Element Case introduces Formula and Ion Case (plus Vapor Case winners!)

Formula and Ion cases are the latest additions to the Element Case line:

The Formula, a three piece, break apart-slider case, features flared corners, exposed fasteners and universal compatibility with any dock or iPhone accessory. Molded from high-impact polycarbonate, Formula will be available initially in a matte-black, rubber tone finish that offers the ultimate meld of function and fashion.

The Ion, a form-fitting silicone case, features a massively thick silicone housing for iPhone with a high, flared lip over iPhone's front glass and complete protection from any angle in the event of a drop. An inlaid Carbon Fiber backing features printed graphics coated in a pure resin finish, preserving the beauty of the Carbon within and giving added protection for the iPhone's back.

Currently available in limited quantities for iPhone 3GS for $59.95, they'll be coming for iPhone 4 in October. Check them out at elementcase.com.

The Vapor case for iPhone 4 is already available, of course, and Element Case was kind enough to give four of them away to TiPb readers. Without further ado, the give aways go to:

  • gadgetgirl
  • jOn-a-Roll
  • 2k3sgm
  • randall814

Congrats to them, thanks again to Element Case and everyone who entered, and stay tuned to TiPb for even more give aways soon!

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Reader comments

Element Case introduces Formula and Ion Case (plus Vapor Case winners!)


I had to remove my vapor case as my reception plummeted with it on and it made head phone jack accessibility very inconvenient. It did, however, look very good on my iPhone!

Thanks TiPB!
Just wondering, who is the grand prize winner?
"The TiPb iPhone 4 accessory store wants one (1) grand prize winner to be all decked out so they’re throwing in your choice of Bluetooth headset, screen protector and charging solution!"

I LOVE the look of the vapor case, but does it really degrade the reception that bad? I figure for the headphone issue I can just use an adapter that they made for the 2G iPhone.

Gotta love these cases. We will be using these for our employees of our shuttle business in Park City

The element case makes the phone unusable as a phone. It didn't affect my reception that much in "5-bar" areas (but still did), but everywhere else it dropped me to one or none. I loved the case, and tried everything, including insulating the inside in hopes that it would fix the issue, but ultimately i had to return it. Since removal, i have literally gone two weeks without one dropped call. Heartbreaking, because it looked absolutely great.

I just took my Vapor 4 off last night. I read all the reviews and problems and was determined that they all had it wrong. I was wrong. While it did seem to make a hit on the cellular and wifi signal, I was willing to deal with that, the real problem was the GPS. It rendered it completely useless. No matter what I did I could not get a solid GPS lock. I also insulated the inside with heat shrink electrical tape. It made no difference. The GPS would simply not function. It's very disappointing as I waited for months for it but I'll be sending it back today. Bummer.