Didn't get the iOS device of your dreams today? Enter now for a chance to win it from iMore!

Didn't get the iOS device of your dreams today? Enter now to win it from iMore!

If Santa somehow slipped up and didn't give you the iPhone, iPod, or iPad of your dreams this year, if he got lost using maps, if he was smart enough to realize you really did need those educational gifts, clothes, or vegetables instead, or if you did indeed get what you wanted, but would love the chance to give an iOS device to someone else who could really use one, iMore's giving you a second chance!

(Technically one (1) $350 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate for you to buy (or put towards) whichever Apple device or devices you wish!)

  • Just leave a comment below telling us which iOS device you want and why!

We'll announce winners next week. Ho. Ho. Ho!

Enter NOW!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 3285 comments. Add yours.

7ftRussian says:

Merry Christmas and an apple new year!

jonsamson says:

Would love one as kids keep taking mine .....

musichighc_2 says:

I need another iPad so I can get my life back the kids hijacked mine. Lol

Audizine says:

I would love to win an iPad because my wife won't let me buy one. :(

YooperGal says:

I would use it for an ipad mini for my niece!

Jay_B_II says:

I'd really like to win my wife an iPhone 5

ffastffrank says:


I guess I have to admit it, I am the "Johnny Appleseed" of gadgets, I am always pulling one of my devices out of my front pocket and starting a conversation with a complete stranger to the discontent of my bride of 50 years. Right now, that would mean they get to see my Nexus 7 and flashy things like Street View, or Skyvi (Siri's Sister), or Angry Birds crashing structures. As the Elder Tech Tutor, that's what I do, teach the older generation about wireless gadgets and like most old folks, cheap is good. I typically recommend a WiFi only device because they are lower initial cost and there is no monthly bill which really adds up over time. I have had a chance to play with the iPad mini and it is truly the first Apple device I really like. Being over 70, the iPhone screens were always to small (sorry iPhone 5) and the iPads were all to big to fit in a pocket. Well, being Johnny "Apple" seed, shouldn't I be promoting the flashiness of the Apple iPad mini with 3D maps of NYC & the famous Statute of Liberty or the Sidney Harbor Opera house and the Angry Birds doing mass destruction and listening to the Real Siri with a tablet with a real camera which Nexus 7 lacks. If selected to win the $350, I would throw in the extra bucks and buy the 32GB iPad mini and start promoting Apple. :-) SORRY GOOGLE. :-(

pino-chet says:

I need an iphone 5 to make my Ipad more usefull at school.

drujamieson says:

iPhone 5 because I just need to get off the windows bandwagon.

KAndrus13 says:

I would like an iPad to give to my fiancé for her birthday in February

Twixman says:

A white ipad mini, 32 GB would be beautiful, but i don't really need that. So if accessories is alright for this contest I would have to go for the Marshall Bergman 11-inch Corbin leather bag.

Because carrying around my 17-inch PC-bag after finally have bought an iPad truly defeats its purpose! I need something slim to carry my gear to work so I can keep my honour intact! :)

chrissy1068 says:

Merry Christmas imore! Ipad would finish out my Christmas!

jdlumagbas says:

my three-year old is holding my ipad hostage. an ipad mini would be nice so she can finally call my iPad "hers"!

mustang8918 says:

An ipod touch or nano would be my choice because getting an outdoor smoker when you live in an apartment with no balcony isn't a very well thought out gift.

John Flud says:

I want a mini! could help me on the bus.

pchengye says:

I've been living alone in the other state since 17. I would love either one of the iOS device, preferly iPad mini so that my family can facetime me easily.

kedwards1217 says:

I want an iPhone 5 because I want 4G capability and a bigger screen.

j0rGe says:

Hello iMore!
Well, i don´t have an iPad so, i think i would buy one if i win.

Sperez254 says:

iPad mini so I can use it for college in writing papers on the go browsing info for classes and possibly getting a stylus and using it as a notebook please it would mean a lot to me if I could win this.

Exynosl says:

iPad Mini, because my hands are too small for the regular iPad.

joelramirez555 says:

I want an ipad because I need it for school and because it has a bigger screen then my ipod.

