Element Case revs up Formula and Ion for iPhone 4 [Give away]

Element Case revs up Formula and Ion for iPhone 4 [Give away]

Element Case has just announced their sweet new Formula and Ion cases for iPhone 4 and they can't wait to give one away to the TiPb Nation! We'll get to the give away in a minute but here are the details. Both the Formula and the Ion fit both the AT&T/GSM and Verizon iPhone 4 (and white iPhone 4!), and once again they have that hyper car look, and genuine carbon fiber beauty.

The Ion case, retailing at $49.95, features include:

  • Slim, compact design
  • High-shock absorption polymer construction
  • Carbon fiber reinforced back plate
  • Non-slip ergonomic design
  • Easy removal for docking

The Formula 4 case, retalining at $59.95, features include:

  • Dockable (removable bottom cap)
  • Hi-impact polycarbonate
  • Rubber tone finish for a satin look and a soft feel
  • Ultra-thin ergonomic shape
  • Full back protection
  • Aerospace grade carbon fiber back plate
  • Rubber logo side grip

GIVE AWAY: Just head on over to ElementCase.com, check them out, and leave a comment below telling us which one you like most!

We'll pick a winner, and you'll get your pick of a Formula or Ion case! (Make sure you leave a valid email address. We won't show it, but we need it to email you if you win!)

Contest starts now and runs until Friday, June 3, 12pm PDT. So what are you waiting for? Enter now!

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There are 556 comments. Add yours.

koolguy442 says:

Oh, I'm definitely a bigger fan of the Formula case.

MAVS2 says:

Formula 4 gotta have it

trtmazda3 says:

Loving these cases! So sweet looking. It almost makes the iPhone look like a different phone. I could probably convince my dumber friends that I've got an iPhone 5.

David says:

I like the formula case, as it doesn't intrude too much on the front glass!

RevJar says:

Both look to be really good cases, though I think the Formula 4 is just a hair better.

azntonyking says:

Formula case. Hands down. It's just more.. sleek and im not a huge fan of polymer designs.

weemoogle says:

I prefer the complete coverage one. Always terrified something is gonna scratch my poor phone, heh

mk3s says:

The formula 4 case looks down right sexy...gotta win me one!

Guillermo says:

Theyre badass!! I love the formula 4 case!! I hope I get to have it soon!

Troy says:

That Ion case is pretty sweet!

Nick says:

its got to be the Formula 4 - Black w/Carbon Back, clean lines seems stronger and smooth...

inspector902 says:

Gotta go with the ion 4 case.

miloszz#AC says:

Formula 4 is sooo awesome! Looks better than slick and docks! Just perfect.

pjbcool100 says:

The Formula 4 is quite possibly the most attractive case I have ever laid my eyes on. It's legal to marry cases in Alabama, right?!

Devin says:

That formula 4 case is pretty sick! I'd love to deck my iPhone out in one of those puppies!

bdl says:

I dig the formula 4.

A.tala says:

Both look very nice, but think the Formula4 is the way to go.

Daniel says:

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cuilo says:

Formula 4 - Black w/Carbon Back !! right on!!

Eric says:

I prefer the Formula 4 case. But everything they create looks pretty sick. Thanks for the chance to win!

TheZink says:

ION 4 for me. It guards the screen more which I need with a newborn and a 4 year old.

mickeyg says:

I prefer the formula case.....it seems like it has better protection

St3ib says:

I like the Formula 4 case!!!!

JNGold says:

That Formula case looks sweet. Love to have the chance to win one!

Tripp Rogers says:

Formula 4 case looks great!

56K says:

Formula 4 for me, looks more streamline.

BuckeyeBrad says:

I think the Ion looks better because it covers more on the front screen near the bottom. Donate a cool free one to me please

brian says:

The Formula 4 case is slick. it still has the shape & feel of the Vapor, but i assume it will not effect the antenna at all. I love my Vapor case, its just not practical. Where this would look sweet & get the looks the Vapor did. I hope to win, Id love to sport this look again.

SockRolid says:

Nice! Don't like hard cases. Good luck to everyone else!

TONY X says:

I don't like them, because they cover the apple. so i won't get them. sorry. but no.

BlaqkAudio says:

Formula 4 for me. I tend to like hard cases more

VZiPhoneFinally says:

Formula 4 case looks very nice, would love to have it!

