Crazy Earphones from Japan. Would You Wear Them?

Crazy Earphones

Japan's Solid Alliance decided that the bar for "crazy earphones" just hadn't been raised high enough and so they've released these adorable/idiotic plastic embellishments which make you look like you have various implements coming out of your ears. For those who may not have already seen the first set of earphones they consisted of: sushi, paws, banana and a large bolt. These 4 new earbuds consist of: an apple with an arrow through it, a knife which looks like it is stabbed through your head, a mushroom, and a little ear.

They'll cost you ¥2000, or about $20 and have a 3.5mm adaptor so they will fit in your iPhone or iPod touch.

So, am I the only one who likes these earphones ? Would you ever buy Crazy Earphones for yourself... or a friend ?

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Crazy Earphones from Japan. Would You Wear Them?

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I'd wear them occasionaly in public. If you're going to look like a dork with headphones, why not go all the way? They also have a practical aspect, as you can easily tell left from right with the katana or arrow.

@ Aaron Matthew Kaiser Haha sorry you are so right, Katana.
You think that is a knife? This is a knife!

LOL!!! These are awesome!
I'd rock the katana, too!
Literal translations:
katana = "sword"
iyaringo = "arrow & apple"
kinoko = "mushroom"
komimi = "little ears"

Oh yha I'll rock them O Damn they are very smart people..I should have think of these I'm going to come out with theme here in the united states of America

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