CONTEST: Win an OGIO Renegade RSS 17 backpack!

Leave a comment below for your chance to win an ultra-modern, ultra-awesome OGIO backpack!

The OGIO Renegade RSS 17 backpack is a smart carrying solution for smart people. I've got one in for review and we'll be giving it all shades of abuse for the next week or so, but the folks at OGIO are so excited, they want to give you guys a chance to win one of your very own now, now, now. Here are the specs:

  • iPad Sleeve especially designed for new generation iPads
  • “Armor-protected” laptop compartment with a reactive suspension system fool-proof from drops, kicks and bumps
  • Fleece-lined valuable compartment for sunglasses, lenses or other delicate items
  • Dashboard organization panel with key clip and various accessory compartments
  • Hybrid-Unibody Back (HUB) Panel – EVA foam-molded back support for ergonomic alignment and enduring comfort for extended wear
  • “Sweet Spot” Shoulder straps with advanced foam padding optimally positioned for comfort
  • Expandable phone pocket for easy access to an iPhone or iPad mini, or any size smartphone or mini-tablet

And here's how to enter to win:

We'll pick a winner and OGIO will send you your prize! The give-away starts now and ends Friday, March 8, 2013, at 11:59pm PST. So hurry up and enter now!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 555 comments. Add yours.

Premium1 says:

It has a pocket specially designed for my ipad and the overall ruggedness of the bag.

noahbloom says:

My favorite feature is definitely the laptop compartment that is sure to fit my 15 inch Retina Macbook Pro that won't fit in my current backpack. Hope you guys pick me!

sjm614 says:

I love all the compartments!

iMike44 says:

Love the iPad sleeve and the fleece lined valuables compartment.

tuckerratcliff says:

The overall form factor is the type i love!!

curtis206 says:

Armor protected dedicated laptop compartment with RSS

Drew Gillespie says:

most certainly the protected laptop compartment

jimpalmer3 says:

Love the ability to organize and have items readily accessible! This would be awesome to have for trips.

gheitzner says:

It has a pocket for pretty much anything you can think of!!!

markdepeche89 says:

Padded iPad™/tablet/e-reader pocket for sure

moiz41510 says:

Has pockets for many of my devices! Would be perfect on roadtrips, vacations, and camping ;). Would be awesome to pack my gadgets in there!

jaBBu says:

What is there not to like.

But the ergonomics are what I really like about this. With all the gear you can load into this, if you don't have proper support and padding, you will have back pains!

JClemensJr says:

A 40-pound duck is a big duck. said to comment! :oP

chicagomatt says:

I really like the design of the front pockets. Super easy access. Would love one of these!

AmeliaHeff says:

I think the best part about it is that it has a pocket for everything. Separate spots for a laptop and an iPad are key!

beathookup says:

Would love to win this and make traveling for my job so much easier! Carrying a laptop, projector and other necessary attachments this would make me ditch my rolling carry on and make this that much more fun to go through security.

curve247 says:

love the ipad specfic compartment!

ceb1 says:

OK so watched the video look's great very rugged Super easy access. i would love one.. thank you. IMORE.....................................

leveytation says:

Having pockets for both my iPad and my laptop is key. Having them both protected and in a set place in my bag would be awesome.

Damien D says:

would love one and the best feature has to be the storage so many pockets for so many items. would love one . :)

fish1856 says:

Definitely liking the idea of a seperate compartment for the ipad and laptop.

rkbrown81 says:

I like that it has so many dedicated pockets for electronic/computer accessories. I travel a lot for work and this would be a fantastic bag. I also love that it has a sternum strap! My current computer backpack is not this nice.

jldad says:

There is a compartment for everything except the kitchen sink.

plf2hawaii says:

The protection for the laptop is a good feature.

mod12b says:

Lots of pockets and protection for my gear. I want it because it would be free.

ajkweez says:

Functional and looks awesome. Perfect for a MacBook.

spektakle says:

Really like the iPad pocket and the fleece lined valuables compartment.

