Element Case reveals their new Solace case for iPhone 5/5s - Enter to win your very own!

We are a big fan of Element Case around here. Their designs and quality are almost unmatched when it comes to iPhone cases. Their latest edition, Solace, is no exception to that. Blending the perfect fusion of form and function, this ultra-sleek design delivers the world-class luxury of the Ronin case in a package made to be more affordable for the high end accessories connoisseur at $79.95. With colors available including Italian Red, Satin Black, Deep Blue Metallic, and Pearl Grey Metallic, CNC-machined aluminum end caps and integrated buttons combine with a solid chassis for unrivaled protection and fashion, this case is sure to be a favorite.

“Solace is the perfect case for a style-seeker who wants a protective case to compliment the design of the iPhone 5S,” said Jeff Sasaki, CEO of Element Case. “We focused on creating an affordable case that serves the discerning taste of Element Case customers.”

By melding CNC machined aluminum with thinly molded high strength polycarbonate, Element Case brings to market the slimmest case of the Element Case line without sacrificing protective integrity or striking good looks for which the company are known. You will definitely want to take a closer look at the new Solace line. While you're there, take a look at those four colors we mentioned, then come back here and leave a comment letting us know which is your favorite. Three iMore readers will win one Solace case in the color of their choosing! As these cases only fit the iPhone 5 and 5s, you'll want to be sure that is the device you own before entering. Good luck everyone! We'll announce the winners next week.


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Reader comments

Element Case reveals their new Solace case for iPhone 5/5s - Enter to win your very own!



" CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum for strength and light weight" sounds awsome to me in my books :D

Ironically, after buying my new 5S, I can't afford to protect it in anything as nice as an Elements case. It would look awesome in Satin Black.

Wrapping up in the Deep Blue Metallic would be like having a real life hand held t.a.r.d.i.s. of my very own

elements case designs are sleek and comfortable. it's like dressing up your phone at the same time protecting it. deep blue metallic will just look awesome with my phone.

I would really like an Italian Red case as it looks awesome. Also Element cases have a reputation of being hardy and provide good protection to the iPhone.

Italian Red for me please! It will match not only my phone but also the red and black interior of my car! I will take a picture if I win to prove!!!!!!!!

How could you not want the Italian red? Bold, stylish and just plain awesome.... Goes with rest of my gear!

Great call out Michelle! Great design, would have to go with the pearl gray metallic if I were so lucky.

Funny. I was just showing this red case to my wife yesterday. Her exact words were "Nice, but $79? Really?" I quickly left Element Case's website before she could see the Sector 5 Carbon Fiber's price as that's what I've had wrapped around my iPhone 5 for a few months.........


The Pearl Grey Metallic I think is the best one. My black iphone 5 will look awesome with it. Thank you for the chance You are giving your readers!

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Very stylish! The metal band with the notched corners and the angled cut where the band meets the rest of the case gives it a modern yet tough look. It is difficult to take your eyes off of the Italian Red case, although I am sure if it wasn't hidden behind, the Deep Blue Metallic case would be just as enticing.

That red case is gorgeous!!! I would love that for my iphone 5s that is on its way!! It would help heal my non launch day receiving wounds!!

These are sleek and high-quality, just like the phones they are designed to protect. I love the deep metallic blue, especially! It would look great on my new 5S!

No case out there compares to this. This is a perfect combination of protection and elegance. My favorite one is the metallic blue, looks fantastic!

Picking up my 5S today. I'd love to be able to tuck it into one of these! Satin Black, please and thank you.

I've always been a fan of Element's flagship cases and this Solace case looks amazing! The Pearl Gray is sleeker than your average. Love love!

Would I be amazed if I got a deep blue metallic solace case yes I would but let's try and make it happen anyway Thanks in advance

All the colors are awesome! Although I would normally opt for the Pearl Grey Metallic, I would have to say that Italian Red would be my choice.

I am torn between the pearl grey and the Italian red for my new space grey 5s. I think I will go with Italian red if I win. It looks awesome!!

I love the Deep Blue Metallic case! As I am currently unemployed and my iPhone is my lifeline (staring at it willing it to ring with a job offer), there is no way I could afford an Element case right now.

I have had an Element Case on all three iPhones I've owned. There is nothing better, aesthetically and protectively. I'd love to get a satin black for my 5S.

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I think Italian Red is the best colour especially on a black iPhone. It looks really quite beautiful and I would love to win one.

