Win an amazing bundle of prizes from the new Ducati line by Element Case!

Element Case, the premier manufacturer of ultra-premium smart phone and tablet accessories, is proud to debut its new, officially-licensed Ducati motorcycle iPhone 5S & iPad cases for the discerning moto-sports enthusiast and bikers everywhere.

Founded by a team of racing aficionados, Element Case’s founding team hails from a rich tradition of motorsports and biking. This inspiration behind the new line of Ducati cases emerges in every last touch from genuine carbon fiber to CNC-machined aluminum to the premier case in the line – the Ducati Rogue. They’re also pleased to debut the one-of a kind FUSE-DEK Mounting System. With any of the new Ducati cases, simply mount your iPhone 5S on the go in your car, on your bike, or motorcycle with rock-solid grip and shock-proof durability.

The full line includes:

Rogue ($99.95)

  • The ultimate protection for iPhone 5S, Rogue features a rugged chassis and carbon-fiber backplate that completely encase and protect iPhone. Compatible with Element Case’s unique FUSE-DEK mounting system, this is the perfect case for mounting iPhone to your motorcycle or bicycle on the go – Ducati motorcycle not required.

Solace ($99.95)

  • Slim, sleek and chic, the Solace is the slimmest case in the Ducati family featuring CNC-machined aluminum end-caps and a soft-touch polycarbonate chassis. This case can also be utilized with the FUSE-DEK mounting system.

Ion 5 ($59.95)

  • A one-piece, impact resistant TPU case, the Ion is the perfect utilitarian case compete with carbon-fiber backing for that signature Element Case look. This case can also be utilized with the FUSE-DEK mounting system.

Soft-Tec Folio ($64.95 - $79.95)

  • The perfect protection for iPad Mini, iPad air and generations 2-4, the Soft-Tec folio features non-slip synthetic coating and Tech-Grip material for comfortable viewing at any angle and typing.

You can check out the full Ducati line at Element Case

Let's help Element Case celebrate the release of this incredible line of products! The winner of this giveaway is in for a real treat. They will get a super fantastic package of not one, not two, but THREE items, their choice of one each of the following:

  • Ion, Rogue or Solace Ducati edition
  • iPad Mini, Air or 2-3-4 Soft-Tec Folio Ducati edition
  • Complete FUSE-DEK Mounting System for Home, Car & Motorcycle

To enter, leave a comment below and let us know what you love about the new Ducati line, and what you would pick if you win. Please only leave one comment, otherwise you will be disqualified. We will announce the winner next week! Edit We're letting this run an extra week so more people can enter!

Good luck!

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Reader comments

Win an amazing bundle of prizes from the new Ducati line by Element Case!



Gotta love the industrial look paired with the dead useful functionality. Perfect fit for my 5S. I like the minimalist design of the solace and would love to win one!

Element has done it again. I have several different models on my wish list. These cases are KOOL....would love to WIN one or two or three...YES I'm greedy...SMILE

I would totally get the Rogue Ducati edition, the Soft-Tec Folio Ducati edition for the iPad Mini, and obviously the FUSE-DEK Mounting System. What's not to love about Ducati and the whole range of products. It's hardy, durable, slim, chic and sexier than almost any case out there. This would be a fantastic set to win; to keep me working for my dream of one day owning a Ducati (preferably a Streetfighter)

I love the high end, premium look they bring to the already premium design associated with apple and the iPhone. I would love any of these, but the solace really caught my eye.

Element Case makes the best cases for iphone. Not only are they durable they look phenomenal! I am on my third case from them and always get questions about it. People love the look. If I win I'd like the Solace.

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This Ducati case looks awesome, and will protect my iPhone better than My current which is Apple leather case.

I really like the design and hardworki in the making ..
It is good to see that elements has gone to such great length to make a great iPhone case & all other cases for that matter

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I love both the appearance and the described durability/protection. I'd pick the Soft-Tec Folio for my iPad 4.