Patkennedyjr says:

iPad mini please! My nephew got one from santa and I am very jealous!

jkwlsn10 says:

iPhone 5, because I can't buy with an upgrade or I will lose unlimited data.

JPiLLa says:

iPad Mini please, I have everything else!

Silas Knight says:

I want an ipad for my wife because she got me one for my birthday but we couldn't afford getting her one for Christmas. She just had our first baby and has been a real trooper, but I really wanted her to have an ipad under the xmas tree for all that she's done this year. It'll still be a great christmas, our house is filled with love, but it would make a wonderful young wife and mother very very happy.

Ramon Torres says:

iPad mini. To make my commute awesome.

iamnotvon says:

Blue iPod touch 5, please! :)))

Jayfus says:

I would use it towards a 4th gen iPad 32G. Pick me!

temaximeamo says:

iPad Mini please, I'm an avid Apple fan who would love to have an iPad mini for educational and entertainment purposes.

Rqomar says:

iPad would be nice since this would be my first.

texaskd5 says:

iPad Mini!!!!! Need something on which to read the kindle books I got for Christmas

99formula says:

Would love to get my wife an iPhone 5.

xcsdm says:

I want an iPad mini, because my iPad doesn't run newer apps, and the New iPad is too big.

mlbaker says:

iPad mini to add to the apple family

iamnotvon says:

i want a blue iPod touch 5th generation because I never had an iPod touch before. that iPod would be my first iPod touch ever! :)))

SmartFah says:

iPhone 5 Please!
Do I really need to give a reason why, I mean it's the iPhone 5 for crying out loud,... but if you must have a reason, I really just want to upgrade my 8gb iPhone 4.

pbatton54 says:

iphone5 for my son starting out in the business world. He would be thrilled!!!

ricksuttles says:

Santa forgot me…I would love an iPad mini to read articles from blogs and books.

Barachina21 says:

32G ipad 4....cause i didn't get it for christmas

rmom352 says:

I would love to win an iPad 64GB Wifi. As a teacher, I would find this to be helpful in writing tutorials for my students

RobertsDP says:

I want to put it toward a new iPhone! My iPhone 4S is having some technical difficulties rite now so I just want to upgrade!

dalejr88nascar says:

ipad mini becauee my 4 year old neice has taken possession of my iphone

voyager25 says:

That would be cool to have one

Andy Chesley says:

Gotta have the iPad mini! Please make my Christmas wish come true!

Brian Jackson says:

I would attempt to purchase a refurbished iPad 3 for my wife who has wanted one for her in-home daycare. The reason for the 3rd generation? Still stuck in a 30 pin world.

davincidee says:

Can I have an iPad mini please!

hudster says:

ipad mini would be fantastic! It would be more portable because of its slender size and lack of weight, perfect for traveling! you guys rock!!!

llweaver says:

iPad mini: My niece really wanted one for Christmas to use for her college classes, but I couldn't afford one this year :-/.

mrtazdevil says:

an ipad to go with my iphone 4s because Apple rocks :-)

Samcrossiii says:

My car got broken into and someone still my iPad:( please help:)

Charles Jackson1 says:

I want an iPad 4. I can't afford one, and being confined to a bed (health problems) is boring. This would be great.

Christian Jensen says:

I'd use the iPad mini to capture the moments of our non-profit, myTEAM TRIUMPH (myteamtriumph-wi.org) and share them across our social networks while also sending sweet physical cards of the photos with apps such as Postagram and Sincerely to our challenged athletes! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

lynawry says:

I'd love an iPad 4 (and my color and size preferences are black and 32 gig only if that information is relevant.) It would come in REALLY handy at school. It'll help me take notes easier during my classes since I don't own a computer.

yopete525 says:

I want an iPhone 5, because I've had an upgrade since March but haven't been able to drop the cash on it. In the meantime, I've been using this HTC Trophy... yeah, I think it's time for a change.

JJ_3G says:

I would love an iPad Mini. It's sleek design and portability would be great for an everyday on-the-go tablet.

Nolanllano says:

i would love a new i pad because my ipad 2 is really old and outrageously slow!

causey1977 says:

I want it!!!!! Big up to imore ,

danletg says:

What a dream it would be to own an Ipad mini! Thanks for the opportunity.

