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Earloomz brings art to Bluetooth earpieces [Contest]

Earloomz Bluetooth earpieceWe all know that using a cell phone while driving is super dangerous, and in more and states than not, laws are in effect that make it illegal to do so. In fact, 40 states have some sort of hands-free law in effect, meaning that if you're going to be talking on the phone while driving a vehicle, you must not have the phone in your hand. Luckily, newer cars come equipped with speakers the ability to connect to your phone and take or make calls using the car speakers. If you don't have that option available to you, you may choose to use a Bluetooth headset or earpiece. This is a more versatile option, as you can use it outside of your car as well.

Choosing a Bluetooth earpiece can be difficult. You want one that will work seamlessly, as well as look good, and the options out there don't always combine those factors in an affordable package. Plus, who wants to have the same earpiece that everyone else has? The creative team behind Earloomz saw this challenge and rose to the occasion, designing a Bluetooth earpiece with style and functionality all wrapped up in one. With hundreds of designs to choose from, you're sure to find one that will suit your personality. Each image is mechanically painted onto the earpiece and finished with a moisture resistant coating, guaranteeing quality and durability.

Each Earloomz earpiece comes with 2 earhooks and 4 earbuds as well as a lanyard holder so you always have it handy. Compatible with most mobile phones, set-up is a breeze and took less than a minute when I paired mine. Multipoint technology allows you to stay connected with 2 devices at once, and the earpiece has a range of 33'. Headset controls include call/answer, last number redial, and call waiting, all in one button. Keep reading for technical specs of the earpieces, contest details, and information about Earloomz campaign for a national Hands-Free Initiative.

Technical Specifications:

  • Bluetooth Version v2.1+EDR
  • Headset & Hands Free Profiles
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery
  • Video Game Compatible
  • Voice Prompt
  • Connects To Two Phones
  • Noise Reduction
  • Weight: Approx. 10g
  • Talk Time: 5 Hours
  • Standby Time: 120 Hours
  • Charging Time: 30-60 minutes
  • Dimensions: 53[L] x 18[W] x 9[H] mm

Earloomz is dedicated to not only providing fantastically designed Bluetooth earpieces, but they are committed to leading a national Hands-Free Initiative -- “Be Aware” -- aimed toward providing awareness to businesses and young adults – the next generation of cell phone users and drivers.

Earloomz is asking consumers, car dealerships, cellular phone retailers, non-profit organizations, corporations, small business owners, medical professionals, and municipalities to join the campaign “Be Aware” and encourage anyone that is mobile to go hands-free – regardless of state laws. Whether, it’s encouraging someone to use a Bluetooth that conveys a personal interest, requiring an employee to wear a custom logo Bluetooth while driving a company vehicle, or setting an example for a child, Earloomz is helping keep cell phone users hands-free.

Contest: Earloomz is giving away two Bluetooth earpieces to iMore readers! The first thing you'll want to do is head over to their website at the link below. Check out all the designs (there are a lot, approximately 400!), then come back here and leave a comment letting us know which one is your favorite. The contest ends Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck! (Please note, the contest is only for Bluetooth earpieces on Earloomz that retail for $59.99.)

More information/check out all the designs at Earloomz

Michelle Haag

A nerdy little birdy and the Doctor's next companion. While I'm waiting, I do the dirty work for Mobile Nations.

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There are 56 comments. Add yours.

psiclne says:

Definately the Darth Vader is my fav

Julee says:

The Crystal Icing Zebra is magnificent!

babyblues197669 says:

Omgosh! I really LOVE the Zebra one!!!! But the Storm trooper is my second fav! :) My bluetooth just broke so this would be AMAZING to win!!!!

teepeeayy says:

I'm torn between Star Trek and Stars and Stripes, but I'm inclined to go with a Star Trek, the Command Shield looks so cool.

slalomskie says:

I will take the Celebrate
since they don't have University of Ky Wildcats yet.

Katrina says:

Pink Camouflage is definitely my favorite.

Kristy_Lyn says:

My favourite is the pink and white zebra :) says:

The Star Trek Live Long and Prosper

virus786 says:

Wow it would be awesome to sport one of these:
Rising Skull
GL-304-Vulture Kulture
Thanks for the chance iMore :-D

Ginbill says:

Stormtrooper design from Star Wars for sure!

END says:

Pink and Black Zebra.

Jimny says:

I would really like the black and gray argyle. It would Mach my case perfect.

Jason says:

The Dark Lord gets my vote... Very cool!

musikaaa says:

Black and Grey Argyle is my choice!

LeonBecker says:

As a longtime fan I would love to have the GL-510 Bruce Lee earpiece.

Alli says:

Dude! Gotta have the Command Shield GL-124-CSB-Star Trek!

Sutasinee says:

My favorite is Snowflake .

Thorasgar says:

Diver Down I think says it all.

GrandmaBetty says:

the star trek emblem is the one for me. Just like a communicator!

TUSU says:

Very fashionable, I could see these as custom in the future.

Becky says:

I like the cyan tie-dye.

lisa says:

My favorite is Metal Wings (GL-378-MSG)!!

spalten says:

I think the Stars and Stripes is very cool and I would be proud to display (use) it...

JonB74 says:

I would go with the UR Snowflake design. Very cool stuff.

Amoody says:

Man! The Black and Grey Argyle BT Headset will be my choice.
Such a different approach on BT Headsets Love them ALL!!!

iGrannyApple says:

It was an easy choice for me: Cyan Tie Dye. Just seeing that takes me back to when I was a young adult and Tie Dye was what all of the cool hippies wore. Great idea and they should do very well if the ear piece works as good as it looks.

ckillam3 says:

My current bluetooth device is attached to the visor in my car. My choice of Earloomz for the times outside of my vehicle would be Diver Down

theemanking says:

The "Quick" LAL one Bevause it would match my hat and just my favorite team till I die. Amazing that they went out of there way to get licensing from NBA. All are very desirable designs.

Timelessblur says:

I want the
Live Long and Prosper

michael says:

I like the USC one. Fight on ( cardinal) aaaGL-546-USC-COLLEGES. Its just pops and says "whats up!"

MrCornfed says:

Chocolate Tootsie Roll
Cooler than I expected!

Nelson Rivera says:

I would like spirits within.

Lan Xu says:

The Zebra would be nice to win. :)

Prudence Fahie says:

Can I get the Polkadot cc GL-430-Hello Kitty. It looks so cute.

Dorothy says:

The Pink Camouflage is my choice.

Ashleigh says:

The pink and black zebra is the best one by far :D

Betty says:

You didn't answer the naitspam question correctly, your comment was not saved. Press "Back" and answer the question better.Just to be sure that your message won't be lost - copy it now to the clipboard. 搞得我很紧张来着.. 特地来留言测试一下下....果然..是啥子插件啊?压根都木有问题出来

Dean says:

I am liking the black and white zebra.

Melvin says:

The Black and Grey Argyle is my number one pick.

Ermina says:

I got my eyes on the pink and white zebra.

Fhitrie says:

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Jonathan says:

If I do win i would like the UR Snowflake. It would look nice with my snowboard gear.

Shawn says:

black and gray argyle if possible.

emmanuel says:

brown leopard for my girlfriend she'll love it!

cjhpe says:

The stars and stripes is pretty cool...
I think my wife would love the Elvis Legendary...

dark-hail says:

i would like to obtain this gift.

MacInU says:

My Fave is the LIVE LONG AND PROSPER one.

Lorilee Milburn says:

Clearly, it has been lightened, or softened, somehow. Along with other possible alterations, he looks far more, perhaps innocent is the right word, in the altered image.