Love the line! For me it's Solace and the Soft-Tec iPad Air case. I love that the product line sets you apart from the other iPhone owners out there. It adds a bit of uniqueness to an otherwise common, albeit awesome, product - the iPhone. Thanks for the opportunity iMore!

I have been wanting an element case for awhile. Love the look. Can't go wrong with Ducati. Thanks for the contest.

Element makes great cases, Ducati makes great bikes, I love black and red. Anything else need to be said? In all seriousness these are some absolutely beautiful cases and I would truly love to have one.

Ducati is amazing because they put the best work into their motorcycles and it looks like that spilled over into their cases. The quality of them look top of the line. I would love to have the Solace for my iPhone, the Folio case for my iPad Mini would be awesome as well. Pick me! :D

My favorite colors by a classic brand! Elegant... The soft tech folio for the iPad Air would make all my friends envious:)

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Rogue would be my pick, I'd love to have the ultimate protection. The ducati line brings style to the rugged protection and machining makes it look like it's right off a great bike!

Its just plain classy and futuristic. Ducati cases look like they would be at home in a Matrix or Tron movie.

Sleek, stylish but yet protective. So many cases out there usually sacrifice one for the other, not so with Element Case. I would really like to win but either way these items rock!

I rode a Ducati but never owned one. It was an awesome ride. I ride bicycles now and would be proud to display the rogue during my rides.

I just love how stylish, European and very detailed these items are. I'd expect nothing less from Ducati. The iPad 2 soft-tec folio would be amazing as I am always looking for something durable and elegant to go along with my iPad purchase. Element case is always a unique and sophisticated company and I'd love to represent them. Molto bello.

Solace is the one sleek,sexy and protective case I would love to have with my space grey iphone. It's a definite check me out case. Thanks for making this happen iMore.

This line looks quite sharp! Sleek, elegant lines, yet make a statement. If I won I'd pick 2 solace cases and a folio for the iPad 4.

I like the color combinations (particularly the red accents) that give a little flair to the iPhone. I'd take any of the cases, but the Solace for my iPhone 5 or the Soft-Tek for my iPad Air would be quite nice.

Sweet! Solace Ducati and Air Folio would be so sweet! Almost as sweet as my dream Ducati motorcycle!!

I love the high level of protection combined with the cool look of Ducati.
I would love the Rouge, iPad Air Soft-Tec folio, and the FUSE-DEK Mounting System.

I love the variety of styles and colors to choose from, I would love the Ion 5 case, mini case and car mount.

I love the Solace Ducati edition becauae its biker proof!! If I win i would choose Ion, Rogue or Solace Ducati edition

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I love the sleek look of the Solace design. So, I'd pick the Solace Ducati case, the iPad Air soft-tec folio, and the FUSE-DEK mounting system, if I won.

I like the design and durability of the Rogue and the FUSE-DEK mounting system would be great my adventurous life style!!!

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A Solace Ducati Edition would be awesome, along with the iPad 3 version of the Soft-Tec Folio, and the car mounting system. They all look so awesome, though!

The entire line looks awesome. Great protection without the bulk. I would love to wrap my 5s in a solace case. IPad 2 folio case. Mounting system for home.

What is not to love?? These products are the best on the market AND my 16 month old agrees!!! She says bring it on !!! I say ... Be careful what you wish for little one !!! Your baby powers cannot penetrate the durability and the all mighty industrial !!Mommy wins!!!

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Would love that solace ! Wouldn't even feel it in my pocket while I'm riding, and would look totally BadAss when I take it out @ my destination

Sent from the iMore App

The new Ducati products looks tough, rugged and looks more like something that represents motorsports
I would like to have the solace for iPhone 5s it would be great if I could get one since I'm a fan of motorsports

Sent from the iMore App

Wow, the Ducati designs are smooth! I would love the Solace for my 5S. My iPad Air is in desperate need for a case. I would definitely do the car mount.

