09 says:

Blue please!! @ceebbee24

djmiller101 says:

I would take any color. Thank you.

asduner says:

Orange would be awesome. @asduner

Christopher Mandly says:

That steal Blue is just amazing ... Really gives it character and stands out!


Mydnightsorrow says:

Teal please

Mhuggies says:

Blue Steel, please



07GD SFD says:

Blue steel please!


niblux says:

Would have to be red ! :)

blyths says:

Copper please!


I would love to win a BLUE one.

I'm @TNBRITT on twitter and

Laelipoo says:

I would like the pink please!


photyograph says:

basically, i prefer black ipad mini. but it's anostyle! i cant just pick up some regular colors, so the color of the ipad mini i'd love to have, is BLUE STEEL!
Facebook: Iman Tyo Prasetyo
Twitter: @ttyoo

Thiagomh says:

Blue Steel is awesome!
Facebook: Thiago Moreira Heusi
Twitter: @thiagoheusi

johnowoss says:


Blue steel please.

Antiherosk8er says:

The Blue is absolutely amazing. It amazing what they can do!!!

MichaelgLegg1 says:

Blue please. @MichaelgLegg on Twitter

jameshohaus says:

Teal on White!


chiby says:

OMG im a newbie on iMore would love to get a kick start with an iPad mini in AnoStyle Rose Gold pweeeeassse :)

lbtriguy says:


twitter: @lorenzoperez


chiby says:

OMG im a newbie on iMore would love to get a kick start with an iPad mini in AnoStyle Rose Gold pweeeeassse :) @DaneilleO

uslsbmx says:

White with AnoStyle Blue Steel

FalconsHeat says:

Would love a Blue Steel


mousebrat2006 says:

I am all about the red. It would go perfect with my beats Audio headphones.


You guys rock!

sillar68 says:

I want a steel blue one!

georojas says:

Flat Black is just sexy!!!!!

charlie_horse says:

I lurk around android central, crackberry, wp central, and imore and have never joined. It's been a couple of years.

But now.....

I've been wanting an iPad mini and having one in red would be awesome!!!

kfrye707 says:

Facebook: Kyle Stephen Frye

dnamore says:

Thanks for the competition
I'd like the blue color, please

alan_d_dsilva says:

Blue steel looks the best :)

seandre300O says:

Blackout style looks sweet

mik3j says:

I'd like flat black please!

twitter @mikej_

PINKLADY185 says:

OMG! PINK! PINK! PINK! Please and thank you, great contest. =) @pinklady185

Jennifer Wang says:


Twitter name: @HeyJennWang

Manintorn Trinuparp says:

My girl friend really like blue one.

KatyaR says:

Ooo, I think red! Thanks for the contest!

michelle.1069 says:

Red.....please please please!!!!


kyepinn says:

Violet one :)
Twitter : @kyepinn
Thanks as always.

seaner12 says:

Blue Steel please.


WinDroidGuy says:

FREE is good, I will take one :D kthxbai

Blue Steel @WinDroidGuy

willkinsey says:

Blue Steel.


*crosses fingers*

bdfortin says:

Still waiting for that rainbow option.

Although I suppose I could settle for red.

Boobie12 says:

red please on white mini

nguevara says:

RED please, Thank You !!!!

sreg says:

I like Teal please - Thanks

kjparfekt says:

Teal - looks awesome, great prize! @ballinhole

Kathryn Parsley says:

Violet please?!?!

gigiboy says:

Blue, please

merkdevine says:

flat black

ernbrdn says:

Blue please

k317ny says:

tough choice maybe pink for my wife, or green for me :)


Tez258 says:

Blue steel please :)


Zapflashgone says:

Pennies aren't gonna be around much longer, so, I'll take the Copper!

j_castiglione says:

I've gotta go with blue steel. Thanks!

xuanzzzzz says:


Thanks. :)

asfrank16 says:

Would love the Greeen AnoStyle iPad Mini

itsme.boohoo says:

i really would love to have that. i would like to have blue or pink please? :)) tnx

Matt S says:

Blue Steel please. @unknownx11

jjcasillas15 says:

Flat Black please!
Twitter: JJcas15

MrDJL says:

blue please! thanks so much!


sandman369 says:

Gimme the Blue! Awesome! Pick me! Pick me!

andybrownstl says:

Red please.

