Didn't get the iOS device of your dreams today? Enter now for a chance to win it from iMore!

Didn't get the iOS device of your dreams today? Enter now to win it from iMore!

If Santa somehow slipped up and didn't give you the iPhone, iPod, or iPad of your dreams this year, if he got lost using maps, if he was smart enough to realize you really did need those educational gifts, clothes, or vegetables instead, or if you did indeed get what you wanted, but would love the chance to give an iOS device to someone else who could really use one, iMore's giving you a second chance!

(Technically one (1) $350 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate for you to buy (or put towards) whichever Apple device or devices you wish!)

  • Just leave a comment below telling us which iOS device you want and why!

We'll announce winners next week. Ho. Ho. Ho!

Enter NOW!

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Didn't get the iOS device of your dreams today? Enter now for a chance to win it from iMore!



Thanks for this opportunity iMore. I would so love to get an iPad mini. I had been saving up to purchase one but unfortunately I had to put my cat down two days before Christmas and lost all my savings. I know my son would also love me to have the iPad mini because I keep borrowing his iPod.
Thanks again.

An iPad Mini for my Wife. She presently has a Kindle and brings a flashlight to bed so she could read her books. I got one of those LED Miner Flashlights, that you strap onto your forehead, for Christmas. She wants to borrow it and bring it to bed!

I'd like an iPhone 5, to replace the 4S that I've got. The screen is cracked and I'm using that as an excuse to get a new one!

I would like an ipad mini!!!!! My gf got an ipad for Christmas and I got nothing so please help me out with my first world problem!!!!

I want an ipad mini cuz I could never afford to buy an apple product. But I have an iPhone 5. But it would be nice to just be given an apple device of my choice. Very cool

I'd love to win so that I could put the gift card towards an iPad Mini. It would be a great present for my best friend overseas, and it would make it easier for us to Skype when we wanted to. Thanks iMore for the giveaway opportunity, really appreciate it!!!

imore is awesome! I would love an ipad mini. Thanks for putting on the contest. Love the podcasts and look forward to them each week.

I would like to get an iPhone 5 for my daughter because i really want her to do well in school with all sorts of apps that can interact with the iPad the school gives her. The problem is that the iPad stays at school. That's why I want to get an i Phone 5

i want an ipad mini because my friends are makinng fun of my fake china phone so an ipad would be an amazing BURN for them !! so do it !!Give me tht iOS

I would love to be able to get an iPad mini for my son. He loves using my wife's iPad but really needs his own for reading and match, etc.

I would like an iPad mini because they're brilliant! I haven't got one but boy I should. I'll use it for my own personal use and within the classroom I teach. I've never won anything but there is a first for everything ;-)

I would like an iPad so that I can conveniently take my reading for school (and pleasure) with me everywhere. Productive as well as enjoyable.

An iPhone 5 would be AWSOME for the new year! Thanks for the opportunity guys! Happy holidays!

I need an IPad mini because I love to read Magazines, Newspapers , Periodicals. Mini is a great e Reader. And at present I can't afford to buy one.

I would like the ipad mini personally, the size seems right and the price seems right. Free would just be an added bonus. Plus it would be the perfect size to allow my nieces to learn a few things with the educational apps on the appstore.

Dear iMore
I would love a fourth gen iPad. My old android tablet just doesn't cut it anymore, I need an upgrade and I adore iOS

i want an ipad mini because my dad usually allows me to have stuff depending on age and my little step- sister has one because her mom does it differently even though that should make it fair for me to have one too because now that their married were technically a family and my dad always tries to make it fair for everyone in my family

Beggars and choosers. I can't afford anything these days. I would take anything anyone wanted to give me and be extremely grateful for it.

I want the iPhone 5 because simply I'm due for an upgrade and cant afford to spend any extra money. Also, I'd give my 4s to my wife so she can finally get rid of that old Android phone:)

I have been an Android user since 2010. My wife had an iphone 4 that I use now like an iPod. I must admit that the iPad mini intrigues me. Who knows...you could end up with a convert.

I would love an iPad Mini. My wife and I only did stocking stuffers for Christmas because we just got married!!!

I would love an iPad Mini. My wife and I only did stocking stuffers for Christmas because we just got married!!!

I would love an iPad Mini. My wife and I only did stocking stuffers for Christmas because we just got married!!!

I'm 35 years old and I was playing with a Mini at Best Buy today. And I had the same thought I remember having when I was a little kid. Maybe...just maybe if I look sad enough, a daddy warbucks will come buy that new Nintendo...I mean I pad for me

I'd like an iPad mini to communicate with my daughter via FaceTime while I travel for work. Thanks guys!

