CONTEST: Win an all-new Element Case Soft-Tec for your iPhone 5 or iPad mini!

CONTEST: Win an all-new Element Case Soft-Tec for your iPhone 5 or iPad mini!

Element Case has unleashed a new line of iPhone and iPad cases called Soft-Tec. Instead of hypercar racing, this time it looks like special forces gear was their inspiration. I had a chance to see the prototypes earlier this year, and they're absolutely badass. What's even more badass is that Element Case is giving away one of each, a Soft-Tec for iPhone 5 and a Soft-Tec for iPad mini.

All you have to do to enter is check out the features for each case:

Then come back here and leave a comment below telling us which one you want, iPhone 5 or iPad mini, and which feature you like best about it! We'll pick one winner for each case, and Element Case will send you your prize.

That's it! Enter now!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 445 comments. Add yours.

john_v says:

Several features about this that I like - main one is stylish, yet protective. Currently sporting a Lifeproof case which has saved my bacon several times, but something like this would be nice for a night out when I don't need the Lifeproof.

Also digging the card/money slots and the fact that it folds into a stand.

thomski says:

iPhone 5
The different angle choice this case gives does it for me

kartikvaid says:

I really would love to have the Element Case Soft-Tec wallet for iPhone 5. Its so plush and the color combination seems just prefect for me. And the adjustable stand looks just made for my liking.

clee666 says:

I want the iPhone one!

megs222 says:

I would love the iPad mini. Love the sleek and slim design. Adds not much bulk and looks sexy as hell

ChrisLuce#IM says:

I would love one for my iPhone 5.... Thanks!

Chifitah Chibanga says:

The iphone5 case looks pretty slick and very practical. Love the material n all dat

martinp13 says:

I like the inner lining... I'd love to win the iPad mini case!

Bobby Garner says:

iPad mini... love the profile and colors. the adjustable stand is a huge selling point for me. i'd def love one!!

kjparfekt says:

IPad mini please, nonslip grip so I stop dropping my iPad mini when I hold it with one hand and type

jerome g says:

Iphone 5 wallet looks nice, colors are great !

Christian Hasbrouck says:

I would love to win the iPhone 5 case. I just recently got the iPhone 5 about a week ago and have been searching all over online for a great case. I am going to be a college student soon, so a case that I can hold my student ID and building card key would be absolutely perfect. I also love the colors

Mhuggies says:

The iPhone 5 case, please. The stand is probably the best feature, but the card slots run it close!

evolution75 says:

Element Case Soft-Tec wallet for iPhone 5. •Stand for adjustable viewing angle
•Easy access to buttons and jacks does it for me

kpewpwe says:

I like the iPhone 5 wallet; the stand can be useful

Grze S says:

The iPhone one looks really cool

bala B says:

The iPhone 5 one for sure,
mostly because I don't have an iPad Mini. But it's the ability to angle the thing so it sits upright is its selling feature for me. Sure

gordol says:

Actually, not my style for the phone and I don't have an iPad Mini. I want one for the full size iPad!

lfcard says:

iPhone 5. I like the earpiece hole in the front flap so calls can be made with the case closed.

614kiki says:

iPhone 5 adjustable for viewing!!!

ayoobshareef says:

iPhone 5. I like the earpiece hole in the front flap so calls can be made with the case closed.

fabriciopatron says:

I'd like one for the iPhone 5. I've always used mine naked and I think it's time for some protection.

fishfarm20 says:

I'd love one of these for my iP5! I've got the book book now, but these look a h(e double hockey sticks)uva lot sleeker! Best of luck to all!

rich1017 says:

ipad mini for my wife's birthday!

BrandonB says:

iPhone 5.
There have been many times I have found myself interested in a case with a lanyard. This case has a lot of cool features, but the removable lanyard sounds intriguing.
Thank You iMore!

nprivas says:

Oh I would want an iPhone 5 case!

alokeprasad says:

Element Case Soft-Tec wallet for iPhone 5

'cause I don't have a mini,

JordanHomes says:

Have the iPad mini and have a 2 piece case (Apple plus plastic back).. really hate it. I have been looking for something new, and this is IT!

artjz24 says:

I'd like the case for the iPhone 5. Like the credit card slots and the ability to position it at an angle in the case.