Ana G says:

The ion case looks cool. Even the formula one.

Ardivian says:

I happen to like the design of the ION 4 case. Been in the market for something new that wasn't an Otterbox.

hggs says:

The Formula 4 looks better IMHO. The ION Case is good looking too, just a matter of preference.

Clark says:

Formula 4 looks WWAAAYYY better Ion 4, but Ion 4 looks like it has more coverage even though it's flexible. I'd go with Formula 4. It's sexy.

bunch_dub says:

Formula 4, definitely!! So sleek!

HSNBC says:

Have to say that the Formula 4 sleekness is awesome.

Johnny H. says:

Love the more minimalistic appeal of the Formula 4 case!

Teague says:

I love the ion! Or formula. I'll go with the cheaper one if you pick me!(:

jessnkorey says:

I like the Ion case. I am on my third case so far. Apparently, I am either very rough with my phone, or I pick lousy cases. I started with a case-mate rubber type case. It stretched out and the phone kept sliding around, so I went with a Speck clamshell type case. This was my favorite while it lasted, but it was starting to come apart. Finally I got an Apple bumper which is the worst so far. The Ion case is my favorite as I like a little extra protection on the front glass of the phone. The Formula 4 case looks like it's flush with the front glass. The Ion looks like it wraps around the phone and should protect it better.

Sopa says:

The Formula 4 case looks incredible.

vandebe says:

Formula 4 would be what I would get.
If I could convince HQ (the wife) to spend 60 bucks on a case, let me win!

Brian says:

The Formula 4 is sweet, but man, really digging the Vapor Pro cases!

Tallon says:

they are both great but the
Formula 4 - Black w/Carbon Back is the hotter of the two... would be like your Iphone riding in a limo...

Iranger79 says:

I want the formula case it is sick!!!

Thegoat8664 says:

I'm digging the ION because I like the amount of carbon fiber that shows

radical24 says:

I like the formula case better it seems at least that it is smaller and closer to the iphone in all directions. nice piece of kit

Tu says:

Ion because I like the carbon fiber feel.

Michael P says:

Both look great. Formula would be my preference.

Joebin says:

I'd go with the Formula over the Ion just because it's not as bulky.

Horatio Caine says:

I think most people on here missed the bigger point of this article....NEW IPHONE 4 CASE. Think about it for a second... (Shades slid on)

kman-iphone says:

Wow... I like these cases.. Quality looks fantastic. I like the Formula 4..

Eric says:

I like the ION4. It looks easier to get on and off and I like the style better!

xTG_IrOnZzZ says:

Has to be the formula 4 case, it looks a lot sleeker than the ION case which is why I bought my iPhone because the thinness, the case does look awesome though and looks like it would protect my iPhone superbly. I'd love to win it because I haven't got a case for my phone and this one looks stylish and nice :)

Pete Leask says:

I'm really liking the clearence given for the volume buttons & silence switch.
This is the most frustrating thing lacking with most cases.
Very cool indeed!

CasinoK1D says:

I'll take the formula case...AWESOMENESS!

dloveprod says:

I like the Vapor 4 iPhone Case

gmanist1000 says:

The formula looks a lot better in my opinion!

Marc says:

I like the Formula 4 - Black w/Carbon Back! I do a lot of outdoor work, so i need a case that fully protects my iPhone 4!

zet2002 says:

Ion for sure, best looking.

Jon says:

Ion, not a fan of sliders (even partial)

Pete Leask says:

Def the Form 4 is my fave!

dan says:

Totally digging on that Formula 4 case. Would do wonders to cover up all the little scratches I've been accumulating over the past year!

noblejohn says:

The Formula 4 - Black w/Carbon without question!

Jason says:

The formula case is awesome, since I dock my iphone a lot. The style of the case is perfect and unique to most anything else out there as well.

Raylanser says:

the formula 4: my phone could use something more shock resistant

as400man says:

I like the ION. I could see the cap as a potential problem with the Formula

Andrea says:

I like the Formula 4 the best. From the pictures it looks a little slimmer than the ion.

OutGolfn says:

Man the Formula case looks sweet! Please!

Logan says:

The formula 4 for sure, slick design and looks pretty protective.