I'd like to pick up the iPad Mini. It's small enough to carry around most of the time - it would compliment my iPhone for the mobile office. I've looked at the Samsung Note but its just too large to use as a phone 100% of the time. Using the iPhone in tandem with the Mini makes more sense. I hope I win!

I want an iPhone 5,I'm always a fan of iPhone ,but my dad said I can only get an iPhone 5 till I go to college. Really want a white one.

My old touch pad is about to give up. Asked Santa for a new iPad but he might have been a little too busy this year. Maybe iMore can help Santa (and me) out?

Id like to get one, so that i can give it to my 6 year old brother to help him with math and letters. the size would be perfect for him, since the regular ipad is too big for him to hold.

I want a iPad mini because I had to sacrifice buying myself one so my 3 children could get ridiculously expensive toys they will break or not play with within a month. It is fun giving them what they want but still Santa could've hooked me up !

I want to get my six year old daughter her very own iPad mini.she has loved my iPad 2 since the day I got it I use it for her leaning and she plays games on it of course. She has a kids leap pad but is out growing it usefulness everyday.

I'm taking up over 14gb of space on my girlfriends iPad because I don't have my own, but have bought apps just for iPad in preperation for the day I have my own. Please bring me closer to this day! I love Apple products but just don't have the money for them. I have a 4th Gen iPod Touch and sold my iPhone for so I have some money for the next iPhone when my contract ends. Please help me get closer to my geeky sream of gaving one product from each iOS category.

By the way, I love the site and have both of the apps. Keep up the awesome work. You keep my days Apple!

As a young working college student the ios device of my choice would be the iphone 5, as it is a great device with encompasses a number of unique yet valuable programs which can easily be used from entertainment to educational to business, the iphone 5 would be the perfect tool for me

My dream is to buy a Mac Book .. i have been using windows computers for all my life and the only time i get to use the Macs is when I'm at my friends house or at the apple store it self !

iPhone 5. Need at least a device that I can use more of my unlimited Internet. Instead of my iPhone 4. Which is CAPPED at 3gbs :/

Hi Rene, Georgia and the rest of the crew! An IPad Mini would be great to store pictures of our new baby girl. A special time for us as my wife gave birth for the first time at the young age of 44. We did it!

My mum would love an iPad mini
She loves playing scrabble but has no one to play against and she uses my iPad to play the scrabble app which has a computer opponent and now I can't use my iPad!!

ummm.....Santa mistakenly delivered my iPad mini to iMore.com, could you please return it to me? Please? Please? Don't make me beg.

A white iPad mini would be real nice to have!
Happy New Year to everyone at iMore!, Keep up the great work!.

I would love to have an iPad for my travels and photography. Plus it's easier on the eyes than the iPhone in terms of reading. Keep up the great work at iMore! Thx!

I would love the new iPad! I game my ipad to my dad so he could learn how to use an Apple product and now he won't give it back. Here we go lol

Divorced mother of a teenage girl working a double tonight. You KNOW I'll be dreaming about my iPad!!

if this competition is worldwide i would like to win it.

i would use it to buy an ipad. for family usage so every1 in the house can watch some e-mail/website etc.

I would love to get an iPad mini or and iPad 4 so I can unload my Android device on someone else.

I would get an iPad to put my medical file on. Easily searchable and lightweight to take to all of my appointments.

I would love an iPad Mini because 2012 was one of the worst years of my life. This would certainly make 2013 start off the right way!

iPad 4 for me. Always wanted to own that beauty. Guess i have a chance thanks to you guys. Hope imore Santa pics me.

I'm dreaming of a white iPad,
Just like the ones found in the store.
Where the apps they glisten, and geeks they listen
to all the news from iMore.

I'm dreaming of a white iPad,
With every heartfelt text I write.
May your downloads be speedy and right,
and may all your Apple gear be white!

iPhone, because I've always wanted one but they are too expensive. And if I won, I could argue with my friends which hate Apple and iMore.

My lovely BFF (wife) could use her own iPad to help her study as she returns to college in preparation for a new career!

An iPad would be perfect. I do a LOT of travel for work and spend a lot of time in airports, in planes and hotels. The iPad would save me a lot of hassle pulling out my laptop all the time...

happy new year !! hello imore-clause, i know the christmas day was over but i really want a iphone 5.who doesn't like a iphone? android fan? i saw the way my sister used her iphone 3gs ( now is 4s), so cooll, sr abt my english

I want, no, i would love the iphone 5 as they have only just come out in my country (South Africa) and they cost a small fortune!!!

Would love to win so I could buy my wife an iPhone 5. She loves her 4 but it has seen better days. Thank you for the opportunity!!

I'd like the new iMac cause i have a really old pc and need a new one for my design lessons! New iMac got best design ever!!