I would love the Ducati case. Durable , yet sleek. Would surely turn sole heads while sporting this case !

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I'd take the Solace Ducati edition, iPad Air, and the FUSE-DEK system. I love Ducati motorcycles, so why not get a chance at a Ducati line of cases.

Awesome product, Ducati bikes are beautiful. I would love the 5s ones along w car mount, working in EMS I need a solid case that totally protects my phone and this would not only do the job, but look great as well.

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Cool look and durability! They go far beyond to protect our Apple devices! I would go for the Soft-Tec Folio for my girlfriend's new anniversary gift (iPad Mini Retina Display) and The Solace for me! Thank Ducati and iMore!

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I love the Ducati Rouge because it protects my iPhone completely. With the way I bump around with my phone I need something strong.

Sent from the iMore App

I've always admired the design and build quality of ElementCases. They don't only provide very rugged protection for an Apple mobile device, but look real good doing so as well. I've been meaning to get into the ecosystem, so hopefully this is my chance!

Wohoo! This will be the first time I will go carbon for my iPad Air and iPhone 5s. And that's because it's DUCATI. Ducati baby!

I liked a lot the Solace Ducai edition. It looks great and I would like to have it. But my favorite one is the Rogue Ducai case. It looks fantastic and will protect my iPhone from any drop and hit.

Sent from the iMore App

Ducati makes some of the best looking bikes around, and you can't beat Elements cases. I would love a rogue case for my phone and the iPad mini case just so they match for once

Sent from the iMore App

I love the look of the Rogue. As someone who just broke his iPhone, the Rogue would give me the protection I need in a great looking case. I'd love one of those please!

I love Ducatis (my dream bike is the 1199 Panigale) and those cases are sweet. I'd love to have that black Rogue case with the carbon fibre. It would go nicely with my black & space grey 5S.

I love the styling of the new line w/ the branding and design; and I've had my eye on the solace case which is my personal favorite and have been planning on getting a solace case. But if I could win it, even better!

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Awesome engineering that provides dope protection with such a sleek design. Solace Ducati please, that red is sexy!! ;)

Sent from the iMore App

Ducati Collection is very attractive
Pure performance and the style is seductive
But in Element Case
Solace is the perfect face
The thinnest and lightest
With white color it is the fullest
The fullest protection
And ultimate production
Since Element Case and Ducati together
Combined to make the iPhone glitter

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I'd love the rogue, love the look and appeal of carbon fiber would be a match to my other carbon fiber accessories as well as my love of Ducati :)

Well they are classy, slim, sleek, chic and sturdy, simply the kind of caes i want. And i would love the Solace, i'm also a Ducati fan :)

Love the new Ducati line because the cases not only protects the iphone / ipad but it also makes a style statement! :)

I love to color combo of the solace and soft-tec folios, that Ducati red is very sexy.

Sent from the iMore App

That Solace would look so cool mounted on my Ducati Diavel and the soft tec folio is the perfect way to protect and adorn my iPad Mini

I thing the Rogue is pretty bad arse. My uncle has a Ducati and an iPhone 5 so I'd probably give it to him (I have an Element case already)!

Element is an elite case maker. This Ducati line is incredible. I would love to have my phone wrapped around with any of these stylish cases.

Sent from the iMore App

Ducati edition, really not much to say after that! Finally a line that not only looks sexy but has a sexy name as well. Almost cloak and daggerish! I personally like the look of the rouge, and that would be my choice.

Sent from the iMore App

One word, Ducati! Nothing else needs to be said. Very sleek and stylish line, almost cloak and daggerish! Personally the rouge is a sexy case and would be my choice.

Sent from the iMore App

Three things I like about the Element Case is that the cases utilize simple but striking color combinations, materials are top quality and all lines definitely protect my phone. Probably best about the design is that it complements the iPhone just right, not overshadowing it.

I would love to get my hands on the Solace model!