Beautiful case. I'm torn between the deep blue and gray metallic. I think either would do just right....

Love the black one! Element case does a fantastic job and I think this might be the coolest one they have made so far IMO

the satin black would look beautiful on white iphone 5. so wish i could afford one. i think this case would be an "only case"

The Solace Element Case is amazingly beautiful! I love each of the colors, Italian Red, Satin Black, Deep Blue Metallic, and Pearl Grey Metallic. If I had to pick, it would be the Deep Blue Metallic to go along with my gold iPhone 5s. Thanks!

I'd love to win the Deep Blue Metallic , such a nice colour.
The cases are so good,great design and smooth grip (as seen and said).

Well I like all of them Element did a great job once again. But I would choose Satin Black

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The Italian Red Element case would really stand out on my new iPhone 5S! I have been a fan of the Element line for a long time but haven't been able to get one yet.

The cases look awesome . I wish I can win one because they look sick. I love how there are so many contests. Imore is awesome.

Element is awesome. My case from them has been solid on the 4S. I'd have to go with the Satin Black in this style.

I would have to go with the Black case although I like the gray one as well. Either would go well with the Space Gray 5s.

I would absolutely LOVE to have this amazing case for my iPhone 5! Really like the gray one. It would go well with my white face phone. :) Really need to keep it protected until my upgrade is due next year!

iMore always keeping us in the loop of the latest releases. These cases are fantastic and showcase the attention to detail that Element Case recurrently places in their products. A perfect fit on the new iPhone 5s for those iMore readers passionate about excellence of design and usability.

Pearl Grey Metallic is my preference as it seems a great marriage of tones under a classy style. It would be quite a dream owning an Element Case.

Blue metallic seems unreal! Thanks for this opportunity to participate iMore team you guys are the best.

I want to participate for the Deep Blue Metallic please. They all look amazing though, I would be happy with any.

I would love to own the Red case!! The design of this case is amazingly beautiful. Hope I win, I'd show this off to all my friends! I have an IPhone5!

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Italian Red looks absolutely gorgeous. I would love to slap that on my space grey 5S.

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I got the blue leather case the apple makes when i got my phone yesterday. I like the way it feels alot and will probably protect it pretty well since when i got my iPhone 5 i went almost a year without a case and all was well until a a few months ago and i dropped it from far less of a height then any other time and of course the screen broke then i lost it a few weeks after. Anyways i like the satin black one a lot.

I love Element Cases so much because they make very durable and sleek cases! I would like the Satin Black one please!

Been trying to find a case for a few weeks now and still haven't found one yet. This would fit the bill just right! The petal grey would be perfect for my new silver 5S.

I have a AT&T black iPhone 5 and I love it! I think the coolest case in the new line up is the pearl grey metallic! Very very sharp!

That Pearl Grey Metallic is killer...Element is the Ferrari of device protection...and I wanna drive the Solace! Thanks for the contest iMore!!

Element Case produces the best iPhone cases that I've come across... unfortunately, I haven't been able to locate them within Pakistan! :(

Here's to hoping I might land it from this competition here ;)

3 kids under 8 years old...I need the protection!
3 kids under 8 years old...you know I could use some style of my own ;-)

I love the pearl grey case. I've got a white iphone 5, and like apple says, the shirt needs to match the pants.

Wow, super sweet cases. Satin Black if beggars can be choosers. Element has the sharpest looking cases, no doubt about it.

I have kept my iphone5 without a case for a year now but that Italian red case is really nice!
I am due for the change!

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That navy is quite lovely indeed! I would love to win one of these for my new 5s!

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Satin Black looks amazing. I'm glad someone realizes you shouldn't have to sacrifice the sleek aesthetic of the iPhone with a clunky junker of a case.

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i need the red color.its classy..:). apple is a classy phone!..but this case brings more standard to an iphone.i would love to have this :)

Wow! They look awesome in all of the colors. I'll have to go with the Deep Blue Metallic. I love that color combo.

The Satin Black is definitely my favorite, with the Pearl Grey Metallic coming in as a close second. I wish the aluminum piece can be customized to be another color, though. I'd definitely dig a Satin Black / Red Aluminum combo. ;)

I love the satin black. A work of art to hold my work of art iphone 5. I hope to win, but I do have to have one for me and one for my husband. Christmas wish list is one of each.