JimmyNg says:

Dat is hella slick yo. Eye to the Pee to the Five please. Danks.

DamnSkippy says:

iPhone 5 version, I like the style/look of the case and the ability to use it as a stand.

munhbayar says:

it's brilliant. i want one for my iphone 5...

MooPenguin32 says:

I would like the iPad mini case. I like the look and that is grippy.

rjguzman says:

These are awesome! They'd look great on my iPhone 5 or iPad mini! Send one my way

Ross Johnson says:

I am a big fan of Element Case products having purchased both Vapor Comp and Vapor Pro cases for my iPhone 4. I would be stoked about winning the iPad Mini case, fingers crossed...

rndaddy says:

Well, I have to say, I would put the Mini case to better use. Good lines, classy. Element, really, accept no substitute. I own a black ops 5, I rarely take it off.
Please send me an element iPad Mini sof tec. I'll be sleeping outside until I receive it. Cause without that case, that's how my Mini would feel.

heatwave16 says:

iPhone 5 please.

I love the internal card slots along with the magnetic closure. Sometimes a simple flap & gravity are not enough. I want to keep my cards & phone safe.

moapa456 says:

I-phone 5 case. I like the no slip material and the camera cut outs.

davidong says:

Love the black rubber tone satin finish that give the high tech look and feel for the ipad mini.

scofa says:

Would like an iPhone 5 case. Been wanting to try out a wallet / case for a while now.

seaner12 says:

Element Case Soft-Tec wallet for iPhone 5 please. Don't usually like wallet cases but this looks rather snazzy.

HeezyBear says:

I'd like the Element Case Soft-Tec wallet for iPhone 5 and the feature I like the most is the card slots because unlike most other iPhone cases with card slots, this allows you to fold it shut so your cards aren't exposed at all times.

G.4 says:

I love the iPhone 5 version! The cutout for the ear piece on the front is ingenious and the overall fit and feel looks really unique and cool. Thanks for the opportunity iMore!

jiba88 says:

I would love the case for the iphone 5, I have been looking for a good wallet case to merge my existing wallet with. I like the looks and the fact most of the ports and camera is accessible, element also makes great products. I would like very much yes please

Steven Yagozinski says:

I'm wanting the iPad Mini case.

I like the variable viewing angles. The Apple Smart Cover sits the mini too high without support. It is too easy to push the mini over touching the screen!

curiousj87 says:

I like the Soft-Tec Wallet for Apple iPad Mini because of the contrasting colors.

Plasmanut says:

I'd like the iPhone 5 case. I've been looking for a wallet (my favourite feature) case for a long time since the iPhone 5 release and there isn't anything out there that looks as good as this.

Actually, all the element cases are awesome. Tough to choose as the iPad Mini case is really nice too.

tjhesp88 says:

The Soft-Tec Wallet for iPad mini. Hands down unlike anything I've seen out at the moment. My iPad mini travels with me in my hand, not tucked away in my bag, during my busy commute into Manhattan. The Tech-Grip material not only compliments my esthetic, but will ensure the tight grip I need to keep my mini safe out on the busy streets. I gotta have it!

NilsonF says:

The 2 features I like about the case are that it has a spot to place your ID or credit cards and also a stand. Would love to get one for my iPhone 5

baghramdunks says:

I want the iPhone 5 case. I like the fact that the is made of a very grippy material so as to avoid hand slippage

erikvande says:

The Element Case Soft-Tec wallet for iPhone 5 please. I like the fact I can hold credit cards in it & that it protects the screen when folded up!

CyberXenon says:

For iPad mini.. Sure M not getting it.. Ahh will buy it for sure! :)

Ratane says:

Soft-Tec Wallet for iPhone. Love the exterior finish or the "Outer Tech Grip" as they call it. Looks nice and classy. Card slots too are good.

tct70 says:

iPad mini case please, looke great!

Carsten#IM says:

I would like the one for the iPad mini. The thing I like the best is: "on-slip synthetic coating to ensure a firm grip".