Marcelo Velazquez says:

Seems strong to carry all my gadgets. My "MADE IN CHINA" backpack left me today with my laptop on the floor, in the middle of the Street. Any other reason to want a new one?.

gonzotwins says:

Rugged is so needed when you have 8 year old twins! That and the fact that the pack can be loaded down with my stuff and theirs, and you have a great tool. Thanks for the opportunity.

metllicamilitia says:

This, this is my backpack. I love all the features of it, but if I had to pick a favorite.....armored laptop sleeve.

jnichols_ttu says:

Personally, I love the Crush proof Tech Vault pocket with soft tricot liner.

Smokesignals says:

This thing is sleek. But the utility of it is what I love.

lhlips says:

Very nice looking backpack. Would love to have it.

robertico811 says:

i like the fact it has integrated foam panels to keep my electronics and other valuables protected

jamesb93612 says:

I love the flexibility that this backpack has. It is very well thought out and has a spot for everything. This would make a great addition for my birthday trip to Europe this month!!

hls811 says:

i like it because of amount of storage it has and the compartments, but I think my favorite feature is the pocket in the strap for my phone, which would also hold my train tickets and/or work badge and save me from having to swing it around and take it off my back to get to them... the small things that make a huge difference.

rtesorio says:

Love the fully adjustable ergonomic shoulder straps with sternum strap. I want!

DaveTheWaveUSMC says:

The sternum strap will make my man boobs that much more faltering.

chipva says:

The utility pocket will hold all my stuff.

vayda says:

I love all of the compartments with easy access and the extra protection.

seadweller16600 says:

I like the multiple pockets and holders. I want it because I happen to have a 17" laptop and this bag would be perfect for it.

Broncho says:

It looks like it would work real well to haul a bunch of stuff around in a safe, secure and efficient way.

Bruno Gama says:

all the backpacks from Ogio are awesome. but this is a masterpiece for my use case. the ipad space is pretty useful.

mistergsf says:

I LOVE this backpack. It looks cool and rugged, great organization, lots of compartments for everything I travel with everyday for school and work or the gym. It also looks comfortable. It's exactly the backpack I've been looking for to replace my run down Swiss Gear.

ChrisLuce#IM says:

I would love to have this for work.

thedadams says:

The iPad compartment is awesome! I could definitely use that!

Dramlek says:

I want it because it looks awesome and because of that padded iPad pocket (which I don't have in the backpack I currently use)

Windlasher says:

a place for all my crap... nice

albarghouthi says:

I like the ergonomic shoulder straps and extra shoulders have suffered long enough!

hobojo says:

Sweet backpack! Can I have it?

Kevin Kennedy says:

I really love the ability to store your gadgets in a special hard case, and then the phone compartment in the strap is amazing I would love it for these features but I'm not gonna lie that water bottle storage caught my attention the most lol

Dudley228 says:

The bag can hold a lot. I was very surprised when I saw the video and saw all the storage opportunities it has. I want one. I know exactly what I will put in each pocket. It's a great looking bag.

pyrowes says:

You can never have enough backpacks.

vianar says:

I would love it! my pack has seen better days.

rsd22 says:

In my eyes, the separate iPad pocket, along with an easy place to store my eye glasses (on the top of the bag...nice!) are just two of the features that make the Renegade RSS 17 a winner.

IceyShanks says:

I really like the amount of pockets and storage available, I could use it for work and fill it with everything I need!

dgreening says:

I have an old Adidas backpack but I haven't found one worthy that I could afford. Winning one would meet the second part - pick me!

lcargile says:

Ive been looking at a lot of backpacks trying to find the right one. This one would be perfect!

nchoksi says:

Superb ! I hope I could win this time.

JNGold says:

The straps look real comfortable and the component sections offer nice protection and utility for a wide variety of tech and non-tech items. This is a real nice backpack.

ericadams01 says:

give me give me give me give me

Skipperoo says:

Between using my bike and public transportation, my laptop can be jostled around quite a bit. I love the introduction of a "shock-absorber" system for the laptop pocket! Overall appears to be a well thought out design. :o)

ScottUrman says:

Definitely the fact that there are separate compartments for all my stuff. This will be great the next time I travel, pick me!!

scharfat says:

I love being organized so having a specific pocket for everything in the book-bag that I use on a daily basis would be amazing!

prophoto1 says:

me like backpack .......backpack good!

vinayak0521 says:

Its unique. No other bag is like this one. Awesome features!! I can use it for my work, weekend outing and even on a Trek. Serves all purpose!

