Didn't get the iOS device of your dreams today? Enter now to win it from iMore!

Didn't get the iOS device of your dreams today? Enter now for a chance to win it from iMore!

If Santa somehow slipped up and didn't give you the iPhone, iPod, or iPad of your dreams this year, if he got lost using maps, if he was smart enough to realize you really did need those educational gifts, clothes, or vegetables instead, or if you did indeed get what you wanted, but would love the chance to give an iOS device to someone else who could really use one, iMore's giving you a second chance!

(Technically one (1) $350 U.S. Apple Store gift certificate for you to buy (or put towards) whichever Apple device or devices you wish!)

  • Just leave a comment below telling us which iOS device you want and why!

We'll announce winners next week. Ho. Ho. Ho!

Enter NOW!

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There are 3285 comments. Add yours.

akbah says:

Would like an iPad mini. After seeing the ones some co-workers have it looks to be a lot more convenient to use than the larger pads.

Nicoya2001 says:

I would like a iphone 5 so i can use it in T-Mobile best data plans. Please!. thanks.

maccauk says:

i would like an ipad mini ,because i think i would prefer the smaller size. more portable in my opinion

Hey-Zeus says:

I want an iPhone 5 cause my 14 year old son got one and I don't!

nmaguire001 says:

I would really like an iPad 4, I have an iPad 2 now but I would really like to give it to my mom as she is 84 years old and lives 250 miles away from me. if I win a new IPad and can give her my old one the we could FaceTime so I could at least see her more often. Than you.

maxrogr says:

iphone 5, it will complement my ipad 2.

LSiMO says:

Would love to get an iPad because my daughter will be required to have one for school next year. Perfect gift for her.

Lucascorny says:

IPHONE 5. I always dreamed about an iphone, never owned one. It is simple too expensive here in czech republic. I entered many many contest and never won :) this one is the one!

SifterCJ says:

iPhone 5... since I've been dying to try a "will it blend?" experiment of my own with my current iPhone... you know, in the name of science.

peros says:

I want the ipad 4g because i would love to see in big screen my family when we are 3,604 km,far away :/.and ipad is small and thin and i can have it with me all time. ^^

OhioBB says:

A new iPad would be a nice compliment to my new iPhone.

dannydyn says:

My twin boys have been diagnosed with speech apraxia and there is a excellent app on the app store their speech therapist has been using to treat them with. I can have their progress leapfrogged if I could have an iPad or an iPad mini for supplemental treatment.

Thank you for your consideration.

joeyvosters says:

iPad 4, would be great to carry some videos and games around for my son during long car rides.

fubaracing7374 says:

I want an iPad mini for work and to bring home for my little ones and let them play with at night!!!

robot-boi says:

I live in South Africa and needless to say Apple products and actually tech in general is pretty expensive here relative to the rest of the world. An iPad or iPhone would be a fantastic belated Christmas gift which I could give to my wife :)

compuser says:

iPad mini. I don't have one.

laity78 says:


TwittalessPat says:

ipad mini would really be great. Even without a retina display it is still the best "mini" tablet out there

jsuch2002 says:

I would be happy to have any of them. I have the original Ipad and my 3 year old son has taken over it.....wet fingers in all!!! I could really use a new one of my own. Can't afford to buy one after Christmas spending on the Kids!!!!!

roysilb says:

i really want the new macbook pro ^^

tuttledc says:

I'd love the new iPad so I can use it in my classroom with my kids. They would all love it! As would I!!

rajivNYC says:

any iOS devi e that i can get free :)

sarder says:

I'd like a black ipad mini for my air force flying pubs and regulations

Seps58 says:

An iPad would be nice. Saw my son's and really would like one.

quette7 says:

My 4 year old son would benefit technically if he had an iPad.

matyou98 says:

Want an ipad 4. Want to be able to use the same charging cord for both devices.