Element is my favorite case. When I got my new 5s, I already had an Ion case waiting at home. I'd love to have the Solace Ducati case for my 5s!

Ducati's cases look awesome. It's very difficult to just pick one. Cases worthy of the iPhone 5s. But if I could only have one it would have to be solace.

I love the Element line of Cases. Had one for my iPhone 4, the special addition AR-15 case. Would love the Ducati case

I would love to have one of the Solace cases for my brand new 5S and the Soft tech Folio for son's iPad mini. Love the unified style being used.

Wow! As a Ducati and iPhone and iPad owner I cannot resist to enter this great giveaway! I would choose the Rogue and a Soft Tech folio for the iPad 3!

Love the carbon fiber but think I would like the thinness is the solace more. With the red trim looks nice. Also Like the option of having different angles for the iPad case. For me it would be a mini case on that side.

Sent from the iMore App

The look is fantastic! Looks like it belongs on Agents of Shield or another high tech super hero movie. I especially love the iPad mini case. That would be the one I'd want the most. Good luck, everyone!

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I love the new line of products of Ducati, and I love that they use some of the same materials as their motorcycles. I would love to have the Rogue, the Solace and the Fuse mounting system.

I like the white over the red and black, but only because I don't like red. However, I actually don't want to win one of these. They look great and all, but I work in a dusty environment and prefer my phone to be fully enclosed.

Edit: I really like the carbon fiber on this case.

Love the look and feel of carbon fiber. If only I had unlimited funds...

If I win, I'd like the Rogue for 5S, and the iPad Air folio.

I love the rugged but elegant look. Need a Solace for my phone and a Folio for my iPad Air.

These look great! I'd love a Solace for the iPhone 5 series and a Soft-Tec folio for an iPad Mini to go with the Fuse mounting system

Awesome line from Ducati. Love the carbon fiber look on the back. Doesn't get much better the that.

Sent from the iMore App

Since Foggy did it on the 916 Ducati have been the king. Having this on my phone and iPad would be amazing

The corner protection and carbon fiber design are great — I would enjoy this package for my iPhone or iPad

Gotta love the colours and style not to mention the protection for the iStuff!
The Solace would be my choice but I reserve the right to get a second or third opinion ...

Ducati's new lineup has a particularly premium feel among it's cases, not to mention it looks modern and sleek. I don't ride, but just hearing the name Ducati makes me wonder if I should start.
I visited their site the other day and have been drooling over their cases ever since. Definitely need to start saving up for these.
If I am to be picked, I'd choose the Solace(5s), Soft-Tec for iPad 2, and the mounting system for car.
Thanks iMore!

I am always looking for the perfect case and I think that the Rogue is an amazing case That thing is beautiful.

The ability to mount in a car is certainly interesting. I think I'd go for two Ducati cases (one for me and one for my gf) and the mounting system. Doesn't make sense to get a mounting system only one person can use, right?

I really like the rugged, modern look of these products. They really stand out!!

I would really like to have a Solace Ducati edition case, an iPad Mini case, and a complete FUSE-DEK Mounting system.

Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.
If I'll be chosen as the very lucky winner for this giveaway, I'd choose the Solace Ducati edition (iPhone 5S), as well as the iPad Mini Soft-Tec Folio Ducati edition.

Super sleek these cases would go great with my 2013 Ducati Monster. Rogue, •Complete FUSE-DEK Mounting System for Motorcycle, and iPad Mini Softtech Folio.

A Ducati case in my pocket while riding a Ducati! It doesn't get any better than that! The Rogue is where it is at!

Posted via the Android iMore App!

I love the precision and craftsmanship. The CNC milled case is definitely something I would love on my iphone 5 being an engineer.

Sent from the iMore App

What I love about the new Ducati line is that they bring elegance and style to the iPhone and iPad. When I choose a case for my iPhone and iPad I like cases that not only will protect my product, but enhance the look as well. Ducati does an absolutely amazing job at bringing aircraft grade aluminum for strength and to make their products light weight.