George Canellis says:

I've been a long time Brenthaven user, but the features of this backpack are making me seriously consider switching teams. Love to be able to do a side-by-side comparison of the two.

mclarensr says:

Its different. Can carry all my iDevices and accessories and still have room for other stuff. Perfect timing, I am actually in the market for a backpack.

semweblongshot says:

Would love something that makes it so easy to keep my devices safe and secure.

DamnSkippy says:

The style of the bag looks great and all those pockets and compartments!

sortingitout says:

A great looking bag with lot of utility. I like. I want it! Would be fantastic to get my hands on this cool items to cary my gear around in the big apple.

cbm says:

I have a 17" MacBook and a backpack that I got when I had a 15", so there's that. :-(

And hey, Armored laptop compartment seems lined with goodness.

Gizmocivic says:

I'd love to win! I love the compartments & portability!

williamsbh76 says:

Yes I have been needing a new "gadget bag" for work! The extra shock absorbtion in the laptop area would be a welcome addition. Thanks iMore and OGIO!!!

tatouches says:

All gadget in 1 bag, this is why I really want this cool bag, to use it in college.

aarontn says:

That top sunglasses pocket is extremely cool.

psudoc64 says:

Looks great - glad I read this before I made my buying decision.

mahariyo says:

Being the gadget nerd that I am, I love laptop bags with many compartments and the OGIO certainly fits the bill.

dphillippi says:

Well thought out for the tech gadget orientated geek!!! I love to be organized and have a place for everything, that is why I would like to win this back pack. Thanks

thomas_paterson says:

My favourite feature is the Crush proof Tech Vault pocket

brock_star666 says:

The Crush proof Tech Vault pocket.

jbudke says:

Looks pretty sweet. I will be sure to talk up OGIO and imore all the time if I win it.

apatters40 says:

I have used one in the past and would love this one to use with my iPad.

Mac2Crack says:

I could really use a nice new backpack like this one. My current bag is suffering from a bit of road rash. The streets in Winterpeg can get a bit slippery this time of year.

bebass says:

Great looking backpack - I am in need of a new one - love to win this.

John Smith17 says:

I'd like to be the winner because this is what I need!

Codemana18 says:

I love OGIO. I have a couple travel luggage bags and I love them. This I e would be perfect for my class I teach and use a laptop, ipad and projector. And I have to carry some extras and this thing would be perfect! Totally could utilize this to the fullest.

lightkeeper says:

The “Armor-protected” laptop compartment

wscotchmer says:

Love all of the compartments to fit all my gadgets! I would put it to good use with all my travels for work.

RevJar says:

It has spots for all of my tech, keeping it safe, plus keeping all my important documents while traveling. Nice giveaway contest iMore!

Jordan2348 says:

Armored compartment for my 17" laptop, hard to find nice looking bags that can fit the 17'ers

DaMacGuy says:

Wow, they really spent a lot of time thinking about all the things we have to carry. They have a pocket and place for everything. Very protective. And, it looks like it's tough enough to handle a busy life. And, even the chest strap position adjusts, which the ladies will like. Very thorough. I want one! :-)

owensky says:

That looks perfect for all my tech

nijoma81 says:

I love the look and ruggedness of the pack. I really hope to win this one!

bj-irvin says:

Perfect for international travel - would make life so much easier on the road!

SatchelBuck says:

i love the "Crush proof Tech Vault pocket with soft tricot liner." i wanted to get a thule for their crush proof compartment. i didn't know anyone else was putting these in their bags.

