TiPb Contest Winners

Contest Winners: Jawbone ERA, Lifeproof case, The Early Edition, 2, ReaddleDocs for iPad

If there's one thing TiPb loves even more than iPhones and iPads, it's giving cool iPhone and iPad accessories and apps to our fabulous readers. This week is no exception, as we've got the Jawbone ERA, the Lifeproof case, The Early Edition 2, and ReaddleDocs winners, and a ton of new giveaways -- just for you!

Jawbone ERA

Lifeproof case

The Early Edition 2

  • Kobyron
  • Jvy Dyao
  • Lremy22
  • Maddin
  • Marcus Harwell

ReaddleDocs for iPad

  • Dinesh Arya
  • Nickmykola
  • Slickvic621
  • Drew
  • garylapointe

More chances to win

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Anton Frost says:

Way to go Mates and Mate-ettes!!!!! Awesome wins for awesome TiPB Members!!! CONGRATS TO ALL!!!

Jay Mobile says:

You guys ROCK! I never win anything but I guess my luck has changed for the better, can't wait to try EE 2

Jessie T says:

I just got my hands on the Jawbone Prime actually (my first dabble into bluetooth headsets!). There aren't too many places that sell them in the UK anymore so I went through these guys. I have to say it’s a pretty nice piece of kit. The design is pretty classy and I love the noise cancellation.
I might upgrade to the Era at some point though, as my daughter has her eye on this one lol... I’m wondering if it really is a step up from the Prime or if I should just stick to what I know...