Mayra Perez says:

I'm a mom of two awesome teenage girls and always making sure they come first before any of my needs so for once I would love to have the one thing I have been wanting which is an iPad, it'll make my year :))

lukemathew says:

I would like to get an Ipad so that i can use it for my college school work.

kart38 says:

I would like to get an iPhone 5 so I can upgrade from my 4!

Mayra Perez says:

I am a mother of two awesome teenage girls and always make sure that there needs come first before mine so for once i would love to have the one thing that i have been wanting an iPad, it'll make my year :))

bgl321 says:

An iPad mini for my wife. We bought my son one for Christmas and she loves it! She's wanted an iPad for a year but won't buy one for herself.

rtjenkins says:

I would love an iPad Mini to give to my girlfriend as an alternate to purchasing a full blown computer. She is one of those that says she doesn't need it, but when it's in her hands she won't know how she survived without one. Thanks for the great contests!

jbiird317 says:

I want a new ipod Nano or touch... I got great new bluetooth headphones for running but my old nano doesn't have bluetooth and it is mighty tough to run with my ipad in hand!

Donny7 says:

I would love to be able to get the new iPad for my fiancee. She could go nuts and she deserves it! Good luck everyone.

MGLeet says:

I want an iPad mini because the iPad biggie is better for use at home.

sjm614 says:

I want an iPhone 5! I am jealous of my sisters...

eclipsealex69 says:

i really need this ipad for my daughter

WSavageHumphrey says:

I recently smashed my iPod and I would like to upgrade to an iPad Mini

enckpen says:

I want an IPad mini so I can give to my wife.

SC8888 says:

iPad Mini - Because Santa really shat on me this year!!!!!

jags101 says:

I don't know if I want an iPhone 5 or a new iPad

FFSJared says:

I'm currently using a Generation 1 Windows Phone (Samsung Focus) and would LOVE to get a new iPhone. We just had a new baby, and don't have the money to buy new tech toys, so this would be awesome to win. Thanks, imore!

Fraser Anderson says:

I would like an ipad mini because my life is horrible.

pbertling says:

I would like an iPad mini or iPad 4.

andrewmckay13 says:

ME PLEASE, maybe an ipad mini

llewsarb says:

If I were to get an iDevice of my dreams right now I would probably get the iPhone 5. The extra screen size and LTE would be a nice upgrade.

Fornate says:

I would love to get an iPad mini for a lightweight iOS device (since my wife stole my MacBook Air).

Xytal says:

Since I got an iPad Mini for Christmas, I'd like to get an iPhone 5; my 4S is nice, but I want that bigger screen for that extra row! It'd make organizing my home screen that much easier! =D I could even give my 4S to my Sister, since her 4 has been acting up lately. =\

wd333 says:

An iPad mini would be nice... just because... :)

Nellybelly333 says:

I want an iPad Mini because I want to feel like a giant holding a normal sized iPad.

Joeschmo13 says:

I want an iPad Mini, because it's just a larger version of my iPhone.

Troy89 says:

I would like a new iPhone 5, that way I could experience LTE in my area instead of slow 3G

iTazz says:

I want an iPad mini for my husband. He got us iPhones for Xmas and I would love to give him an iPad.

iKcp says:

Awesome Christmas. But, Santa didn't bring my white/silver iPad Mini.

Happy New Year iMore

anygivensunday says:

an iPad would be good for me, it would be great for me when I'm traveling around or just need a media device around the house. It would be my first one.

stevedabomb says:

I would like an iPad mini to piss off my wife

ContextCollapse says:

I desperately want an iPad, because I've NEVER owned an Apple product. I want to use it this summer to use the MLB At Bat app and follow my favorite teams! :-)

Cobra46 says:

I got a Apple TV for Christmas from my wife, but I really want a iPad Mini. The ATV is cool, but a Mini with Airplay and Mirroring will be the ultimate setup for me.

imoreisamazing says:

I wanted the LTE iPad mini instead I receive a wifi iPad 2. Please pick me as the winner asap lol.

iNitvizn says:

I'd love an iPad mini. I wasn't sold on one until I got to use one for a half hour or so. Now I think it's a must have gadget. Plus my daughter keeps my iPad2 with her 90% of the time so it would be nice to have one again.