RikCampos says:

I want an ipad mini for my parents, they'll love it

h0ck3ydad says:

Wanted an iPad mini. The wife and I do not exchange gifts rather we spend the money on the kids. So the iPad mini would be nice!

wtbaileydr says:

An awesome iPhone 5 would be a nice addition to Christmas.

micaiahcarter says:

I really would like the iPhone 5 because I currently have the 3GS and want to FaceTime my brother while he is away in the army.

natanco says:

I would like the iPad mini. I have long been an apple admirer but I have only been able to afford an iPhone 4 I got last year. I enjoy showing off my apple enthusiasm and can't wait to do it with the mini


I definitely need an Apple TV or 2

berriesr4me says:

If I had to choose a device from apple that I wanted the most this holiday season, but was all too unfortunate to receive, it would have been some form of an iPad. It could have been a regular sized tablet, or the new iPad mini--I just really wanted one. My reasoning behind my desire for an iPad is as follows: it would be nice to carry around a tablet at school, as opposed to 4-5 textbooks daily. I travel on public transport and carry them everywhere. It would also make life more complete as an English major. I could have my whole library at my disposal as opposed to carrying my books around. Having an iPad would really provide relief for a very poor college student.

thank you for the opportunity at attempting to win this prize. Happy holidays.

asfrank16 says:

Would love an iPad mini as it would be perfect for using at work to look up statutes and regulations.

angermeans says:

iPad mini. Would love an iPad I can take with me everywhere I go. I recently played with one at the apple store and fell in love with the size. $350 would be perfect as I only need a 16gb version. Thanks imore for another great giveaway. Merry Christmas!

GDMacri says:

I want an iPad mini because I'm a broke college student and need it for my major!

kilo720 says:

ipad mini or ipad 4 cause I wanna update tothe newest apple product

Jared Fitton says:

I would like a ipad mini because I could use it to wright stories for my little brothers on it.

Tony Iannone says:

I'd like an iPad mini so I can give my wife my iPad 2.

Nick Perez says:

I want an iPad mini, because I picked one up and fell in love. Merry Christmas!

Joel Hammond says:

I would love an iPad Mini for the kiddos! Please!

cesarif says:

I want the iPad Mini because its the perfect size!

thekrayze says:

I would be down for any idevice.

Russ Troester says:

A great contest - appreciate the opportunity to enter! I'd like to have an iPad mini to use for work, reading eBooks for myself and to my kids, not to mention they're just so darn sexy lookin'!

YadiGlock says:

I want iPhone 5 Unlocked preferable 64 GB because my cellphone isn't good and I iPhone 5 is the best cellphone ever

MacBookBuddy says:

iPad Mini! Merry Christmas!

desk1913hi says:

I want an iPad mini, because after holding it one I must have it.

dgjung says:

Would like to have an iPad to start off my parents to learn about computing.

MLeuze says:

Black & slate iPad mini so I can take documents mobile.

kjparfekt says:

Towards a new retina display MacBook

nelly002 says:

I want an iPad mini for my little brother and his little hands!

gonzotwins says:

Would so love the ipad mini to compliment the iphone 5 I recently purchased and to help my kids' with their homework! Thanks for the excellent opportunity, imore.

sibebabe says:

Ipad mini sounds awesome!!

mij9895 says:

I want an iPad mini so that I can browse the internet and not wear out my laptop as fast.

kiquebobix says:

I want to buy and iPad mini because I gave the one i recieved for christmas to my little brother because he got clothes as gifts.

yocubed says:

a new ipod touch because mine to a spill onto concrete last week

MoisesMS says:

iPhone 5. Because it's actually impossible to reach it in my country -in a legally manner- You know actually it was a pretty lame contest, even if we get the money in order to buy only a very few could get it. The day I was trying to get into the Internet contest something went wrong and I was unable to even participate in it. It was such a terrible experience! ... So now I think it really worths a try here

aallison05 says:

The wife needs an iPhone 5!

chuck1231958 says:

i would like an iphone5 because i've been a good boy all year.