NYJon360 says:

I don't have an iPad so I would have to go with the iPhone 5 case. I got my iPhone 5 on launch and have been using a cheap gel case since. Definitely need an upgrade.

Iannil Bering says:

Iphone 5 soft tec wallet, people are blinded by only one good feature of this case are you kidding me everything about this wallet case is just awesome.

Raymond Frisby says:

Would really love the iphone 5 case
These are the best looking iphone and ipad cases I've seen.
I'm really impressed with The outer Tech Grip™
I've been wondering when somebody would produce a case
with this type of material. The fact you can open both cases and
use with removing the iphone or ipad from the case is great.
The addition of two credit/ id card slots on the iphone case makes it
both practical and functional. The lanyard is a nice touch as is the
magnetic closure and camera opening. Well done !

flechuga1 says:

It's so hard to pick only one feature! I'd love to have the iphone 5 case, because it's very protective, practical and beautiful!

bgwebbjr says:

Please sign me up for the iPhone 5 version. I like the utility(card/money slots) and versatility.

lkool says:

Soft-Tec Wallet for Apple iPad Mini.

Firm grip, durability and ease of handling are the best features for me.

Zachary Manville says:

I love the card shots for the Iphone 5 soft-tec wallet by Element! I want that one!

Fin McGregor says:

iPhone 5 please I like the suede inside and love the fact I can add my credit cards into the pouches so I wont need to carry my credit card separately! Hope I win! :-D

jparker0717 says:

I would love to have the iPhone 5 case. I think it is such a sleek design and I love the element line. I was just going to buy this case today, so here's hoping for the best :)

BlvckSovp says:

I'd like one for the iPhone 5! I really like the carbon fiber styled business exterior with the bright screaming interior! Beautiful!

jrsolis says:

Would love one for my iPhone 5. I think the wallet case is super stylish! Love the color contrast and the texturized rubber satin exterior. Will definitely be picking one up regardless.
Thanks iMore!

Eric Edwards Jr says:

I love the color combination on the case especially the iPad mini one. iPad mini case please :)

steenrock01 says:

The IPhone 5 one please, the ease of being able to plug it in without needing to take out of the case!

Matpastor says:

iPhone 5. I like the Stand for adjustable viewing angle.

Eric Grimes says:

I would want to get the iPhone 5 case now that I have one. I had a case for my iPhone 4 that I could carry a couple cards in when that was all I needed and it was very convenient.

mindprint says:

I'd love to have the iPad Mini case since that's the device I have.

rkbrown81 says:

I'd like the Element Case Soft-Tec for iPhone 5. I've recently been looking for a nice wallet case for my iPhone 5 and this looks like it fits the bill! :)

Mrtax says:

I would love the iPad mini, for my wife. Nice fit and material.

kwhiggins says:

I'd like the iPad mini case please. I like the adjustable viewing angle stand.

dnamore says:

The ipad mini one for me, please.
I like the outside texture.

khl says:

I like the iPhone5 case because it has credit card slots, and the case protects the screen nicely.

Hywelbane says:

This would be awesome for an iPad mini! Nice looking case

Dakidc says:

iPhone 5, i love the stand feature for great viewing angles

iPhone4Jay says:

Yea thanks! Need to protect that iPhone 5


mab4285 says:

iPhone 5 case. Don't have a mini....yet

Thunderstreak says:

iPhone 5 case. I like the strap and the card holder.

markdepeche89 says:

Soft-Tec Wallet for Apple iPhone 5, the ID/Currency/Card Slots are very useful, thanks for another great contest

jbudke says:

seeing how I do not own an iPad mini, i'll take the iPhone 5 case.


PHASE123 says:

I would love one of these. I've wanted a wallet case for a while but didn't like the bulk of the ones I'd found. I like the fact that this is slim as well as having card slots and functioning as a stand.

RyTry says:

iPhone 5 case please, I like that it doesn't add bulk to the iPhone

jbraver says:

I would LOVE the wallet for my iPhone 5. I would use it to replace my wallet and my twelve south SurfacePad....