NxTech3 says:

this would be great to have, would definitely keep my gadets safe while transporting my precious cargo being a single father and all

Coach Albino says:

“Sweet Spot” Shoulder straps with advanced foam padding optimally positioned for comfort

Yes, please!

njlovold says:

I like the comfort back panel and the laptop compartment size. Crossing my fingers...

prashantroy says:

Its amazing how easily it can fit so many gadgets and accessories. I hope I win it.

aelmore says:

I really like the fact that this bag has a laptop compartment AND an iPad slot. I hate having to carry my iPad separately all the time; and I'm starting to carry both with me all the time. I need this bag, and will definitely be keeping it in mind when I purchase a new one this Spring.

incog21 says:

This looks perfect for keeping my gadgets safe with all the traveling I do.

I especially like the "armor-protected" laptop compartment; That hits the sweet spot.

DrJB says:

Very cool looks comfortable too I like the extra strap in front to keep me secure :)

GooTz66 says:

Its finally available again! I will take one, please and thank you! This can replace my old North Face pack

robertpetry says:

I love the sunglasses pocket! I'm always searching in the bottom of my current, cheap backpack for those!

rdstryr says:

I like the integrated foam panels. I like to keep my stuff pretty well protected. My wife and I travel to Montana a lot to help out/visit my sister in law and her husband and I'd like to have a nice pack to carry my MBP in instead of my old crappy JanSport backpack that is falling apart.

The Reptile says:

Looks like a solid upgrade over my current backpack. Just don't hold it against me for one strapping.

aichsmh says:

Awesome bag that can carry all your gear, i.e; macbook air, ipad, iPhone, and accessories and more.

viinsanity says:

Love the look of it. Would carry MBP+iPad in it!

nickpthemft says:

Definitely the shoulder straps and the iPad slot. Although I wish they had an iPad and iPad mini version. Kudos, Ogio.

Dredd67 says:

Why I like it ? The look, and well, as one famous artificial intelligence said: "space, so much space !"

JDHatman says:

Looks like a great backpack!

zackpancoast says:

It can fit so much in to it, I can carry all my electronics in one bag!

kidoco says:

I actually called up the company to get one but they were sold out. I'm an oakley fan (diehard fan) but This back pack is sweeeet!

Calot says:

My favorite feature is the amount of compartments it has. Amazing!

DrJB says:

Very cool looks comfortable too I like the extra strap in front to keep me secure :)

MiguelCh says:

ahh i love it. I want one like that. Mine always makes my back hurt at the end of the day

decagon says:

The 'Quick access expandable phone pocket' is one of the features I like best because it will easily accomodate my iPhone 5 on the front strap for easy access while on my European trip in June.

kkoroneos says:

Great bag, nice style !

Easy-G says:

Sweet, I habitually carry most of my digital life with me.

zma15 says:

NICE!! hope I win one :)

Marius Tomescu says:

It looks like a great bag with lots of options for keeping your gadgets with you. It's nice to have separate pockets for Macbook and iPad.

BillJude56 says:

The fleece-lined valuables compartment for easily scratched/damaged items is very clever.

dixyt says:

Nice one, I'd love to try it!

iirishassassin says:

Capacity: 1800 Cubic Inches - This thing holds more than my Smart Car

wolfman-fu says:

The single best feature I like on this is the "Crush proof Tech Vault pocket with soft tricot liner" far too few have anything like this.

Passionart says:

I'd love to win this Ogio bag with the "Crush proof Tech Vault pocket with soft tricot liner". Good luck to us all.

ZkiZZoiD says:

God please give it to me!

tomdebbie says:

I can see myself running through the airport, hands free with the OGIO backpack, and the 'sweet spot keeping me comfortable. The strap adds extra security.
The specially designed padded area for my iPad and Air will prevent damage.
But the MOST important item that will be protected is the cooooooool space for my Warby Parker sunglasses (would'nt want them damaged!)!!
The indiviual compartments and a place to put my ipod will make me dance through the terminal, listening to my favorites tunes.
Waiting patiently for my prize, so i can tell everyone on the plane all about the cool features (and just being plain COOL!

craigbb27 says:

Looks pretty cool, would love one!

