Element Case debuts Joule stand for iPad

Joule Back HR

Element Case is looking meld stylish form with elegant function for their new hand-crafted, solid aluminum Joule stand for the iPad.

It'll work for either portrait or landscape (photo frame or movie watching), and comes in either polished metal or anodized black. You can even get your own custom coating and laser-etched logo.

Joule would normally set you back $129 but the kind folks at Element Case are offering the first 100 TiPb readers who place an order a cool $30 off -- just enter coupon code PRS2J4 at checkout and it's yours for $99.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

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Element Case debuts Joule stand for iPad


This works for bare ipad only, but small batches and easy adjustment will let them put out more versions soon