CarsonAdams says:

Copper back plate with black iPad
Thanks :D here's hoping

Daspoo says:

Bronze - thanks, yo!! :D
Twitter handle: @AUHurricain

Jimmy Raheriarisoa says:

Edit: I'm sorry for my double post... I have forgotten my twitter's nickname.

chrisb3 says:


flat black or blue. So hard to decide.

ebedoun says:

Would LOVE green for my son that will be 2 on St. Patrick's Day!

FB - Erick Bedoun

leish2 says:

Gooooooooold! Isn't that freaky?

jonny439 says:

@JonEMcDonald Blue Steel I need to win something sometime!

bigginz says:

Flat black - @bigg5deuce

metllicamilitia says:

Gonna have to go with flat back @BrianCiezki on Twitter

dbig_J says:

Red would be great, thanks.

twitter : @jrryror

Facebook :

giancarlo93 says:

Blue will be my choice


Metaphor. says:

I'll take red.

Twitter - @ohhmaar

GeniusUnleashed says:

Blue Steel!


Sean Simkins says:

Blue Steel please!


jedie24 says:

Red, please.
On Twitter: @jeremydickson4

walrooz28 says:

Red please. Thanks and more power!
@walrooz is my twitter account

AndyS_OSU says:

I want that thing in ORANGE. You can find me @AndyS_OSU

Juan Carlos Pazos says:


Like Steel blue.

@j_Pazos or

Thanks for the oportunity.


Red please! Thank you for allowing us to try to win this prize.


Red please! Thank you for allowing us to try to win this prize.

gtprina says:

White iPhone 5 with blue Anostyle color looks awesome!!

JayStreet says:

Flat black... @jayallstreet


krwade457 says:

I'd like it in pink :)
My twitter is @_brokenhearts

pizzaguy112 says:

Orange is the new black @jontheoracle

KovuTheHusky says:

All my devices are black but if it's as cool as AnoStyle is has to be loud! I'd go with red if I won. @KovuTheHusky

durtyfeets says:

I'd love one in green. You can contact me @durtyfeets on twitter.

Mitch Boston says:


/mitchboston on Facebook

Shadowxpr says:

Teal! Stop postingim winning this!!!

joehero says:

Blue for my wife as a beautiful push present!

Prince_Basil says:

I would love a black iPad mini with Red. That would be perfect!

Ben Katz says:

The flat ruby is amazing! Would like that.

Facebook name: ben.katz

El Hache says:

Flat black would be awesome!!! Thanks imore!

vic867 says:

flat black

this would be great!

ggulick says:

Ggulick on Facebook

niki6d says:

This would be a great gift for my son. He would love the green.

dgrass90 says:

@dagrassel would love some metal blue!

Nick_87 says:

Blue Steel !!! @xTyruss

joehero says:

Oops, forgot my Twitter handle! @xDJHx would love one for my wife as an awesome push present!!!

Ibanez GSA60 says:

Flat Black, please!

@anz100 on Twitter

MelissaBaddeley says:

I would love violet :) Following on twitter @melissabaddeley

joehero says:

Third time's the charm! @xDJHx would love a blue and white one for his wonderful wife as an awesome push present!

tinysalmon says:

Would love the one in teal.


OddlyNormalOne says:

Would love the blue one! You can hit me up at @OddlyNormalOne or Audie Norman on facebook. Thanks for yet another great giveaway iMore!

dark-hail says:

I'd like it in gold
Twitter @weslynunez

the_real_nikkig says:

Pink would be wonderful!


achitay says:

The Blue steel looks amazing!


Gauth001 says:

love that style !
thank you imore for the contest

Raymond Rule says:

I love the Blue Steel, I love watching you on MBW.

Have a great one,

Connor Gosen says:

That blue one looks awesome. Ill take it.

clealsgirl says:

I want it in pink!


rsmc1 says:

I like Blue Steel
following you both on twitter- @rsmc1

Dudeguypal says:

I would love he teal one.

My twitter is @kaushal90

GlowingBlue says:

Teal please imore!!


Glenn Norris Lau

gsjones says:

Ah, the last piece of the blackberry defection is close at hand! Seriously though, transitioning from the playbook to the iPad mini would be great! The phones have all converted to iPhone 5' piece remaining; blue would be nice please.

Batavian says:

I'd love to see a gray slate color. Thanks!

Yell0w says:

blue steel please. @layvid