The difference between Apple iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet commercials

Samsung vs. Apple tablet commercials

Samsung's new Galaxy Tab 10.1 commercials, airing in the UK, are focused on being Faster (HSPA+ networking), Thinner, and Lighter.

Apple's fist iPad 2 commercial, aired back on April 2, had a different focus.

This is what we believe. Technology alone is not enough. Faster, thinner, lighter, those are all good things. But when technology gets out of your way, everything becomes more delightful, even magical. That's when you leap forward. That's when you end up with something... like this.

Hey, at least they weren't selling Tegra 2 processors.

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Reader comments

The difference between Apple iPad 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet commercials


What have we learned here? With samsung we no longer have to make children behave, we lie to children, and don't bother losing weight.
Or with Apple, you can look at health monitors, children can learn, and we can revisit family photo memories.
Yeah, Samsung nice try, but you can't beat an Apple commercial, or product… or legal team.

We will have to wait for the world wide sales to know if the commercials are a success...Galaxy s2 is doing very well.....lawsuit is still ongoing and we are no closer to knowing who's going to win...

Can't agree here...
HTC has done more rights in marketing than Samsung... Samsung needs either to learn from Apple (or even HTC) on how to market their producs, or work with a better PR/Marketing Agency :)
On legal side, it seems more political to me... So, only time will tell...

I was actually ready to comment with "Doh!" until I watched the videos.
If they weren't on the same page, you'd have to seriously look for the similarities between the Apple ad and the Samsung ads. Yes they touch the same points but Apple didn't patent faster, thinner, lighter yet...did they?
Most importantly the iPad is "denouncing" those things as vital vs standing by them. The Apple ad is about "getting out of the way" more than those three aspects.

Unfortunately, Apple is the one company that would be the worst example of "getting out of the way".
HP right now would be the best one for "getting out of the way". Not just getting out of the way though but actually handing out brush cutters then getting out of the way as they clear their way.

It seems to me that Apple does a better job showing you how you'll use the iPad in every day life. Facebooking, reading, interactive books for kids, etc. Practical, real life uses that make sense.
The last Tab ad that I saw was a guy riding shotgun in a jeep down a beach filming a bunch of running wild horses... Really?? When will ANYONE ever do that??

The pencil one is funny but these commercials from Samsung really show how inferior their marketing team is in terms of style and delivery.

Wow. First ad was simple and calm. Second was like a truck just crashed right in front of me. Third one, why was the boy at eye level with the desk? He was clearly taller then it and should have seen the "Tab". Last one lightens it.

Good observation :)
Lesson: If you're buying a Tab, you'll need to change your desk as your boy grows, to make the most of it :P

It's really interesting how both companies go "faster, thinner, lighter," but each takes a different approach to showing those things off. Samsung just shows off the tech specs. The pencil is cool, but I don't know anything about the tablet. All I know is that those kids are brats.
Apple knows that average consumers don't care about the tech specs; they just want to know all of the cool things it can do: play games, show MRI scans, teach your kids to read, and so on. Fundamental differences in marketing philosophies. One of them succeeds.

Yes, absolutely...
Remember, when the original iPhone was released, everyone was trying to learn it's hardware specs, to judge it by them... Apple taught people that devices are not just specs. They haven't been announcing RAM for their devices still :) Honestly, I really don't care that much, even though I can call myself a gadget/electronic-geek

With the exception of the "Here's to the crazy ones" ad, the original iPhone ads(pre release) were some of their best ads ever.

Did you have an open mind or were you looking for how it fails against an iPad?
Also, did you try it with TouchWiz or raw Honeycomb?

I'll bet a lot more medical professionals do that than Indiana Jones wannabes drive down a beach filming horses with a low res tablet camera. I could be wrong so I'll let the sales figures for the iPad versus the Tab do the talking.

Ha! Funny.
I seriously doubt there are that many using iPads in all ways the Apple commercials show so I'd award one point to both of you. :-D

Very funny and lame...if only that was the case with the iphone 4 and maybe we would actually have a phone

Anything can be hidden. My XOOM can be hidden by a paperback book. :-D haha.
I agree though [with you, Jeff, and the others]: the messaging could be way better!

Samsung is selling "Features."
Apple is selling "Benefits."
Most people buy "Benefits."
Moral: Don't let Engineers create your ads and videos.

"But when technology gets out of your way, everything becomes more delightful, even magical."
How about the company gets out of the way of you trying to use your own purchased device the way you'd like? That would seem rather 'delightful'...

I want to use my device to tether for free. That would be delightful but it doesn't exist (without rooting). The company will never be "out of the way."

If you want to tether for free with out any company getting in the way, you might want to look at a webOS phone. Konami code + 2 minutes = Preware install (which Palm and now HP actively endorse, though they do not provide tech support). Add another minute to load up the feeds in Preware, run a search for freeTether, install it, and you're set. No rooting required on that platform. In fact you can do most of the customizations on that platform that would require rooting and especially jailbreaking on other platforms.