I would choose the Solace iPhone 5s case. I love the durable polycarbonate chassis and soft touch finish for a comfortable and secure grip. The color I would choose is pearl grey Metallic.

I love the sleek design of the black/red finish...I've got the normal solace and I love element case..!!! they are sturdy and so stylish..!!! I can't imagine myself getting another case other than the elementcase..!!!

Sent from the iMore App

Don't get me wrong, but I like my current iPhone case. However I am a fan of Element products and dressing my iDevice in Ion, Rogue, or Solace would be incredibly fantastic. I would love to show off the exacting design that shows off the equipment that the case is protecting.

Ducatti... I can run around the office making motorbike noises brrrrrrrrrroooooooom brrrrrrooooooom

I'd pick the Solace, the
iPad Air Soft-Tec Folio and of course the FUSE-DEK Mounting System. They are all just looking awesome!

Sent from the iMore App

Ducati makes excellent bikes, so why not have their name on your excellent phone? Seems like a win-win to me. I'd personally choose the Rogue, since it has the coolest name and is ready to be mounted on a bike. :)

The Ducati Rogue case with the FUSE-DEK Mounting System looks like a perfect match for my iPhone 5s and motorcycle.

I am a big fan of Element case (and still is), this new design/line, is simply amazing! The color scheme of red and black is perfect with the carbon fiber pattern on the Rogue case. But I really like the Solace model. It's thin and smooth looking, not too chunky, just perfect :)

Sent from the iMore App

I am a big fan of Element case (and still is), this new design/line, is simply amazing! The color scheme of red and black is perfect with the carbon fiber pattern on the Rogue case. But I really like the solace case!

Sent from the iMore App

White Rogue
iPad Air Case

I really love the simplicity of the design while having the elegant and protection I desire with the rogue case and the Ducati line just adds style to the cases overall in its appearance.

I love the protection the offer for such sleek stylish cases. I'd pick the solace case.

Sent from the iMore App

The previous comment beat to the "what's not to love its Ducati" line :)

These cases are really sleek, so sleekness it is :) me wants :)

Sent from the iMore App

I'd love a Solace case, Ducati is a symbol of amazing engineering and design, just like Element cases.

These are slim and sleek looking. If I won I would choose the Solace Ducati edition, Soft-Tec Folio Ducati edition for the air and the FUSE-DEK Mounting System Thanks for running the contest, hope I win!

I would love a Ducati Rogue case for iPhone. My father had a Ducati dealership in the 1960s, he would think it is cool!

Sent from the iMore App

I've been wanting (to afford) an Elements case forever. And the Ducati line looks awesome.
I'd select the Solace for iPhone 5s, the Soft-tec Folio Ducati for the iPad Air, and the Fuse-Dek mounting system.
Many thanks!!

I like the edgy, durable look that the Ducati line brings to a phone that is known for minimalism and ubiquity. It is practical yet tastefully aggressive.

Sent from the iMore App

Apple makes beautiful products, Ducati makes beautiful products, Element brings them together, simply great!

I love the look of the black carbon fiber. Just an overall great looking product that would I love to sport on my phone.

I would totally love to win this bundle! These cases are beautiful and sleek. I'm very impressed with the high quality carbon fiber look and the great protection these cases can offer. Please pick me! :)

I love the styling, it really makes the device stand out. I'd like the Rogue, SofTec for the iPad 2, and the car mounting system.

Been drooling over the Element cases for a while now. They look like they're just getting better! I'd love two Rogues: one for me and wife, perfect protection for our always-by-our-sides 5S's, and then the mounting system. Thanks as always iMore and keep up the good work Element case!

The Ducati Monster was the my favorite motorcycle I ever owned. Just a beautiful machine. Simple, elegant, powerful, well designed. Much like an Apple product!

I would love the Solace case.