I would love an iPad Mini! For the simple fact that my 4 year old son is always on my learning his alphabet and numbers better and has even started reading. So how can i really take mine away from him when he is actually learning. So an iPad Mini would be great for him to continue his learning on an sleek device that is more suited for his size and mind. Thanks have a great new year iMore .

Hello, I already wrote that I wanted an iPhone 5, so I apologize because I had not read when he says that it was a $ 350 giftcard. Well if I get another chance I want an iPod Touch 5Gen because I have not used Siri and I would like to use it.

I would absolutely LOOVVVEE an iPad mini, because Santa didn't come through for me this year :/ Got a kindle instead. I'm hoping you fine folks at iMore could help a fanboy out :D keep up the great work guys!

I'd like an iphone 5, please! I wanna win it for my mom, who has a dying flip phone that beeps high frequencies all the time, and doesn't remember contact numbers. Its awful..

I want an iPhone 5, because everyone around me has switched, I'm the only one left with a Blackberry, and I want to see what the fuss is all about.

I'd like to win an iPad. I'm currently between jobs and I want to start a new self employed business. I'd like to use the iPad to handle my POS, accounting and other functions

Happy New Year!
I would love to win an iPhone 5 because................
Back in time, I was a bright student but then I got addicted to internet giveaways! I wasted my time but still couldn't win any prize!
That year , I failed and I ruined my whole life!
That is why, I want to prove to my parents that internet giveaways aren't fake!
I have to win this iPhone 5 anyway!

Tis the season to be sharing. I want an iPad Mini to share with my kids so I don't have to share my iPad 3 with them anymore. Sharing is truly caring! Happy Holidays!

I would love an iPad Retina, or an iPad Mini (in Black/Slate, of course) to cruise the web and enter more iMore contests. Happy New Year, iMore !

Would love an iPad mini to give to my wife. She works full-time, two part-time jobs, and is doing school full-time. She could use a pick-me-up.

I would like the ipad 4 to give to my stepdad because he didn't get anything good for Christmas, he has stuck with this family even though I have a brother with bipolar disorder and he supported my mom through nursing school (which she just graduated from) he always deals without for us and he deserves something for it :) hope this isn't too late...

Well, I would use the gift card to get an iPhone5 since my current "smartphone" doesn't get along with my MacBook and I'm close to the end of my contract and I would like to switch over and try iOS6 :)

But, I would also love to give my mother and iPad or iPad mini, because in the school where she teaches all of the sudden teachers need iPads to teach class and she's been stalling for quite a while.

Thanks iMore for the chance! Happy New Year!

I would like an iPad mini. I'm not going to make up a stupid, fake reason for wanting one or "needing" one. But I would really appreciate getting one. Thanks for your content, best Apple news site ever. Happy new year :)

I would love to get an iPad 3 or 4 for my family. Recently, we have had some pretty bad luck, having to sell our house, move in with relatives and everybody looking for jobs. I would love to have something good to share with them and start turning our luck around! I also need the iPad for school as well as helping with my health problems. Thanks :)

It would be a dream come true for me to win a ipad mini!! We only have one laptop in our house and if I had an ipad mini then I would be able to use the Internet for homework now that I am in high school without having to wait for the laptop to be free. Plus I love apple products even though Ive never owned one!

i wan't an ipod 5th generation because i lost mine about 8 months ago and my dad doesn't know and i feel bad because he was the one that bought it for me and i just lost it.

I never win these contest but hey out with the old and in with the new, maybe 2013 will start with a new iOS device, iP5, iPad Mini...whichever one I'll be very happy. Happy New Year everyone!

Hi , i want an iPad mini because I think that Santa Clause forgot me this year :( I've been wanting an iPad since the day it came out !!!! Thank you for reading this !!! I would prefer white if you still have some :)

Happy wife, happy life: she borrows my iPad. She would be ecstatic with an iPad min she could purse around and use instead of my iPad that she clutters with menstruation app and other lady like apps.

Hello. To be honest with you, I really really want an iPad mini. Eversince I never liked gadgets that much. I never asked my parents to buy me the latest cellphone, laptop, etc. But when I saw the iPad mini, it caught me. I instantly liked it. I never owned an ipod, iphone or whatsoever high-tech gadget because I thought I don't need it. But when I saw the iPad mini, I realized it could offer so much more. The features are amazing and I believe I need one. The design is perfect, the connections are ultra-fast and the iPad mini is truly incredible. I know I can't afford it myself right now and I don't want to ask money from my parents. Hoping I could get one for myself. Nothing is truly impossible! God bless! Happy New Year and keep giving people happiness!
- Rachel, the iPad mini lover :)

I would like to have the ipad mini for schoolwork and since i have currently never had an apple device

I would absolutely love an Apple iPad, mini or regular, to help me keep track of my medical notes, medications, and be able to have an outlet while waiting all those hours at the doctors.