I don't actually care about tethering, I am just tired of people misunderstanding the meaning of Android being an open platform, they think that they can do whatever they want to do on it which isn't true. Just as Apple controls it's operating system, manufacturers and carriers control Android's. It isn't to the same degree but it's still there. Even apps that you side load are limited.

It works on one phone (and maybe on other samsung devices). If you want to group android for things like marketshare, you at least need to give me a tethering app that works across the board. Plus this app says that it may be broken at any time. Great, you can have apps but the may stop working.

I showed you an app that allows free tethering on a non-rooted android device as you asked.
Sorry but that's the best a 3 minute Google search could come up with. I don't have an Android phone to have worked on.

"Not yet compatible with Android 2.3 Gingerbread."
You see, there's always a second part of the coin...
When you install this app and it crashes, who do you call? Samsung/HTC/Motorola? Or Google? Will any of them reply?
That's not a point of being inferior to the other. It's just a different approach, a wild-wild-west vs. a walled-garden. And, a little (!) part of the world likes walled-gardens, that's it.
If the world was mostly geeks like Google engineers are (and I admit, they are pretty awesome in their ways), that product would have been much, much successful.

That's a lame talking point. Are you going to tell me that there are no limitations on android tablets? None? You can do anything you want with it? Well, show me MS Word running natively on it. Don't talk to me about a "comparable" app because the way I'd like to use it is with MS Word from Microsoft running natively on it.

Speaking of "talking point" if you want to run MS word on it then figure out how to installed an OS that MS supports Word on. That is one of the MOST ridiculous attempts at a counterpoint I have ever heard.
"Hey guys, why can't I run a closed-source program only compiled and only supported for an x86 processor on an ARM processor???"

The point is just as ridiculous as the original post.
"Hey guys, why doesn't this company let me do anything I want with my device, running THEIR os and STILL give me support?"
Well, makes sense...

Hmmm, well you can?
If you can code an OS for your iDevice, you can run it freely, noone is stopping you from that.
And, it's the same with Android devices that promote "Being Open", no matter what you say...
Of course, if you're referring "having to ability to install anything, including cracked apps etc.", then you're right... But then, iDevices would end up like Androids... No support when an app crashes your device and burns your house!

Apple already likes to blame the user when something Apple did is messed up, both in hardware and Apple's own account security.
When you use the thing within spec and your house burns down, "you held it wrong"!

Plz answer honestly.. how many kids do you have? Sometimes even Super Nanny would not be able help. What shall we do with misbehaved kids, chain and gag them? You think it's easy? Some kids are just impossible.

This is simple, unfortunately, everyone else has to compare to the iPad. So samsung says we have faster 3g, and are lighter. That's because everyone wants to know what's different between them and the ipad. Also, I very Apple patented simplistic ads too.

Someone had said, "Winners are the ones that all others are compared to"... (Or something in that manner, with other words :P)

Allows faster charging...i have seen other products that had similar or same connector...just cause apple use it, does that mean on one else REALLY a connector will confuse you...anyonw with a brain can distinguise the two

Actually, people like devices that do what they need or want. Doing it faster or being lighter is also important, but the decision comes from getting something for one/some of your needs/wants...
That's what Samsung haven't been able to see, yet, it seems.

You are right...
If I was to make Tab adverts, I would focus on customization ability, like widgets, like ability to have different themes and launchers and all those stuff, just as much as showing how fast or thin the device is...

I don't know if it's because I spend all of my time studying advertising, but those Samsung ads are pretty bad. I seriously thought these were spoof ads. I thought Samsung was more positive than this.
Even at home, I rarely stream videos. I usually just play local files. But what is Samsung trying to sell? "Hey if your kid is totally out of control and you need to play some stream videos instantly while he/she is eating in a public restaurant, now you can." Way to teach impatience. The ad is annoying and it makes no impactful statements. It's faster…and? How can I benefit from that?
I thought Samsung was competing with Apple? Pencils will surely take a hit in Q4 sales from this ad. Single Parenting 101: When your kid asks for his "tab," teach him to share by playing with him. Don't pretend that you don't have it by hiding it behind a pencil because you really want to play that racing game. Great father figure, I'm totally bought now…but what are the benefits again???
I think it's so funny when you look at how Apple demonstrates FaceTime in their ads and then watch this. I've never enjoyed video conversations from my boss when he's threatening to fire me. What does this ad sell: Instant coffee? Jobs? Elevators? Again, no benefits.
Why do all of these ads end with er. It's so obvious that they're trying to prove themselves to be better than everyone (erhm Apple). Actions speak louder than words. I don't care to buy something if it's .034 grams lighter. Even the best video fx won't make your product better. Sorry if this is too much complaining for you, I'm really not a negative guy. But why the hell were these all shot in sepia hollywood-like color? It looks so stupid and only makes the Tab seem that much more shitty.
Apple's iPad ads inspire and make you feel damn good. These…well I just don't want to be that guy or buy a Samsung tab. It seems like owning one is ruining his relationship with his kid. The only thing he needs to be "faster" at is getting to work.

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