Didn't get the iOS device of your dreams today? Enter now to win it from iMore!

Didn't get the iOS device of your dreams today? Enter now for a chance to win it from iMore!

If Santa somehow slipped up and didn't give you the iPhone, iPod, or iPad of your dreams this year, if he got lost using maps, if he was smart enough to realize you really did need those educational gifts, clothes, or vegetables instead, or if you did indeed get what you wanted, but would love the chance to give an iOS device to someone else who could really use one, iMore's giving you a second chance!

(Technically one (1) $350 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate for you to buy (or put towards) whichever Apple device or devices you wish!)

  • Just leave a comment below telling us which iOS device you want and why!

We'll announce winners next week. Ho. Ho. Ho!

Enter NOW!

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guin says:

I want a iPhone, because all my friends have one and I love all the cases, also I bought a phone and it was faulty, so now I don't have one :(

guin says:

I want a iPhone, because all my friends have one and I love all the cases, also I bought a phone and it was faulty, so now I don't have one :(

Raymond Rule says:

I wish that Santa would have brought me an iPad because I am going back to school online and need an easy way to check and complete school work. It would be nice to use the iPad to kill time as well.

Have a great week,

Riley Barton says:

I would make my little brothers day if I could get him a iPad mini colored or any because that's all he has asked for for the longest time that was all he wanted for Christmas but we couldn't get it because we couldn't afford it and I would appreciate it so much if I got one, thank you

dida ballaran says:

"The whole package. In a smaller package."The incredible Ipad mini. :)

Philip Franzone says:

I would like the iPad mini because I bring this into school and work on my work

hydrogen3 says:

What would I use the Ipad for? the possibilities are endless.

I would start by using the Ipad to: keeping accurate records of radiation hazards and reports of the program status. developing inspection standards, safe working methods, and decontamination procedures. plan and conduct as well as document studies and
investigations of radiological health hazards in industrial and laboratory situations where radioactive materials or ionizing radiation is used.

Rijeka says:

I could really use the Ipad. I have an Iphone (first base), an Imac (second base) and an old school Ipod classic (third base). It would have been fantastic to complete the collection and the home run!

ricebunbun says:

I want an iPod touch 5th gen because it's handy and I love its design.

gardnerkymani says:

I really want an iphone 5 pls pick me

Reshmamaryxalxo says:

ipad mini.... :( so many days but couldnt buy ....

devil12345 says:

Surely iPad as i am a big big big fan of Apple :)

cccase74 says:

I want an iPad mimi white 16GB because the only iOS device that i have is a iPhone5.

brad jaunich says:

I want an iPad mini because my brother took mine and will not give it back

John Sujon says:

i want an ipad cos , i love apple products , they are so awesome and so nice to use

bellagoodluck says:

i really need this prize cause i dont have aphone........ embarassing.i hope i win

L O1 says:

I would like a new Ipad because I feel it would be a great opportunity to use it in my classroom and use it to teach my students. Thank you!

Isuru Arangala says:

iphone are quiet expensive to buy and my parents wouldn't buy me one from sri lanka
but i really loves to use a iphone and i will get recognition from friends that i have iphone
i could be proud

Alina Rivera says:

i want an ipad, any ipad - i need it for college

Esa HomeGurl9142000 says:

i want an ipad mini because i really want one after some one stole mine during my party

Esa HomeGurl9142000 says:

and i have to do all my homework on it and i do not have a laptop or desk computer and well thats why i want an ipad mini please

maxdobson says:

I really need an iPhone 5, The beautiful big screen, but this will help me with my studdies here in NewZealand, Apple Products are extremely expensive here, and I cant afford one.

Many Thanks

maxdobson says:

Im from a small town Westport New Zealand,
Things like this are hard to come by, theyre so expencive, I need a apple device for my school, its optional though, but it is tricky trying to share an iPad or an iPhone with your classmates,

I need an iPhone, an iPhone
an iPhone is what I need!
I need an iPhone, an iPhone
an iPhone is what I need!
If I share with you my story,
will you share your iPhone
with me!!

a little music to lighten up the day!,

I get teased by not having a device, the other students do their handwriting on their iPads, and iPhones, I do mine on paper, I get left out of groups, and as I dont have an i device, I cant do research at school in my class, I have to get a blue slip to send me to the computer suite, but then I need a teacher with me, and the system is not working.

I need and iPhone
an iPhone is what I need

Nicholas Shanto says:

I will love to get an iPhone 5 because imore is giving it free !!! :D

KendraLena says:

An Ipad, because, Im in beauty school and I dont have a laptop, nor would I bring a laptop to school, but in beauty school we tend to have to look a lot of techniques up or pictures up on the spot and its a lot easier than ripping through magazines all day, and I'd also be able to fit a schedual on there and notes. I have ADD so im extremely disorganized. I have a phone with scheduals but it doesn't work out with me because its too little and I cant really type very well on the small screen, let alone try showing somebody a picture, or taking instruction from it. It would be extremely convienant for me. Also good for my mom because she doesn't have a computer, and she also needs to help my dad look for a new job. I don't care if its the newest version as long as it does what it does. But that would be absolutely love me and help me out, also especially since I'm going to be working, going to school, going to drivers ed, doctors appointments, and fitting in time to go travel to see my brother, grocery shopping, cleaning, and squeezing in hair appointments. Yeah, so that would be an absolute life saver, id at least have a small organized place to keep all my notes, schedules, portfolio, and something everyone in my family could use.

KendraLena says:

Mainly I can't bring my laptop to school because its 6 years old and if I take it off the cord it died and it weighs like 20 pounds. Its not in the best shape at all, id rather have something light i can just put in my bag without breaking my back.

Sufiniase Meskelu says:

i want ipad mini because it is too expensive to buy plus it is easy to use than any portable devices and has less weight to it and i am 16 years old and i want ipad mini for high school and my school starts on July 22, 2013 which it is on Monday and ipad mini helps me to graduate from high school because that is the only tech. that could me on my homework and make my life much more easier.
Thank You

Solomon Yematawork says:

i want an ipad mini because i never used one at all and its the phone of my dream

sid bhandari says:

please i more can you give me ipad mini because my son want one but can't afford so please it's his birthday in 5 days your the last hope can you give me the ipod mini
please i beg you

robxx mjst says:

I want to win this device because it has always been my dream to own it.I can't buy it.please provide me if possible. !!!

Rushendhar Goud says:

I need ipad mini wifi bcoz my dream of using this ios device which posses lengthy touch screen that i can use for reading ebooks and for multi operations by connecting to the present world via ios device. Moreover it is very less weight and portable.

Salman Salam says:

i would like an ipod touch 5 gen as i really have never had an apple product even though i love em alot so please make my wish come true imore please apple is the best