JK80 says:

I would like the iPad mini. Love the Durable Tech-Grip covering feature.

jrod986 says:

I'd love one for my iPhone 5. I always have my phone and wallet with me so why not combine the two.

amynunc says:

Love the grip feature on the cover for the iPad mini. Hope I win one!

Rolf says:

I have loved the look of this case since it came out. The price tag is a little high to justify switching from my otterbox just yet. However, my favorite feature would have to be the fact that I could take a big leather square out of my back pocket now and then! It would be so nice to have the kick stand form as well. I bought a case when I got my iPhone 5 that had a kickstand and it just wasn't quality.

I would very much like to win an Element Case Soft-Tec for iPhone 5!

dougdog says:

I would love to get one for my iPad mini. I love the color and the fact that is sleep/wakeup compatible

Tommy says:

I like the adjustable angle. iPad mini for me.

Tmil2000 says:

iPad Mini case. i love the element cases and imore

wheelie991 says:

Because my girlfriend took my money, and is hard as nails. I cant afford something soft and new for Le' iPhone. Simple as that really...

hanguk9117 says:

I'm hoping for the iPad mini case! I love the Durable Tech-Grip covering, so badass!

OxMuzzle says:

iPhone 5. Super sharp look.

klikekyle says:

I checked out the iPhone5 case and I LOVE it. Very unique case in a sea of cases. Also I'm addicted to cases, I want that case.... (crosses fingers)

jdlumagbas says:

the iphone 5 case is mine!

Laj13ny says:

I would love Element Case Soft-Tec wallet for iPhone 5 big fan of the Element case and this will be perfect for my phone just hope i get it :D LOL! but what are the odds.

Gary Martino says:

Had an Element bumper case for my iPhone 4S. Loved it. Now it's time for an Element Sof-Tec case for my iPhone 5.

Tordify says:

iPhone 5 case!

Asham DeAngelo says:

I like the iPad mini one.. it will protect the iPad when its in back pocket...

kydcleric says:

iPhone 5 case for me!! Love the design, the look and the stand! Fingers crossed on this one.

roelsamson20 says:

I Like the Ipad. Mini, I Like the Color "Red" and The Feature I Like in this is The Non-Slip Synthetic Coat! Its Techie and Helpful to People! Great Job!

breadmanjp says:

I like the iPhone 5 case that has the built in easel stand. Sweeeet !

kenjancef says:

I have to say I am liking the Element case. The selling point for me is the adjustable stand. There are many times that I wish I had a stand for my phone, especially when my 5-year-old son uses it to watch Netflix or Disney. Hope I win one!!! My son will be happy!!!

kenjancef says:

I have to say I am wanting the Element case for my iPhone 5. The selling point for me is the adjustable stand. There are many times that I wish I had a stand for my phone, especially when my 5-year-old son uses it to watch Netflix or Disney. Hope I win one!!! My son will be happy!!!

hudss says:

iPhone 5 please.. Thank you..

intuicity says:

I would like a Soft-Tec for iPad mini, The best thing about the case for me is the non-slip synthetic coating, the high impact polycarbonate shell and the look and feel.

bondmar30 says:

Very stylish case. I'd love to have one to show off to my co-workers.

fubaracing7374 says:

iPhone 5 please!!!!! Kickstand is needed.

word2u says:

iPad mini...nice styling and the fold that gives it extra protection!

itsjustjohnn says:

I'd like the iPhone 5 one! I love how it holds your credit card and ID! No more wallet! That's awesome!

tuckerratcliff says:

Element Case Soft-Tec wallet for iPhone 5 - the orange texture will look sick on my white iPhone 5!

heberman says:

Ipad mini case please. It looks cool.

(I may buy the iPhone 5 version for myself anyway)

beathookup says:

Who wouldn't want one of these awesome cases for the iPad Mini? I know I sure would

inarcadia says:

the non-slip feature is a key differentiator, since in my experience most every case is unstable in viewing mode. This case might have solved this issue.