Ethan Neville says:

iWant the iBackpack. I literally carry my iOffice on my back this would truly be an iBenifit to my to all my iEndeavours. ilove the design. OK so i've over done it on all the iStuff. As a documentary film maker this would be a fantastic upgrade. i appreciate all the utilitarian care that went into this design. Jolly good job. i in Canada salute your bag. Ok so that didn't come out quite right. i obviously need to take iBreak from this post. Cheers!

Hermdroid says:


freitame says:

I love how many pockets and how specialized they are. I can finally organize everything in my bag the way it needs to be organized.

Sheldon Werenka says:

I want that because there is alot of storage for mt stuff like my ipad and my laptop and my phone and it would be great to win this bag so I wish I could win it

imtravis says:

Would be awesome have, because of the "Sweet Spot", as well as the protection of my important To.. I mean technologies.

Quinn Kromis says:

I like that there is room for everything I need to take with me and it would help a lot for school! Thanks!

psgutman says:

I almost always have my iPhone and iPod classic with me, at all times. When I travel with my laptop, I almost always have my iPad and camera with me, as well as a big water bottle--this bag seems designed to carry everything I normally would in a way that's far more efficient and protective than what I currently do!

mlbaker says:

There's plenty of pockets to put my "stuff" and it has a very sleek design

meholley says:

All that storage and its still carry on size

JohnnyTheCanuck says:

I like the various compartments, specifically the ability for it to safely carry my dinosaud laptop and ipad.

jsox78 says:

Separate compartments for the ipad and laptop. It's got a different compartment for everything I carry with me.

uzmarvel says:

It's perfect for my travelling, I have many gadgets to carry with me, especially extra batteries. I would love to have this bag. Please.

tran13 says:

I really like the sweet spot shoulder strap.

Robert2Trebot says:

MAN O MAN...... This rocks!!!!!! I want this back pack to keep me organized and to look cool

esfoad says:

Backpacks ROCK! And OGIO makes awesome products. I have 2 other OGIO products that are fantastic so adding this backpack would round out my collection.

xMatter says:

unusual contest but great prize, thanks guys!!!!

troystaylor says:

Got to love a laptop bag that also has an iPad pocket.

Singh7 says:

This back pack is sweet! I could really use this as I'm out and about all the time with my laptop and numerous gadgets.

jhpx123 says:

The capacity 1800. Cubic inches. Just what i need.

Iulian Popescu says:

good comments, not related to topic

buffdaddyjr says:

Lots of room, perfectly organized to handle all of your gadgets. For someone who frequently travels this would be the ultimate backpack to have. Pick me please.

evolution75 says:

would love to have this. Pick me please

sandman369 says:

Love the durability if the pack. I carry a lot technology and the durability really will help.

adidas26usa says:

I have an OGIO for my work computer and I love it! This bag has tons of compartments and from my experience with OGIO it will be plenty durable!

emjayess says:

Wow--that thing is perfect---all my gadgets carried safely in one place!! I would have to fight off my college-age kids for that one! Thanks for the opportunity!

jlw0211 says:

I could def use this backpack for school!!! Please let me win this!!!!

avega619 says:

I love everything about it especially since it has a place to store both my laptop, phone and sunglasses along with everything else I need to store !

doggie168 says:

very sharp looking backup. Would love to upgrade to this bad boy.

mikez00 says:

I like the padded compartment for sunglasses and stuff.

Sam Griffith says:

Excellent design from looking at video, has a pocket for everything. Wish i could find this in my town. Maybe have to look online for retailer. Great job

vyrenee says:

the rugged laptop protection

marc britten says:

Room for just about anything I'd ever want to take with me.

jceezy707 says:

Really like all the storage pockets. It would be a nice upgrade from my current Ogio bag.

iririr says:

Looks slick...lots of room...

Adam Paschal says:

That ipad sleeve is just what I need to carry my ipad around campus!!!

Kevan Newman says:

My favorite part is that it would be Free!

Jeffrey Harshman says:

This backpack is really really awesome it's got pockets for all your stuff laptops, iPads whatever you want and what I really like about it is it has a sunglass holder and a pocket for your phone I take my computer iPad and other electronics everywhere I go when I travel and this bag is really awesome I would love to have it

future_nobody says:

So cool! The iPad sleeve looks great.

word2u says:

I could put it to good use!

mmcnamara43 says:

whats not to love but for me i love it all.