As a matter of fact, all of us want to have an any apple products. We all know that apple products have best quality than to the other brands. But the problem is, we can not buy an apple product because it's so very expensive. As a teenager, and as a student, I wan to have an iPad Mini because I know that this can help me in all my projects, assignments, etc but the one problem is, I can not afford to buy it. So I joined this contest 'cause I believe iMore will give me a chance to win. Win or lose, I will still support iMore :)

I have never had an apple device; I was recently supose to get one but my brother is in the hospital for a sinus infection in his head and its weakend his skull and they said it could kill him so all the money i have and my family is going to him and for his support so i havent been able to get anything so any type of ipad is fine with me

I have just got into College, and all I'm praying for is to Have an Ipad or a Laptop so I can get my school work done. unfortunately I can not afford one, and just like every year Santa forgets me again this year. :'(

i would love to have any IOS device,really. ipad mini or iphone5 would do gret like a cherry on a pie! i have been writting about gadgets and devices as a freelancer for blogs and sites, but never owned the devices and gadgets i wrote about. how about owning something which you ask your readers to buy and vouch for? it would be a change and would make me believe taht such awesome giveaway's are really REAL! :D

So I can replace the Innotab (battery vampire) my kids are currently using, not to mention I would be the cool Dad if we had a new Ipad... :)

Hey Guys I am a college student at prairie view and it will be greatly appreciated if i won your contest and to finally have a ipad to carry around campus instead of books and a notepad.

acc to me i os is a mere waste and useless android rocks buyers dont buy dat idiotic apple products dat new feature imap showing the current location as uk wen i am in india all this i mac is a fake

Because I have just started my new business. I need an iPad to manage my clients and database. I can not carry my heavy laptop in the public transports in India.

I would like to have an iphone 4s if you guys give it to me then it would be my first apple device i dont have any memory options pll i want a 16 GB model plllllllll

well i made a mistake and purchased a nokia phone instead. im on my second. and its fried. i want an iphone5. i should have went with the iphone in the first place and i learned my lesson.

I have to go to the public Library to access the internet really need one for looking for work ect. It takes hours to go to the library, wait for a computer. Then your time is limited so you have to hurry through work search, checking e-mail & facebook. Please let me win one!

I pad mini, its my birthday February 3rd and if i get it then maybe i will have something to look forward to on my birthday

I really really really want to win a iPad or iphone 5. Its my birthday next month on Valentines Day. I would be super excited if you guys sent me a prize in the mail :) that would be my gift from you guys lol Please pick me as a winner I always wanted a apple device...

i would like an iPad 4 64g so i can give my old iPad to my mom because she wants one and i need a new one for my school and an iPad is WAYYY less that a mac or a macbook pro and for movies im a big fan so i would like a new ipad4 64g.

thank you if i do win

I would love an Ipad mini because I want to 'facetime' my cousin,s aunties and uncles who I haven't seen in years because they live on the other side of the country! :)

I want an Ipad coz i have always admired others using and not valuing it but when you can't afford its good to admire wish that ever to owe a IPad can really happen that's it

I'd love an iPhone 5. Still using the 3GS - and it's looking like I want to upgrade soon! The slick style of the iPhone makes me want it, but the high price keeps me from going for it.

Ipad. Played on the misses brother's during a holiday on a game, in a desperate need of a tablet. One of the only apple products i like.

i want a iPad because where i am live apple devices is so expensive , so i would like to have the chance to buy it from the INDIA

I want to use the new ipad 4 for educational purposes as iOS would be easy yo access
I request if you would please gift me. Thankyou

I'm a huge fan of any apple devices. Couldn't ever afford to buy what I wanted. Got an iPhone 4S and that is my little baby. I'm dreaming to get iPad mini but its to expensive for someone who has a little baby. Every penny goes on my little princess but...... Maybe one day.... Positive thinking. 100000 hugs to all apple lovers :)

My ipad2 was recently stolen and my life it seems to have been stolen with it I had everything in it and my whole life is turned upside down without my beloved iPad . Please restore my life and my iPad thx and god bless iPads .

I would like an ipad please, because i am disabled and with an ipad, i could deposit my checks without traveling to the bank. It would really help. Thank you

I've never had a mac product. I bought a phone from walmart a few months ago and it is no longer working properly. It is an android phone. It works well enough to do the things I need it too but it turns off and on frequently.. all though it won't be the end of the world without an iphone 5 it would be nice to have one with it.

I have never owned a mac product of my own. I own a phone I bought from walmart. It is an android and it has stopped working properly and I just started a new job and they need to stay in touch I wouldn't be able to afford to buy one right now. Although it wouldn't be the end of the world to have the iphone5 it would be nice to have one with it.

I want a iPhone, because all my friends have one and I love all the cases, also I bought a phone and it was faulty, so now I don't have one :(