How desperate people print from their iPad


We figure this is how desperate people try to print from their iPad. Or how they use comedy to handle their frustration. Sigh. More elegant solution, Apple?

[Form Group via Engadget]

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How desperate people print from their iPad


if the ipad is so revolutionary, super spectacular but cant print? Why did I not buy it. Doesnt take a genius.

That is a huge frustration of mine for the iPhone. Can someone explain why there isn't a 3rd party app that allows printing of emails, webpages, etc? All apps require software on desktop to be able to print from your iPhone. How can the HP app not require that software for printing photos? I don't get it.

I thought there were apps that would allow for printing. I personally don't have the need, thats just one reason for owning an iPad - NOT having to use up paper. For those cases you can't live without a printout its easy enough to email something to your desktop and do it from there. Not a huge inconvenience IMHO.

There are apps that let you print for the iPhone over a wifi network : Printershare is one in the app store.
Was a concern of mine before I take the plunge into ipad land lol
But if Printershare have modified the app then I'll use that.

Ok, I will give it to you, that was funny! However, ever check out print magic? It can print over wifi to your shared or wifi printers. Granted it cannot print from within any application, that still needs to be fixed Apple! Why port pages and numbers if you aren't planning on printer support?

Why can't the iPad print?
Same reason the iBooks store doesn't send you paperback copies of the e-books you buy. The point is to avoid paper.

Just gonna throw this out there...but couldn't they email it to themselves? Or maybe get Quickoffice that lets you post to your MobileMe and Google Docs inbox, where you can print it in all its formatted glory...

whats sad is im sure steve jobs will come out with a way to print and label it "revolutionary", "unheard of". And people will salivate as usual. I am sure they purposely removing items just to do this bologna advertising.

I tend to agree, for the most part.
The whole point of "portable" devices is to be able to access, edit, transfer, and share on-the-go. Why the real need to print? And if there is a need, why can't the files just be transferred to whatever equipment are connected to printers? Do people carry printers in their briefcases or pockets?
I'm not saying printing capabilities wouldn't be "useful" on mobile devices in rare situations (for hotel rooms, perhaps), but I still think it's a low priority feature when "most" printers are stationary and already connected to computers.

I think apple should add printing supporting directly into the operating system so that we can print from anywhere. Going through the trouble of typing up a document on an ipad and then having to turn on, sync to and print from a computer is stupid, might as well had typed it on the computer or laptop in the first place.

I do most of my utility payments on the iPhone. As they don't send an email confirmation I just take a screen shot. If needed I can then print this using eprint or HP print which use bonjour technology to print wirelessly. I assume that you can take a screen shot of the iPad as wel.

Lack of printing is probably the only thing stopping the replacement of my grandma's old computer with a nice shiny easy to use iPad!

Printershare requires software on desktop. Any other suggestions? I don't print often, but need it when I get attachments and don't want to start my laptop to print it.
HP app uses Bonjour, which I like. I just don't understand why they can't extend the functionality to non photos. I have a wireless HP printer, also, no luck with iPhone.

I think that Apple is looking to the future, in a paperless world, data online sharing. By now, HP iPrint app (free) can print any photo from Camera Roll. Another more powerfull app is ePrint ($2.99). But, I agree that printing support should be in the OS.

You can print from the ipad. Just like i have been printing from my iphone for a while now. All you need is a wireless printer, wifi, and an app called "Print Magic" from the app store.
Instr: first download the free version of Print Magic. Check to see if your printer is compatible with Print Magic. Once it locates your wireless printer, you can then buy the full version to actually be able to print. (You will not be able to print from the free version of Print Magic. That is just intended to check for compatibility.)
Good Luck!

Jeez you gotta love these fanbois. You guys are really rationalizing the reason for the ipad NOT having printing capabilities? This “revolutionary” device SHOULD be able to print WITHOUT jumping through hoops.
I really hope Apple doesn’t get into the business of making cars. Because they will release the “iCar” with no seatbelts or a windshield, and the fanbois will be up here in full force rationalizing how seatbelts and windshields really aren’t needed in a car, because Apple said so.
Then apple will release the next version of the iCar WITH seatbelts and windshields, but they will be “revolutionary” seatbelts and windshields. HA!

I think apple is referaininh from giving the ipad computer functionality like printing right now to seperate it.
I could be wrong , which I hope and they could enable different mediums of connecting the ipad to a printer via USB , WIFI network or BT.

Apple does need to add (wireless) printing support to iPhone OS devices. But for now I will just continue to save the stuff I want to print as a draft email and print from my PC... Not scan my phone! Hahaha

u can press home and power at the same time to take a screenshot. then email it to urself to print...

@Tonyjohns How does it not have printing capabilities? I've been printing though apps since the 3G. How is opening a app to print something jumping though hoops? You trolls kill me sometime do some research then come back when you know what the hell your talking about tardboy.

Hey Fanboi, I was talking about the ipad. The last time I checked, the ipad and iphone were two separate devices. You are slacking on your fanboi senses. Tsk Tsk, Mr. Jobs wouldn't be proud of you.

Since you are familiar with iphone printing apps, are there ANY that don't require software to be installed on your desktop or separate email inboxes to print emails, etc. I want to get an attachment (Word doc, for example) and print it. I don't think that's too much to ask (from a unit that bills itself as a portable "Internet- and multimedia-enabled smartphone")

P.S. If Apple really wants to rid the world of paper (and thus won't bring printing to the iPhone), then give us a decent file storage system so I can save files to my iphone, edit them, and email them back.

You'd only have to print 100 pages and the wad of paper would be thicker than the iPad itself!
I can't see lack of a print option being a big deal personally.

Print Magic does not require extra software, you can copy and paste from any app that allows copy, but it only prints in plain text. I prefer print central, which does require extra software, but prints email, photos, web pages, and documents and clipboard items. Works fantastic!

Year is 2010. If a device can't print, I must say it is revolutionary. No USB port? Excellent! No GPS? Nice! No brain?

@tonyjohns Thats right Apple fanboy and hp fanboy always. But you and the other trolls will always be tardboys?

I was considering an iPAd to replace my daughters notoriously virus infected notebook for college. Except, how the hell is she supposed to print her work?
Printing is a required feature IMO. They left it off so they could get the iBooks thing going and work out printing later.
Thanks, Ill wait.