Tervuren says:

Great storage options - lots of pockets.

R47R says:

This is a awesome AWESOME bag... loving the pockets I am very much on the go and could really use this. Thank you for offering this !

rgm0522 says:

by far the back pack i geek like me could ask, i can finally ride my back and have all my devices secure the best thing is that you could organize all my tech and not worry about moving

DeeMat says:

That is a real backpack and it has every pocket I need to carry my things - I use public transportation.

heyload2 says:

That's just what I need. I travel a lot and need to protect my MacBook Air. The nicest bit is the handy pocket for your phone.

coylejp says:

My daily routine includes my MacBook, iPad, Kindle, Big Jambox, various chargers, media storage devices and all sorts of other stuff. This would be perfect for me. My favorite bit is below.

Crush proof Tech Vault pocket with soft tricot liner

Sloppyjm says:

Well i just browsed the website and found a few packs that I would totally rock however i feel that winning this would be the best use to me since i couldn't afford many or their $100 packs and would love putting my phone in the front pocket.

zoomzoomed says:

I currently own an iPad 4, MacBook Pro, iPhone5 and an iPod Classic. I use all of these items at work at some point during the day. I currently use a NorthFace backpack which has a lot of usable pockets. However, the IGiO Renegade backpack would be the perfect bag to protect my investments.

xmz says:

I'd love to give it a try!

My MacBook Pro 15" Retina, iPad would fit perfectly. Also, my Canon G12 would be always handy in the top compartment.

tinysalmon says:

Love the sleek design and all the compartments that store and protect the gadgets (laptop, tablet, phone, camera).

BB Musketeers says:

My leather backpack is wearing out. This looks great! Call me sold.

four4usc says:

Really love the number of pockets and the iPad pouch.

abaggy says:

That is one nice backpack

Tmil2000 says:

i want it to make my ipad more portable and it would be cool because if someone steal it i can use find my iphone to track them down

netskipper says:

Its the "swiss army" of laptop backpacks. (=

BurgerBoy says:

Nice backpack. Love the iPad sleeve and pouch for sunglasses!

dmstrom says:

HUB (Hybrid Unibody Backpanel) for ultimate comfort

The backpack looks like it will be comfortable!

AaronVanderwerf says:

The ability to carry an entire home office in one convenient bag!

richardpandy says:

I dig the armor protected laptop compartment. Would be nice to have JUST IN CASE I happen to get hit on my motorcycle and have a spill.

Trevor Conkle says:

Sure could it for my New Macbook Air! Great backpack for on the go!

PRESLEYdent says:

That back pack is bad ass!! Would love to be the envy of everyone at work with this on my shoulder.

Barry Ronk says:

Sleek, even when fully loaded. It's the Mary Kate of gear haulers.

GreyGhostRos says:

The Armor protected laptop compartment I say.. Will do good for a bit of rough work..

jkamphof says:

Of course the protection for my gadgets! I carry my iPad and camera gear and I'm sure I can make this work for my needs! Love the armour!!

SirPsycho84 says:

I like it all, can't pick just one reason. I want it!!!

fabriciopatron says:

Awesome design + iPad and Macbook compartment? Me Wants!

Jarren Harkema says:

I like how durable it looks! My current backpack is all floppy, this one looks like it can withstand a beating, and keep my gadgets safe!

andy_hoffman says:

I can fit absolutely everything I need in there! Such a nice design :)

tamarashannon says:

Love all the dedicated pockets for all my Apple products!

akrahn says:

That would work for me taking everything to classes from my MacBook, iPad, Magic Mouse, and iPhone.

Jfatherofaj says:

This looks like a great pack. Going on vacation soon. I have been looking for a new pack.

Rowanova says:

I like all the compartments so everything has its place and is always organized; whether for work or travel.

I would really appreciate one of these.