Troels Christensen says:

iPad Mini (black)
Thank you, iMore!

Francisco Gegner says:

iPad Mini because I have really small hands

AnAppleADay says:

Oh pick me please!? I would like an iPad to give to my gf or a family member. Especially if they're frequent travels.

leocapot says:

iPad mini woulr be amazing. I dont have a tablet an something like the size of the mini would be great. Thank you

GenxBear says:

I would love to have an iPad mini... I have an older gingerbread Android tablet that is worthless, and I should have waited for the iPad mini!

kungfuey says:

I'd get an iPad Mini to replace the Nook Tablet I got last year for Christmas... Nook just doesn't cut it. iOS all the way!!!

tstanberry says:

That will just about cover the price of an iPhone 5 with early upgrade! My iPhone 4 is on its last leg! Help me out!

jwsnj3rd says:

Awesome contest. I want an iPad or maybe a mini

dsweet90 says:

I want an iPad or iPad mini to carry around with me instead of my stupid 17" laptop. What a mistake buying that thing.

safri031 says:

I love to win an ipad 2 please...

tessiesdad says:

iPad 4 to replace the 2 stolen by my young children.

schmooie says:

I would love to give my wife her very own iPhone 5, but after our three kids' ChristmaHanukKwanzica, I have -$44.87 to my name... :(

WaterOz says:

Man... there are so many... but I think what I want most is an iPad 4 of my own...

forsurftoo says:

Waiting for an iPhone5, iPad Mini and a new Apple TV for starters.

jreyes_009 says:

id love an ipad mini, it would be great for me to take to college.

Dark_Blu says:

iPad Mini, 16GB WiFi White, thanks. That will replace my iPad 2, which I will send to my 14 year old for his birthday in February w/ Otterbox Defender case. :-D

vinny vasquez says:

ipad mini, recently had an ipad 2, was great but i would like a smaller tablet...im an apple freak from the ipod nano watchband 2 and macbook, i would love and ipad mini to complete me!

rrmac1912 says:

I would like a Mini w/ LTE because then I can give my iPad 3 to a relative that wants an iPad but can't afford one.

ShesMixed says:

I would love to win the iPhone 5 because my BlackBerry Bold 9780 is literally falling apart buy my phone plan lasts another year.

morrow95 says:

iPad... for 'laying on the couch' related work and research!

pejmanj says:

Need an iPhone 5 to switch from a bb

sfvisalaw says:

I would to have an iPad 4 or the iPhone 5. Very jealous that everyone around me has one and I am still out of date.

thaopd says:

I like the iPad mini because it will fit into my girly purse.

mk3s says:

I want an iPad mini to play all the awesome iOS games!

dw3bb10 says:

I would like an iPad Mini. I wouldnt need to bring my heavy laptop to campus at my university wth me everyday, and I would be able to load it with all my books.

just1083 says:

Another great contest! I'd love to get my hands on a white iphone 5 for Verizon, since I'm not available for an upgrade until next October! Was lucky enough to get a white ipad mini for Christmas but the one the my heart desires is the iphone 5. Thanks imore for the opportunity.

iphone22 says:

I would like to get an iPad4 because I only got socks for xmas!!

redvett says:

I want the ipad mimi its perfect for me to use at work

ChadMobley says:

iPad Mini or iPad 4th Gen for my girlfriend to replace her iPad 2nd Gen!!

Beau Kochsiek says:

I want an iPad Mini because I'm traveling abroad and need something portable to read iMore on!

Unicorn Rancher says:

I would like an iPhone 5 without being tied to a monthly contract.

Stoopidemu says:

My mom and sister got iPad minis. Me? I'm got new clothes. I have present envy. iPad mini me, pls?

sbalchand says:

I would like to win so i can get an ipad mini for my wife! If I don't win I'll buy one... Either ways! ;)

jethr0 says:

My sister took my iPad. An iPad mini would be enough for me.