Kemiyo says:

I love the Formula 4 case. I have the Case-Mate Carbon fiber backed case now, but the Formula 4 would make me change cases.

Soheb Hasan says:

Ohhhh Da Formula 4 looks amazing...specially the original bumper styling gives it a much original n better look n feel. the ion 4 has those huge hole kinda thing on the sides which is really iphonic ;)
Its Formula 4 for me..

icecrystal23 says:

ION. I don't need a case that can dock...

Soheb Hasan says:

Edited... forgot a word lol...
Ohhhh Da Formula 4 looks amazing…specially the original bumper styling gives it a much original n better look n feel. the ion 4 has those huge hole kinda thing on the sides which is really NOT iphonic ;) Its Formula 4 for me..

Mark says:

Formula 4, Oh please, please, please!!!!

futurecode says:

Formula 4 please! Harder lines make me ...... like it more.

Joe says:

Cool give away!
I'd choose the ION 4. It seems like a more protective case, and as a firefighter that keeps his phone on him just in case, I can use all the protection I can get.
I don't know how many times I've dropped my poor 4 out of my pants when I'm changing in an emergency haha

Earless Puppy says:

Formula 4, can you just mail it now, or do I have to wait until you announce I won... Should I not of typed that, I guess now everyone knows there is no need to enter below mine... hehe

Jonathan Seals says:

Formula! I already have the Vapor 4 and it murders my signal :( but I love Element Case's designs!

John W. says:

I like the Formula case.

brett says:

the formula is hawt... plus i use docks all the time!

Delrahim69 says:

I like the Formula 4 case. Both look great but the Formula is my pick. I also love their iPad stands, the joule

Phatan says:

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Ryan says:

The ION is saaaaweet!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara s says:

Formula would be my preference!

Vince says:

Formula looks way sleeker. I've gone caseless for a while now but I've noticed lots of scratches in sunlight so I wouldn't mind having a case as awesome as the formula to hide those scratches and prevent new ones.

Jeremy says:

I'd take the formula case!

kevin.py says:

Both look great, but I'd prefer the Ion because of the no slip grip, I tend to drop my iphone a lot. Thankfully I've got a pretty good case-mate case.

Lpxerodin says:

Formula 4 4 iPhone 4 4 the Win!

Andrew says:

Formula looks super sexy! I like me some carbon fiber.

Tom Ferguson says:

I prefer the cleaner lines and removable bottom of the Formula case.

aznkid14 says:

The formula definitely looks great!

Kyle S says:

Both look sweet, however, my choice would be the formula!

bdot04 says:

I would take either one but since you twist my arm I'll pick the formula 4 case!!! Thanks Georgia :)

joe says:

I always wanted a Element case but just cant afford one, it be nice to win something for first time.
I know Element makes the most stylish and best built cases without a doubt. Formula case looks excellent, would like nice on my iPhone4.
Good luck to all!!!!

Matthew Gadberry says:

I would LOVE to get the Formula case. My Griffin case is nice but it's falling apart on me. My phone constantly falls put of it.

baloghjz says:

I love the Formula! Looks like an aluminum case without the restrictions of an aluminum case. Count me in for a Formula!

Bill Yearout says:

Polycarbonate, carbon fiber, if it's good enough for Hans Solo, it's good enough for my iPhone! I'll take the Formula.

Bacco says:

I like the formula 4 case better because it doesn't cover the screen area as much as the Ion case.

Jay says:

The Formula 4 looks great with the stylish and strong carbon fiber. It would look great in my car, sadly that would be the only carbon fiber that car will ever see.

scrawford93 says:

I like the Formula 4 case.

warrior15r says:

The formula case looks amazing! I just can't afford to spend that much money on a case

afrye says:

I like the carbon fiber back and removable bottom of the formula case. That would be awesome if I won it!

Edwin V. says:

I like the Formula case. Looks sweet with the carbon fiber and has a removable bottom for docking.

jeck77 says:

The Formula 4 case is no doubt the nicest one. I'll take one of those please.

Chris Coleman says:

I think the "formula" case is HOT!

Rafael says:

Formula 4! Finally did away with needing to carry around that key to take off the case. they also fixed the issue with the headphone opening being too small for some headphones. looks like they listened to all the "feedback" they were getting. better price too.

Jeffri says:

The Formula 4 is kick-ass and its cool that it has a removable bottom!.