I really like Ducati and it's a cool and beautiful line of cases. I would love to have the Ducati edition solace, Ducati edition Soft-tech folio for iPad mini, and the Fuse-Dek Mounting System.

Gotta love a case manufacturer that thinks about MOTORCYCLE MOUNTS!!! I'd have to go with the rogue.

Element case makes the most awesome cases. Would go great with my streetfighter 848! I'd go with the solace case and the soft-tec 4th gen!

The line looks so awesome and so durable! I normally don't like having cases on my phone but these ones look so sleek and nice. I'd choose the solace case, and the iPad Air case. Look like great products!

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It's unbelievable that having this kind of amazing giveaway! When element prelaunching the Ducati version, it had already touched my heart! The combination is absolutely perfect with the colour of black and red which is my farvourite color ever. Ducati is a premium brand yet it having case in elementcase for apple product! When premium items mix together! You know those feeling!?!? Yeah! This is why I love Ducati and elementcase so much!

I love Ducati Line because it has the all new latest technology with stunning dimensions and the way it made with great designs i love that. If i win i would pick Solace for me.

The Ducati line really makes the iphone so personal!! my iphone will no longer be just one on the many with an Ducati element case!

I love my solace case and dealing with Element support is super easy! These new Ducati designs are awesome just like the bikes themselves.

been waiting for these to happen since I first heard about it months ago. they'll go great with my Panigale 1199.

I'd probably pick the Rogue Carbon fibre case or an Ipad Air Soft-tec folio. Element Case continue to do a great job of designing and building quality cases that blend good design, quality craftsmenship and a unique style that no one else in the market has. I've bought 2 previous cases from Element Case and I know that I'll be buying my next one there as well.

What I like most about this line of products is he quality of the material and style.

I would most want the Solace Ducati edition.

I really like the Ducati line it was tastefully done and not overblown the color scheme is great i would love to rock the rogue case i had an element case on my iphone 3g back in the day when they had the magnetic covers that protected the screen they were really hefty then. But the new slim elegant look is great.

These look well designed and the fact they have Ducati logo on them is even better but think I'd go for the rogue as it looks like it could take abit of abuse and I wouldn't worry about it if I came off my bike

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I like how sleek and cool they all look and their use of aluminum and carbon fiber.

"Slim, sleek and chic" - that's what I'd want, so I'd take the Solace.

I like the look of these cases. I would go for the one that would fit my iPad Air (Soft-Tec Folio)

Wow this is an awesome!! I love ducati what a great partnership the cases are designed so well and well crafted! hope i win :)

Without a doubt I would love the Solace. Very sleek and all black would make my 5s look stealth! Thank for this contest.

Since I already have an Ion 5, I'd get the Rogue since it has a nice blend of good protection and aluminum while still being very protective. Element Cases are just awesome in general!

Love the quality and pristine look. Would choose the Rogue,iPad Air soft tec folio and mounting case for home.

Sent from the iMore App

I love them due to the premium super sport racing look. The protection goes without saying but every case around has that to some level. These cases really allow you to show your live of motorsports.

Also it's Ducati. They make some mental track focused race bikes. I was lucky enough to go on a track day with dukes a few years ago. The combination of sheer thrill/terror was just amazing. Love the brand. Mental bikes

Sent from the iMore App

Besides the fact that it says Ducati on it, I love the slim profile of the Solace along with the color accents at the top and bottom of the phone. Needless to say, I'd pick the Solace.

The new Ducati design is astonishing and will fit perfectly the iPhone 5s! The solace is also slim and classy and if I won I'd definitely go with it! By the way, the Soft-Tec folio iPad mini is also tremendous and I would pick it also ;)

Thanks a lot iMore for this amazing contest and I hope I win!

I love the rogue. It's looks great and durable. I would also choose the sof tec folio for the iPad mini so she can cover her iPad while I have a sweet phone case! Please pick me!

I like the quality of the entire line, but the iPad folio is my favorite for the many features not found on the competitor cases.