M477YS says:

iPad Mini PLEASE 'case I didn't get one :(

youn simi says:

Oh iPad 2, how smooth is your touch and GUI so flawless.Ipad 2 just what i need to work in school and to do other things.Everbody from me and other have some technology to use but me all i have is nothing but some useless things.If i could get an ipad 2 that will make my days,Thank you

Droid666 says:

iMore won't pick me. I can always try though. As a former android junkie my first apple product is a iPhone 4S. I would love to give it a sibling in a iPad or possible MacBook Pro or iMac. If Rene found it in his heart to choose me the prize would help greatly in making that happen.

stelios7 says:

My first ipad and i want it mini. Merry Christmas

rockerchick says:

iPad mini because I want my daughter to leave mine alone! And it will help her with reminders and planning. I think an idevice is helpful for people with ADHD!

prodigy1814 says:

I would like a Verizon iPhone 5.

briancook451 says:

I would love to update my old ass Iphone

toddfsu says:

iPad Mini! Would be perfect for work & productive stuff. Games would be a side benefit. ;-)

tsweiner says:

I would so much be completely overjoyed to receive an iPad mini. I am 14 years old and an iPad mini could change my life. I can't afford a laptop or cell phone plan. An iPad mini would provide an amazing opportunity to do school work on an extremely mobile, yet thoroughly powerful device. The unique chance would let me do so much more for school than I would have ever been able to do before. Also, without a cell phone, an iPad mini would be an absolutely amazing mobile device for just having fun!!!! I can play so many ipad games and watch funny videos, connect with friends, you name it! The mobility of an iPad mini would just be amazing for me!! With such a powerful ability to do school work and to just enjoy myself by connecting with friends, an iPad mini would completely change my life!!!!!! Please choose me!! I would love this chance and I really appreciate this generous gesture! Thank you SOOOOO much! You guys are the best! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!

that_maynard says:

Would love to win a new iPad, just love the great products iOS is developing

gfountaine says:

An iPad 4 with Retnia display. My 80+ mom wants to learn to us a ipad

steelCT says:

My boss told us all in October that we would get iPads at the end of the year....not only did that not happen, but we didn't get any bonus whatsoever....

...so, to make up for it, I would love to get an iPad mini!


NullifiedOne says:

oh how i would love to win one!

Theo Szymanski says:

Would love an iPad Mini. I pledge to voraciously read iMore's RSS feeds religiously and contribute meaningful dialogue to bring the highest level of value to your subscriber base! :-D

shabek says:

I want iphone 5, becaus my old buddy iPhone 4 is dying..it would be a great new year gift !

hls811 says:

An ipod Touch.. or Nano.. To use while biking!

Kritan Thokchom says:

I want iPhone 5 because My dad never took for me..my father wanted me to go in engineering line,but I selected medical line.so I prefer iPhone 5 for entertainment,if you guys wish
Merry Christmas!

Camad579 says:

I'm hoping to get an iPad because my wife and kids keep stealing mine that I have for work purposes! Thanks iMore!

Minlock says:

An iPad would be great for web and as an e-reader

LefD says:

I need an iPad (full sized; retina) to use for my sheet music and songwriting. Please!

ccmspt says:

I would love to get a mini!

rburtz says:

In serious need of a new tablet. This would get me the iPad mini I've been wanting! Pick me!

sexyishy says:

This year has been tough on me since I came out to my family...got kicked out of the house and everything :-/ So I figured a new iPad would be awesome to help me with school.

tacogy3 says:

I want an iPhone 5 to replace my old iPhone 4

lr_94 says:

I'd love an iPod touch/iPad mini because I cant afford to spend money on an iphone and need a good idevice for college. (Have a 1st gen iPad) . Thanks!

305mp07 says:

Ipad mini please. Thank you! Great site!

SkiPPy087 says:

I would get the iPad 4 and give my first gen iPad to my kids.

durel86 says:

I'd prefer an iPad Mini because this HP Touchpad is useless and I have small hands (unfortunately)

Nodnerb says:

I'd love to be able to give my wife an ipad mini to replace her crappy acer a500. I'm typing this on my new logitech keyboard she got me for my ipad 3.

BOhUiginn says:

iPad Mini would be great. I'm graduating as an Architectural Technologist in the spring and have seen the amazing value of using tablets as a collaboration tool and would love to start doing that myself.