David Strom says:

Wow, the Formula 4 is outstanding. I could really use a case like that. I especially like the removable bottom.

Rob W says:

My toddler chewed through the bumper.
I need a new case that's tough on teeth!

rydmn says:

I like the Formula 4. I've liked their metal stuff previously, but it has been just out of reach financially.

Three5zero says:

The formula 4 case looks so dope!!

David P says:

Both these cases look great! I've been looking for a good carbon fiber case for my phone and I think these might be them. I wasn't really into the "bumperness" of the vapor one plus it has a huge price tag. Both look great but I have to say the formula 4 looks better. I'd take either one though:p

Hook Man says:

Really love the sleek look of the Forumula case and it looks like it will offer great protection for my iPhone!

Jeremy Nagy says:

PLEASE pick me for the formula 4 case! I desperately need a case for my iphone 4!

PremeOne says:

I'm really liking that Formula case!

Rowanova says:

I like the look of the formula case the best. I could use one, please.

Mriley1058 says:

I like the Formula 4 case. I bet it's 4 times less likely to crash in the final corner when leading a Formula 1 race!!


looks pretty awesome, I want one!!!

Chris E. says:

Definitely the formula. It makes a great looking phone look even better.

kmiahali says:

ION 4 - Black w/Carbon Back looks great! I'd like to win that one! :P

Matt says:

I love the formula, especially for the removable bottom cap for docking.

MAGNUS says:

The Formla 4 case looks awesome. Yo quiero!

Suefnp says:

Both of these cases look good, but a little color would be nice. Especially on the Formula 4

bduran727 says:

The Formula looks the best, I love that design!

Mark schade says:

I think both cases look elegant, mean and very rugged! The carbon fiber gives it a look like none other. Looks like you could drop your phone from any height and survive! It's a split between them both, so I hope I can get my hands on one!

Marcus Trotta says:

The Formula for sure ... much cleaner design

jmaldonado says:

The Formula is the best looking case out there!

Lee McRae says:

I like the formula case it's protective yet sleek and sexy!

bustaflexx says:

In for Formula
Good luck to ya'll and Thx TiPb!

cjurdaz says:

The formula 4 looks better I love the carbon fiber

stealth915 says:

I'm liking the Formula 4's removable bottom, especially since I haven't found a dock that can fit my phone w/ the case on it.

bustaflexxxx says:

It would be Nice to have the Ion.
I'm in.

four4usc says:

I like the formula 4 case for it's dockability.

Matthew says:

The Formula 4 looks better. It has a better color and also you can easily remove the bottom part for docking.

jrephoto_op says:

Make mine the formula 4 because its the coolist.

telvis says:

I would love the formula. I need a new case but so broke.

RichardF says:

ooh, I like the Formula 4 - Black w/Carbon Back.

ShiftPursuit says:

The Formula 4! That carbon backing looks sick!

jim berry says:

I want theThe Formula 4 case. I just want it.

tennenho says:

Formula 4 is pretty sweet. And reasonable for an Element case.

Alex says:

The formula 4 looks excellent, good build quality, and would look great on my white iphone!

YT says:

Sign me up, Formula 4 for me please.

Danny2582 says:

I kinda like the look of the formula alittle better , but the ion looks like it has a snugger nicer fit to it, id gladly put either one on my iphone

Mario says:

The Formula 4 looks incredible. I love it! Ion doesn´t look good at all

daphil01 says:

The formula 4 looks amazing! WOuld love to get one.,

Steve says:

The Formula 4 looks really nicely designed. I like the ergonomic grips on the side, the minimal edge around the screen, and the dockability. Great case!

2k3sgm says:

One formula 4 for me please or two if you're feeling generous!

SD says:

Wow I would love the Formula 4! Please pick me!

quicksilver53 says:

They are both very nice looking cases. I would be happy to have either of them. Love the black carbon fibre look. It would most likely be the Ion for me. Thanks

Terry says:

I have to say, the Ion case is nice, and a good break from their typical high prices.

Tim S says:

Both are really sweet cases but I for some reason I liked the Ion better. Would definitely take either since the one on my phone now is cracked

Brandon says:

The formula 4 works best with my taste, but both cases look awesome.

Ramon says:

The formula case is amazing! Too bad I'm a broke college kid lol

Don says:

The Formula 4 case hands down...