Jesus Estrada says:

I would like the Soft-Tec Wallet for Apple iPhone 5, because the Removable Lanyard will help me to avoid dropping it lol! I feel so scared when it happen

PeeBrains says:

I like the 'Durable Tech-Grip covering' on the iPhone Element case. It presents the case with a sophisticated look, some might say eloquent. Combine that with a soft touch inlay and kickstand. What is there not to like about this multi purpose case. It oozes quality and functionality.

bioadam says:

The iPhone 5 case looks amazing. Great promotion.

leocapot says:

iPhone 5 please. Thank you

justiceandmercy1 says:

iPad Mini Please. Always like cases with a non-slip ability to protect the crafted aluminum of apple products.

Terry Gresham says:

iPad mini, please and thank you! :)

nijoma81 says:

I love the fact you can talk with the case still on and use the camera as well. I've seen other cases/wallets and you almost had to take the phone out the case to use either feature. I would love the iPhone case!

ZkiZZoiD says:

Synthetic suede to protect the screen plus black rubber tone finish is quite simple but elegant. Soft Tec wallet for iPad mini for me.

freitame says:

The iphone 5 please - I can ditch my wallet and just keep my phone and ID/Debit Card with me and keep it smooth and simple.

SHODriver01 says:

iPhone 5 please, I would love to show it off at work to give you guys more readers and element case more customers.

future_nobody says:

I'd love an iPad Mini one. The outside texture looks so slick.

kchanth says:

i would like one, thanks ( iphone 5 )

providco says:

I love the look and finish of the Element Folio case for the iPad Mini-which I carry EVERYWHERE-and this Element Soft-Tec case will stand up to the travel and punishment
that these trips dish out. A firm grip, great texture, and great protection seems to be it's hallmarks. Oh, and it's easy on the eyes as well-real professional looking.

SmartFah says:

The iPad mini case, with the built in kick-stand. #Winning

Fawicted says:

Omg dude i checked out Element's video reviews and comments this case is sickkk like i need those two id spaces in my case like theres no case out there that looks good enough as elements and has all the cool looks :( and its super expensive omg i really i could win this one mann its super awesome looking!!!!!

ali.9 says:

I like the slim design of the iPad Mini case..keep the Mini...well, mini! :D

Chairman Plow says:

The iPad mini please! I like the adjustable viewing angle.

ScottAB says:

iPhone 5 please. Finally an iPhone 5 case that I can fit in my shirt/sport coat jacket that is not bulky. Looks like a great product!!

ern741 says:

I like the Element Case Soft-Tec wallet for iPad mini. My current smart cover doesn't work well as a stand and this would solve that and protect both front and back. Nice.

wfa31 says:

I would like the Element Case Soft-Tec wallet for iPhone 5 - it has credit card slots and lanyard make it more usefull than just a phone case!! and more durable as it looks like!! i want it!

pinpoint007 says:

I like the Durable Tech-Grip covering for the iPad mini. Reason being: I'm prone to dropping my stuff. I suppose this will make me less likely to drop my mini! :)

Shi Yu says:

what I like about the Soft-Tec Wallet for iphone5 is the slim and lightweight design and its easy access to button and jacks....

Peter Gracar says:

iPhone 5. And definitely due to the sleek looks!

NickeyO says:

I would love the iphone5 case. I love the idea of the strap, when working out, extra security to hang onto phone would be great. Even great walking down a busy street.

Schuthrax says:

I like the iPhone case. Too many great features... perhaps its form factor, that it folds open which seems to keep it less bulky.

dkjicsow says:

I love the case for the iPhone 5, because with that I don't need to have a wallet with me

guillaume_th says:

Iphone 5 case please it's AWESOME
thank For you work IMORE

AbleDavid says:

Wow! I could go for a Soft-Tec case for sure. What I like the most is the stylish design. I need one for my iPhone 5.

Kostizen says:

The mini case is for me.

MrCornfed says:

iPhone 5 case, cos it just looks good

chrisjniles says:

iPad mini here please. I really like the minimalist design.

Tyson Hickey says:

Such a kick ass looking case, FINALLY! It looks like it would meet all my iPhone 5's needs and more. About time there's a sleek functional case put there that you can access all the ports without debris in the way. I hope I am the lucky one and if not then I hope whoever does win, thoroughly enjoys it; best of luck to all

RobertsDP says:

I like the way they look! a new ipad mini is coming my way soon... I may have to get one!