Chris Miller4 says:

ipad mini. got a 64gb ipod touch but a 64gb ipad mini would be nice

dro305 says:

I want an iPad 4. Was thinking about a windows surface, but iOS has more apps oriented towards artists. ipad mini is too small. I want the iPad 4. Bigger canvas. Come on iMore!

Julius Ignacio says:

Santa, Pls. pick me. I want ipad mini.

maxpeck says:

iPad mini for my wife .

Carobob says:

I would love an Ipad mini because I can no longer live without my Ipad and it is getting heavy to lug around with me all the time. I need a mini when I am out and about.

Ali Ha says:

I want an ipad mini Because my mother in law became hooked to the Apple technology and confiscated my old iPad

TheNowNetworkUser says:

I really need a MacBook pro, which would help me succeed in my class room next spring when I re-enroll to school. But also having an iPhone 5 would be a blessing as well. Being reunited with 4G speeds is always a plus. But really just having a chance to enter a contest is great for me.

Jeff Steigelman says:

I would like the opportunity to obtain the iPad Mini because I have had every other Apple device and would like to complete the set.

juniorraz says:

iPad mini because the iPad is too heavy to hold for long reading sessions.

Jeff Steigelman says:

I want the iPad Mini because my dog ate my other one.

DeathBringerZero says:

I would love a 4th gen iPad as I had to sell my 2nd gen one to help mum pay the oil bill this Christmas. The iPad was our so called computer.

ironscabula says:

A poor college student who could use a new iPad :] hoping licks on my side. Happy holidays!

garynky says:

I'll get the iPhone 5. I gave my 4s to my wife because hers was stolen. I've been using my son's old EVO 4G. Have mercy.


Hywelbane says:

Thank you for the opportunity to win an iPad4

billybaldin says:

iPad mini for my daughter who is the only one without an iDevice due to funds or lack thereof.

Natan Rungkat says:

The ipad mini aside from its great design and technology ! but bacause my friend was sick the other day before christmas . and because she helped me with alot of things this year , santa might say she is " good " this year .. And i reallly want to do somthing nice for her for the new year . She is currently at collage and so , i thought it would be really helpful for her if i got her
An ipad mini for collage . Thx again for this opportunity :)

nreldir says:

iPad mini for my mom, she wants something that can access the Internet. Here win 95 isn't cutting it.

worgustl says:

My sister greatly desires the ipad mini, I would love to get it for her

brockjc8 says:

oh plz pick me i need an ipad mini

Bl00dRunzC0ld says:

I would like whatever iDevice I can get because I don't have one right now. I also don't get gifts on Christmas because I have nobody that gets me anything, EVER.

irvinezekiel says:

Need a new phone so an iPhone would be nice.

parsh18 says:

I sold my ipad 2 and bought a Note 2. I feel I am missing something.

jb0615 says:

I would love to have an iPad mini to give to my son who wants one but can't afford it.

XenIneX says:

An iPhone 5, because no one else is making a proper flagship device in a small-ish form factor.

acWoodcarver says:

An iPad Mini would be great. Thanks!

nino63004 says:

Would love to have an iPad mini to give to my fiancé as I always get the gadgets and she doesn't.

kmacgoo says:

Would buy a 4th Gen iPad to replace my 3rd Gen iPad so I have the latest and greatest... At least for now...

gummycat says:

iPad mini for my wife since she would love a smaller lighter tablet and we can't have her using some other tablet, now can we?! Thanks for the great site and contests!

benbregmanmd says:

my wife took mine as well.....help

subearu says:

iPad mini because it's time to replace my old iPad 1

osuntuyi says:

Getting the new iPad 4 would be beneficial being in college; having to walk around with a 40 pound backpack and a laptop bag during the winter is a bit hard at times. With an iPad, about 15 pounds would be taken off my back and I would say a big "thank you" to iMore for your generosity. Thanks guys and happy holidays!!