Mad_M says:

iPad Mini because it's lighter than iPad 4.

Enzo83 says:

I would like a new iPhone 5 because I want to upgrade from my 4.

Terrigno says:

I want the IPad Mini because its the coolest device out as of now and all of the Cool Kids have it. I want to be a cool kid again. I want to enjoy what Apple has to offer in a Tablet form. Switched to the Iphone 4 and then 5, as a previous Android User. And theres no turning back. I will no longer pay for quantity. I will only pay for Quality! Apple! Please, IPad Mini Guys...........Ipad mini :)

J Bernard Jones says:

I would like to win so I can give my 7 year old niece a iPad mini. I was unable to purchase her one for Christmas due to unforeseen circumstances and it was a promise that I regret not being able to keep. She has very bad ADHD and my sister (my niece's guardian) feels that a iPad mini would keep her occupied with games, books, educational apps and so forth. I have been at a financial disadvantage for most of the year, but I'd hoped to give my niece this present. Perhaps if I'm lucky enough to be selected, I can still make that promise come true for her. Thanks.

herofromsomeday says:

I'd like an iPad Mini because I bought one for my girlfriend for Christmas and now I'm extremely jealous of her.

thebaap says:

iPad with Retina Dusplay because my wife really wants one.

mrbilbrey says:

I would like to get an ipad 4 to pass on to my 7 year old step-son. He suffers from Tuberous Sclerosis, seizures and is terminal. He currently plays on my ipad and it seems to help occupy him for learning and playing. He loves to doodle with the apps and loves anything with colors and fun, like games. I believe that being able to provide him with his own ipad will benefit him in his cognitive and mental growth. A gift like this would be something he would cherish and love for years to come.

Ange66 says:

It would be nice to win something!

VberryStar says:

I want an iPad mini because my wife and I both have iPhone 4 8 GB and we want a tablet with the latest technology as a companion. Plus we're starting to like Apple over Android. Our tablet is so old.

John Parago says:

I'd like an ipad mini cause the wife jacked mine

topypunk says:

An iPad to give to my grandma so we can FaceTime.

mklive2001 says:

Need a new phone desperately! If I win I'll take the iPhone 5!

Alex Luna says:

I would love to get a 32gb Ipad so that I can stop using my 15 in Macbook pro to read in bed.

lanmac30 says:

I want the new iPad. Then I can give my iPad 2 to my wife, since she is already always using it.

mookster says:

I'm torn between a new iPad and an iPad mini. They're both awesome.....

nate8it says:

I would love to have an iPad mini. Santa skipped me lol

isuquinndog says:

My wife also has taken over the iPad and when it's not her it's our 8 year old daughter. I'm tired of having girly games on it.

I need my own!!

Helicrewchief says:

iPad mini. So I can give my Samsung Tab 10.1 to someone who likes Android. I just want a tablet that works.

rat tat tat says:

always giving things out. a gift from imore..any device will do. keep up the good work imore team.

blackdalvin says:

I want the Iphone 5 !!!!!!!!!


Would love an ipad to help my autistic lil brother. Been doing some research and kids with autism really take to these things. Would love to try it as I cant find anything so far that peaks his interest. Would buy one but darn they're expensive here.

mattoaks says:

A new ipad or ipad mini would be great!! Still rockin the first gen ipad right now.

cnrhernandez says:

I would love an iPad mini because I'm jealous of my daughter's new iPad

mexman410 says:

I want a MacBook Pro so bad. My stupid Dell took a crap.

nickjslegel says:

I would love a new iPad 4. My original iPad has a smashed screen and I can no longer use it. It was my go-to everyday device for taking notes in class and I really miss it :(
Please hook it up iMore!!

newostyle says:

The new iPad because I'm currently suffering with a an old modded TouchPad.

boiler4life says:

I want an iPad mini because they are so slick!!!!

bolinej says:

iPad Mini please. To keep my daughter entertained on road trips and so I can keep up with the blogs I follow.

klcald says:

ipad mini. need another for spouse

Kailuagirl94 says:

I would love to be able to win an ipad mini. Happy New Year to All!

kadeemjamaal says:

I want a iPad mini because I'm in the Army and would like to use it for work and to track my workouts EVERYDAY

Rob13 says:

Would love to win and get an Ipad mini for my wife!!