AhmadSameer says:

Element Case Soft-Tec wallet for iPhone 5 ! I love how it looks

gr1337 says:

The iPhone 5 please.
I love this wallet design.

Luke_Macchione says:

I would love the iPhone 5 case. How could anybody not want a case that's also a wallet??

cedareden says:

I like the iPhone 5 case because of the exterior matrial and inside slots

Nimesh Patel1 says:

iphone 5 is thinnest,lightest,smartest iphone ever. . .

Nimesh Patel1 says:

iphone 5 is really owesome. . .

Nimesh Patel1 says:

iphone 5 is amazing design by apple. . .

jellysandwich says:

Would LOVE to rock a new Soft-Tec for my iPhone 5!! :D Thank you, and good luck to everyone!

andremr12 says:

id like the one for the iphone 5 please great case by the way love the design

StopKryan says:

I would LOVE to have the element case for my iPhone for a bunch of different reasons but most of all so that I can have my wallet and my phone in the same convenient location. Furthermore I would like it for my iPhone because I don't own the iPad mini. :)

Thomas Johnson3 says:

I would love a case for my new iPad mini!

lovelygravy says:

I'd love me one of the iPhone 5 super slim aces cases!

JayStreet says:

iPhone 5 for me... I like the kickstand.

Carobob says:

This case is absolutely beautiful! So far I have no case but I don't like leaving my Iphone unprotected in my purse. It would be perfect!

wishful_drinker says:

I'd take the iphone 5 version. It would help keep beer off of my phone and my cc!

CapitanMexicooo says:

The one for the iPad Mini please!! This would make a great gift for my dad

czhDavid says:

tough choice but i gonna go with the case for iphone

Craig Hernandez says:

iphone 5, its just cool lookin, opens up easy.

vianar says:

I would like one of these cases. Also, I am posting this with imore 2.0 app

jestnut says:

Love the thinness of the cases. Would like one for my iPad mini!!!

sziv56 says:

I want one for my iPhone 5. Please enter me in the contest

naaler says:

I would like the Element Case Soft-Tec wallet for iPhone 5. I love the idea of the credit card slots that are available and the stylish suede that protects the screen and the stand with adjustable viewing angle.

mikeg54 says:


I'd like this for... The durable Tech-Grip covering and
plush synthetic suede interior

Phil M1 says:

The iPhone 5 case looks brilliant. I especially like the adjustable stand... great design

Farhan Quddusi says:

I'd love a new iPad case for me :)

David Ball says:

I would be interested in the iPad mini case. I just purchased the Zoogue Prodigy case but I am having second thoughts after seeing the Soft-Tec case by Element Case. I really like how sleek the case looks. it does not appear to add much bulk to the iPad mini. Very nice.

Antony manoj says:

iphone5 is intrest than anyone it is really fantastic

Jon Miller3 says:

I would like the iPad mini case. I find the grippy texture and stand the features I require.

Happy Mom says:

Looking for a wallet/case that has it all for my iPhone 5... pockets for an ID and a credit card, a few dollar bills, and a stand so I can have face time with a friend or just hold it steady while I watch a video. I'd also like to access power plug and headset without taking phone out of case. This case looks like it checks off all my boxes. I love that the snap closer doesn't flap over the face of the phone when it's in standing mode. The only thing I'm not sure you can do is hold the phone up when the wallet part is open to take a picture, or if it just gets in the way. Otherwise looks great.

Rushendhar Goud says:

Element Case Soft-Tec wallet for iPhone 5
I like the "Plush synthetic suede interior" feature which protects the touch screen

@rushi943 or

Lou Delacruz says:

The iPhone case for me please it's fantastic! The inner organizing and hook up without the need to remove the case, genius!

Lou Delacruz says:

The mini case! Adjustable viewing angle a must!

Charity Renfrow says:

May I have the Element Case Soft-Tec wallet for iPhone 5 please? (=

Carmen Zbier says:

I would love to get one of these for my ipod because it is really durable and my ipod case broke