G.4 says:

I bought my wife an iPad Mini for christmas and now I am tapped out! I would love a Mini for myself since I have been so selfless this year. iMore, I enter every giveaway contest you offer for devices - please pick me for this one!! Thanks :)

loco90 says:

I would like an iPad for my wife as she has discovered how handy mine is for recipes while cooking.

jhnstn00 says:

I would get an iPad since I don't have a tablet in the house, need to see what the excitement is all about.

jonpferreira says:

Yes, please! I wanted to get my mom an iPad mini so she could FaceTime with her grandson!

lita24 says:

I would like to win an ipad mini for my son . It would make the perfect gift!

JayStreet says:

iPad Mini! Size is perfect for taking it everywhere.

iKNS says:

iPhone 5 for me please.

jamesrshaffer3 says:

I want the new ipad please!! And merry Christmas!!

safaljiwan says:

I want iPad 4 because I never had an iPad before..

temna#CB says:

I would love a mini, because it would fit in my pocket and run 99.9% of ios apps..

mad6c says:

iPad (4th gen), better than the one I have now.

gigiboy says:

I want an iPad 4 for school work~ Please?

Snoopy311 says:

I want an iPad mini for Christmas.

chadec says:

I'd want an iPad mini because I made the mistake of buying a galaxy tab for a gift earlier this year and it isn't holding up and I get jealous looks when using my iPad.

Jib McClary says:

I would like to get iPad Mini because of the size and convenience to carry around.

Jacky Zhang says:

I want an iPad Mini! It's the only thing I wanted for Xmas, and I didn't get it. :(

darianv says:

IPhone5 please. Its my b'day next week. And this would be a great gift from you guys. Thanks for the opportunity. Looking forward to win

ripcity00 says:

iPhone 5 would be great since it is so versatile and a great work horse.

dpfenninger says:

iPad mini please...tried to get one for the wife, but pretty much impossible to find the 16 GB white and silver wifi model.

amynunc says:

Please let me win an iPad mini!

Littlefishchan says:

I bought an iPad mini for my girlfriend, but I really would like to have an iPad myself… So if I when I will purchase the iPad mini.

Jrags5 says:

Ipad mini. Need birthday gift for an avid reader.

rayjeremyyy says:

If I win the $350 iTunes card I will buy my brother an iPad Mini To help him with his IGCSE progress and as his birthday gift also

kyledlaird says:

An iPad Mini for me as I am looking to become more "green" in my every day work life, thus allowing me to print digitally, take notes and keep more accurate records without killing more trees. Thank you very much for the opportunity.

Jason Harris says:

I would love to have an iPad mini for my job as a reporter because it would be easier to carry around in my bag and less weight too.

Belinda Lujan says:

I would love a MacBook. Air

Callie25#AC says:

I would love an iPad mini.

herkyMD says:

iPad Mini cause right now I'm tabletless

andremr12 says:

i want an iPad because im looking for a laptop replacement for my next semester in college thanks iMore

AngriBuddhist says:

I need an iPad mini because I'm old, I have a bad back and I can't lug this full size iPad around anymore.

Jreed1235 says:

I would like an iPhone 5 because I couldn't afford to get my wife one for Christmas:/

jdwong says:

Ipad Mini, man.... as they were totally sold out here.

jwong987 says:

White iPad mini 16GB 3G+Wifi. Merry Christmas to you too.


grayhawk says:

I would love to have an iPad Mini.

D.Anderson says:

I wil be
if I do not get my wife an ipad mini for Christmas.

Thank you for your consideration!

ryanrobison13 says:

Thanks for the chance to win. I love your site.

snjoetw says:

ipad mini! because it's light and portable :D

Gamekidmatt96 says:

I could use an iPad 4. 2013 is the year that I want to get active in the jailbreaking community, and that would be the first step in doing so.

jewishjimm says:

I would like to get the new 'The iPad' since my fiancé took over my iPad! I may or may not let her play with it as well.

jkurl15 says:

I would like to have a iPad mini

effyezall says:

iPad mini for my girls :)

BrendacBenoit says:

I would love an iPad 4 because my husband bought me and iPhone 5 and an iPad 3 and he has none, he has a wonderful heart , he deserves a surprise now for the wonderful things he gives

Michaelmoves says:

iPad mini because iWant to control the world with iT

Jseck says:

iPhone 5 for the most beautiful girl in the world my wife!!!

Romanu says:

My wife and kids needs an upgrade from the original iPad...this would make everyone happy. Thanks iMore!!!