Storm982 says:

iPad mini. It's the perfect size!!

Dex13r says:

I want the iPad mini because it's so convenient to carry everywhere I go since it's small and lightweighted :)

ajk2000 says:

I would get an ipad mini so i could hand down my iPad 2

keystr13 says:

New iPad wi-FI +cellular as my iPad 2 is on its last leg.

derk says:

I would like an iPad 3.

David Loeffen says:

iPad Mini. I do a lot of onsite photography. The iPad Mini in combination with the Eye-Fi card will allow me (and my clients) to review the photos instantly. Viewing the photos on a larger screen than the built-in screen of the DSLR camera will allow me to make sure that I captured 'just' the right shot!

trifster says:

I would be hard pressed to choose between an iPad mini or an iPad (4th Generation).

TheRunner024 says:

I want an iPhone 5 to replace my iPhone 4.

kwhiggins says:

I'd like an iPad - I've bought three, but have three daughters, so ....

Guezcoast says:

I had ipad 3 from first day came out till sept. when i had to sell to pay bills cause of economic struggle. We love to get that new ipad 4

maikeroo says:

This would be perfect for the iPad mini!

saichick04 says:

I'd love to win for new iOS device of my dreams! :) I didn't ask for one for Christmas but winning one? I can ask for that!

fury says:

iPad mini. Because go big or go home. Oh, wait...

SpasticPat says:

iMore = Awesome!!!! I'd love to have a black iPhone 5 because my current phone needs upgrading bad and I want 4G speeds.

Irelandjnr says:

iPhone 5 because I love it,

tmv32 says:

I want an iPad mini because I want a smaller iPad for commuting.

Cascade#IM says:

Ipad Mini. Disappointed about the display, but love the size and go-anywhere usefulness. Not perfect, but perfect enough!

Blackcash says:

I would like to get an iPad with retna display. I have never owned one. It would be nice to use facetime with my Air Force son that has one.

Jobook1 says:

I would love an iPad mini because it would make an awesome first iPad!

Thanks for the great contest imore!

gorexinfx says:

I want an iPad Mini. I want to put my textbooks on it so I can bring it to my college classes!

wilmilgarcia says:

I would like an iMac. I have a stupid 5yr old PC that is slow as molasses. I rather just use my iPad for everything, but it has it's limitations; of course.

providco says:

An iPhone 5 would do me good! I'd love the camera , retina screen and would use the increasingly popular PassBook app built into iOS 6 .

KETO_PR says:

i would like a ipad mini black because i had never EVER had an apple device, ihad android phones but their not as good a ios devices and would be lovley to try out this new ipad. i would like to have one for college too. thanks and have a happy holiday and new year.

bcspeed says:

I need to replace my 3+ year old dumb phone with an iPhone 5

broadwayblues says:

I wish I could afford a new iPhone 5 to replace my cracked screen S3. Help me out please.

Naivian says:

I would like an Ipad 4 to replace my BB Playbook so I can be a full convert. As I was a BB user/abuser all the way till the IPhone 5 then I switched and now I want to replace my PlayBook with the IPad 4.

Alex U says:

Well me and the wife made sure our kids got what they wanted, after all was said and done we didn't have the funds to spare for each others gift, her request was an iPad, dosent matter which one she just wants one. I think it would be pretty epic to surprise her for my birthday, she wouldn't see it coming.

pilotnh says:

iPad mini because I don't have one.

HarryLime says:

I want an ipad mini because its so damned cute!!