Nilesh Somani says:

I think its awesome. I want it to keep my iTouch, Lumia 920 and my laptop

thebrownswin says:

Love having specific tablet sleeve & laptop storage separated.

Wrigster says:

The suspension computer pocket and security compartment makes it worthwhile to upgrade my current Ogio!

konrad_f says:

I finally found a backpack that can comfortably fit my 17 inch macbook pro!

Dhenz says:

Wow so much features that I like, especially the Armor protected! I really need this bag to replace my 5 yo bag I currently use :)

Bcloutier says:

The ergonomic aspect of this bag is awesome! I wear a bag all day for school, and it's usually filled with my 15" MBP, iPad, notebook, lunch, water bottle and anything else that's made its way into my bag. Carrying that weight properly is very important.

rich_asap says:

dude, protection for all your devices, why wouldn't you want it !

scotterton says:

I like the heavy duty laptop protection!

Fawicted says:

Wow completely portable and everything can fit in it! like literally i have so much stuff that's usually all over the place in my bag, it has pocket for everything that i actually need to put in my book bag or when i go hiking. Im soo getting rid of my old swiss one its been years :( i love its unibody man totally specially that compartment for the iPad, im also planning on getting one and it would be a lovely addition to it :D:D damn it i really wish i could get it :(

captainmorgan says:

It looks great for organizing any and all devices and accessories I carry with me, whether for school or travel. And the protected compartment for my laptop, the crush-proof section for tech storage, and the separate iPad pocket are reassuring features I wish my current backpack had. Plus the ergonomic back and shoulder straps make carrying things properly much easier. This would be a fantastic replacement for my current, 6 year old backpack, and one that would allow me to carry my devices around with ease, comfort, and peace of mind.

shoewee says:

OMG! You want me to only pick 1 thing about that backpack?! Its totally awesome! If I could only pick one thing it would be the amount of pockets/space. I have a ton of crap I carry around and I prefer it to be organized in pockets rather than all shoved into one big pocket! I hope I win this one!

Quackinup says:

Space for both my MacBook ans iPad. Love it!

dannyb1301 says:

Love the shoulder strap pocket

kevinchau says:

I love the capacity and sometimes my messenger gets too heavy.

lambda28 says:

WOW! What a nice backpack, I like how they made a compartment ON the shoulder strap for phone or wallet. A lot of perfectly executed compartments.


Would love to win this backpack.

ixixmmx says:

Honestly, I just love the stealthy, but bad ass looks of this backpack. It would make an awesome mountain biking companion.

taid_87 says:

I love the fact that it has a compartment for every single gadget there is to store. I would like to have this so that I can use it for school and work.

Ratane says:

Adjustable sternum strap and lots of compartments - one for everything one can think of. Awesome!

Atharva Pingale says:

I can carry all that stuff which I want to and without any damage. It has Integrated foam panels keep your electronics and other valuables protected and Armor protected dedicated laptop compartment. This is a perfect backpack for me.

Seah Hock Siew says:

Abundance of compartments for all sorts of portable devices, not to mention 2 crush-proof valuables compartments. One for your precious laptops and the other for smaller items though recommended for sunglasses. Design, functionality and durability are all second to none.

frankdjr says:

Great pack, was thinking of picking one up, would luv one free, thanks.

rfg969 says:

Looks perfect for traveling and protecting all your gear!

laand says:

That would be great for my trip to Florida in a couple weeks. MacBook air ipad and kindle all safe and sound

ScottAB says:

Compartments are cool!!

zdn1042 says:

Functionality + Reliability + Comfort all rolled into one.

cgthomas27 says:

Integrated foam panels keep your electronics and other valuables protected

alextom says:

I like all the pockets and compartments.

jrephoto_op says:

Should have been called iPockets. Love it.

samsin92 says:

It has a compartment for my iPhone and my laptop. And the level of protection it offers is superb. Overall ruggedness is a welcome quality. I'd love one! Twitter: @samsin92

TechExpress77 says:

The best thing of this bag is all the compartments for all my tech!!

T3chstick says:

My favorite part of this bag is the iPhone holder!

memphis_rea says:

I love the amount of pockets... will work well for school and such.