Teiba_7 says:

Would love an iPad mini

bethany822 says:

Would love to spoil myself with an ipad mini after this crazy holiday season!!

Kwabii says:

I would really like a iPhone 5

richardrk says:

iPad Mini for me. I lost my Nexus 7 recently. :(

Dng5005 says:

I would love an iPhone 5. I worked overtime just to get my little sister one, just to see her happy first time she actually got what she wanted.

NotHomer says:

Hmmm. The new new iPad would be nice.

richard_rsp says:

I would love to win a white iPad mini, 16GB, please!

My wife and I can only share so much!


Pzan says:

Merry Christmas!!! I want an Iphone 5 because I do not own an apple product yet and would like to see if I like it

Spawn2000 says:

The wife needs an ipad for work...

Anthony Amato says:

iPad mini would be great! Can't believe you guys are doing this!

bsteels says:

I would like an iPad 4 with Retina Display because my iPad 2 is blurry!

kenumale says:

iPhone 5 please! because i still use an iphone 3g...

BBrelax says:

Ipad for college ! please!

Ryan Achille says:

I would love to get an iPad because I've been wanting one ever since they came out and I haven't had enough money but if I won this I would have just enough!

DanielLui1 says:

I'd love to win a 64 GB iPad Mini because I don't have enough money to buy my own iPad and I want an iPad that is small and portable and the iPad mini is truly portable with it's small size.

kalbu13 says:

I want an ipad mini, because i have my mini me... (i have a children to play with it) :)

sayanmitra says:

I just want an iPad Mini. (So badly)

startedfire says:

I want the new 4th Generation iPad, but it is too expensive to buy all on my lonesome...

bkgohardNY says:

I would like an ipad mini, because I love apple products, I love imore website and I have never won anything from an online giveaway before. I hope my luck is good!

John Warren says:

I think an iPhone 5 64GB ... as much as I still like the 4 I have had for more than a year, the 5 is a slick technical marvel - and I would be able to exploit the chip and display enhancements ... not to mention that I would like to give the much under-rated Siri a thorough work-out!

GreenDize12 says:

A Black and Slate LTE iPad Mini (16-32GB). Primarily for use on my commute to school to do my assignments on and because both my nephew and niece have something to play with.

jmarcoli says:

i would like an iphone 5 but i really want an ipad 4. so i would use it towards that.

kfreemanii says:

I wanted an iPhone 5 because i want a taste of iOS

zhen_wan says:

iPad Mini for my mum ^_^

MacFlagg says:

An ipad mini, ans here is why.

As a math major in college, I use my iPad and an ipen to take class notes. I also have my textbooks on my iPad, but since you can't run 2 apps side by side, I find I'm taking screen shots of my textbooks and pasting in pertinent sections into my notes to do my homework, but then I run into the fact I can't work on a problem and read either my notes or my book at the same time. It would be great to have an iPad mini with me to be my reader tablet, while taking notes on my big iPad. It would make my life so much easier and studying so much more efficient.

shockwave88#IM says:

i would love to win i pad mini because one i dont ever win and it will be great for a tablet i have a mac book

abusoni says:

An iPad, I would like to use it for working on my writing

ArrioChain says:

I want an iPad mini to gift to my wife, as she works with children with autism and touch educational games are fantastic for them.

jcdaniels says:

I wanted a Mini for my kids to play with.

mferrer372 says:

iphone 5, because LTE is so much faster than 3g on the 4s.

Daspoo says:

An iPad 4 would be great, so my stepson could use it as a laptop substitute for note-taking/lecture-recording at college. And playing games also I'm sure. :D

Thanks, iMore!

onlyifuknewme says:

I will take one please... Thank you!

davjaxn says:

I want an iPad mini so I can give it to my wife!

BigRhet says:

love to win an Ipad mini

njcoutinho says:

Hey Santa now that you have downloaded the new Google maps app you cannot give me any excuses that you landed up in Australia with my iPad mini .

jonny439 says:

I would love an iPhone 5 my iPhone 4 is old...

TheStrider says:

iPad Mini - just to try one.

justanotherperson says:

I want an iPad mini for my girlfriend to watch movies during chemo