GooTz66 says:

The New iPad because Santa forgot to bring me mine

tjlambert says:

iPad Mini because I am always trying to steal my wife's iPad 2.

linggakusuma says:

I would choose iPhone 5. it will be my 2nd iOS if I get it, since my iPod 4th had bought by my friend. I am just big fan of apple...

scotty707 says:

I would like any device called an iPad, but a Mini or 4 would be great!

dasupaman23 says:

Would love to get my wife an iPad mini. Spent most of our money on getting gifts for my son and our families. This would make an awesome gift for her.

mike_13 says:

Got my kids an iPad mini for Xmas, now I want one for my wife and me.

RWWackostu says:

Santa left me out! Would put this toward a Mac!

johnchen3 says:

Want an iPad Mini with cellular because no one should restrict their tablet to an access point unless money is a concern.

lele_la says:

I have to be honest, at least here, once I don't want say to people's face what I think. I got gifts for a bunch of people I am close with. I don't give things to get things back, but I could not stop thinking I only got crappy stuff this Christmas and when I say crappy, I meant CRAPPY, and when I got a "box", just a cardboard box covered with fake crocodile skin, a fancy box, I just could not hide my disappointment. I got everyone a nice gift, but myself, I should had got the iPad I wanted.

tamarashannon says:

iPad Mini! Cause it's amazing!

310mike says:

meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. please?

GabrielEF#AC says:

iPad Mini, it would complete my collection. And it's pretty cool.

DimebagWuest says:

I would love to have a iPad for my Autistic son! He would love the device and put it to great use!

matts3345 says:

My fiancé is going back to school and a new iPad would be awesome to use for research or when she is using laptop, there is still a device to use in the house

dominicanpapi4u says:

I would love the Ipad mini. I can use it to take to class to take notes and log in to the virtual class room.This can also help me do my homework or read my book while I am on break at work.Hope I win.

pnayo92 says:

I'd like to streamline my study methods on my way to med school by using an iPad (4) to hold all of my books and serve as a universal note-taker =)

oklanole says:

I need an iPad to complete my Apple conversion. Eight years ago, I would not have touched an Apple product. Now, any phone or computer I buy HAS to be APPLE!

jetsen says:

iPhone 5... because it's just like an an iPhone but it with 4G LTE!

outsidein13 says:

I would like an ipad mini to use for coaching. It would be easier to coach and stat with a smaller ipad.

androidwilkerson says:

It's not for but it would be for my girlfriend. I would give it to her because she needs to use it for grad school.

cgthomas27 says:

iphone 5, I want LTEEEEEEEE. Since the iPhone 5 came out and everyone switched to LTE the downtown Nashville TN socalled4g us HORRIBLE. at home on socalled4g I get upwards of 6mb but downtown I get 1mb, if I am lucky.

What really sucks is AT&T has a corporate office downtown (famous batman building) and that doesn't seem to mean anything to them.

MrWinn says:

I would love to get a iPad mini. I spent 20min fondling one last month at the apple store. Thank you.

nv123 says:

I want the iPhone 5 because newer is always bettwe

emceebeereal says:

An iPad mini for my grandma because she recently had an accident with her iPad 2 and broke it :\

JinaSensei says:

I desire to have an iPad Mini so I can use it with my ESL clients. Blending tech with language learning is the way to go.

mikells43 says:

ipad . dont like the mini.

ChitownVet says:

I would love a new iPad Mini! Why? Because its beautiful and I need something beautiful to make this a better Christmas for me.

j2eng says:

i would like a ihone 5!!!, my 3G is time to get some rest....and retire

John Bryan Dela Llana says:

I would like an iPad mini because I want to surprise my loving girlfriend this coming new year. She would really love it. Thank you so much! :)

iVenom says:

Ipad Mini All the Way!

nikbert says:

I would like to get the iPad mini to use and take it to school with me for books, take notes, write papers and of course for music while studying and doing homework.

milkdud#AC says:

I'm gonna be honest, I'm not sure why I need an iPad but I just know I gotta have one. I have this generic Android tablet (elocityA7) and to be blunt "it ain't an iPad". Apple did it first, Apple does it best.

Grzegorz Mikos says:

I would like to get iPad 4th generation, to replace my nexus 7 :)

bulvine420 says:

Retina iPad please have a happy new year I more

bam_boom says:

Ipad mini..............it's every inch an ipad.(best of both worlds ;)

jw154j says:

I really, really want an iPad 4th gen. I've never won anything before, and would love for you to be my first.

Gigi100557 says:

I would love to have an ipad mini for school. I'm taking online classes and the majority of our reading is on ebooks and using my laptop to read is not the answer especially at work or riding on the bus.

napaceni says:

iPhone 5 as I am an Android user, would like to switch to the good side :)

ArgoFX says:

Cool. I would like to get an ipad mini that makes it easier to read textbooks instead of carrying those heavy books around.

ut666 says:

I would love an iphone 5 to replace my bulky iphone 4

yipster says:

i would love an ipad mini!

otnielsimmons says:

i would like to have iPad mini. it's simple, it's fit me, and I'm obsessed with it. hehehe... thanks iMore!

Kamal Ahmad says:

Again, I would love an Ipad mini. It seems like a perfect travel device and it will be my first tablet.

So please just give me an Ipad mini.

nickpthemft says:

Yes please! Need to update to the 5S when it hits!

ATCSXX says:

I would give my Ipad to my daughter, and replace it with a mini.

kumasokka says:

iPad Mini is my dream device!

brangiber says:

Would love to get an ipad mini!

itsme.boohoo says:

i would love to have an iPhone 5 but iPod touch 5th gen will do.... i just cant afford to buy those things. :/

square1ne says:

My wife just earned her LPN license, and is currently working toward her RN license. An iPad Mini would be an ideal tool to assist her during her class modules and Clinical assignments. She uses some great medical apps on her iPhone to assist her with drug interactions and element tables, but the iPhone size is not always conducive to view necessary medical data.

Vrinda Dhanda says:

I want one iphone because i want to show it to my brother because he says buy an iphone from your own money,i know that you cant. So i want to tell him that don't underestimate anyone and that i can get things without your money also.

jpm6880 says:

I would like an iPad to blow my bosses Android tablet out of the water!

Franasia says:

I would like an iPad mini for my wife as a replacement for her bulky laptop. Thank you.

newlyn says:

I didn't receive any Xmas gift, huhuhu I'm so sad
I hope imore would give me an iPad mini as a Xmas gift,,,,please !!!!!!!!

SuperBad007 says:

I want an ipod touch 5th generation because i'm so into music and it's got great specs and good form factor of being very light and portable,so i can carry it with me all the time not only for listening music but also for clicking pictures.....:-D
Hoping that i can win this gift certificate so i can purchase the device.
Thank you imore for giving me another chance at winning this gift certificate.

rwl420 says:

Would like an iPad 4. Perfect for my work.

godfada says:

i want an ipad mini, because it a beautiful device, small and compact, perfect for travelling with!

gwswartz says:

I want an iPad mini because I have such huge hands, it'll be an iPod Touch to me. I have bear-paws.

jvwong96 says:

I would like a new iPad or iPad mini since my 17 month old decided to drop mine on a tile floor on Christmas

mistoffelees says:

I'll go with the full iPad. Need to replace my first gen one.

perezaj9#AC says:

I would love to win this!

bchside says:

The Grinch didn't steal my Christmas !

RobeJazz says:

I am a teacher and would love to use the iPad in my classroom.

linsiris says:

I'd love an iPad as gift to surprise my brother so he can ditch his bulky old laptop!

artless says:

I would love an iPad mini. I got my son one for Christmas and now I want one!

rchapman80 says:

I would love an iPad mini. I have more use for the smaller form factor than the larger and I have been waiting since the first iPad for this smaller device. Android tablets just don't compare.

aamirgigani says:

I want an ipad mini to read my college books.

sbaba says:

i need an ipad mini for my kids