John says:

The Formula 4 hands down

Christopher says:

I prefer the formula case, I like a case that comes in that design, not to fond of the slip on case. I would love it !!!!

Purple4 says:

I really really really really really love the Formula 4, its exactly what I have been looking for in a case. I could sport it at the High School where I am a teacher. Love to make the kids jealous!

Darkstar says:

I definitely would like the Formula 4.

Jose Bombela says:

I love the formula case it beautiful!!

jason says:

DEF the Formula 4. I'd rather have the porsche fully loaded.

tbro4033 says:

Wow, both of these are pretty sick. I would love to win the Formula 4 case. I like the removable bottom for docking purposes.

Frank says:

Definitely the Formula case - it's gorgeous and it's dockable!

Sentenial says:

I love the carbon fiber! The design is awesome.
I want one so badly!

Ruben says:

The ion one looks nice

jim says:

First day on this site and allready love it,ive been a Black Berry user for years and finally jumped ship,should have done it a long time ago.would love to have the Formula 4 case to show off my beauty to all my Black Berry friends,Thank You Tipb and Element

William taylor says:

I like the formula 4 case better it may be a little bigger but the rubber finish does it for me

Cantico says:

I like the look of the Formula 4. Nice!

Tony Diaz says:

The Formula 4 case is the one for me!

Rudy Hovey says:

I love my Defender, but the removable cap to allow for docking would get me to switch in a heartbeat!

Andrey Epiphaniou says:

The Element Formula for the iPhone 4 would be my choice. Gl to all participants :)

SvedishChef says:

The Formula 4 case would work well for me. Like the fact that it's dockable.. THANKS!

Jim Logan says:

Would love to win either, however the Formula would be the best fit for me. Not only awesome protection, but good looks. Ive been looking for a case that makes my iphone4 even more beautiful and i think the formula takes the cake

Tom-Tom says:

Formula 4 looks REALLY slick, and the easy dock-ability is just icing on the phone protection cake


formula 4 looks more solid and the dock part its nice

JeevesVic says:

Formula 4 case looks awesome!!

Jeremiah H. says:

I really think the ion case is awesome. Great color scheme

tan le says:

i would like the formula 4 because i cant afford the element vapor. =)

Robert E Morse says:

The Formula 4 is just plain sick looking but the Ion is not bad either. I just got my Iphone and don't have a case yet. Would love to have either one. Let me win.

Reytube says:

Looks good. Want one :)

blyths says:

Love to wrap my phone in the Formula 4. It has the styling cues I love from the Vaporware cases, but without sacrificing the ability to dock and at half the price! It will also be a nice alternative to the Griffin Etch graphite I got from Apple's free case from antennagate!

lounovak says:

I have to go with the Formula 4. As my Otter Commuter has to be fully removed to use my dock, I'd love the removable bottom cap for quick docking and undocking.

oakie#IM says:

count me in! I could use one to replace my reception blocking Vapor Pro.
I prefer the Formula case due to it's rigid construction.

Frank says:

The Formula 4 is definitely better looking. Keeps the front looking clean!

nubgen says:

I like the Formula 4 Black w/ Carbon Back baby!

resplendent2209 says:

I like the formula one as the name says it - It has the formula to incline a person towards it lol.

Oliverf says:

Formula 4 for my iPhone 4. Please. :)

cyaaa50 says:

Formula is a case worthy to be on the grid at a F-1 race. Sleek and extremely well designed, a real winner!!

GrandmaBetty says:

I would love the Formula 4 case. Something about carbon fiber just gets me all bubbly.

Frederic Squires says:

My favorite is the Formula Four. Classy, feels great, everything you could possibly want in
an IPhone 4 case. It would be great to win. Thank you for the opportunity!!!
Frederic Squires

Dcarlon says:

Formula 4 case looks awesome. Been looking for something to replace my old apple bumper and I think I've finally found it!

DamnSkippy says:

I would like The Ion case since it is a slip on one piece.

techmom#IM says:

I prefer the lighter minimalist Formula 4. Hope I get to try it out!

Art says:

Holy guacamole the Formula 4 is a slick looking case.Sure would make a nice early fathers day present,(wink,wink). Good luck to all.

Aaron Pace says:

I like the Formula 4 the best!

MiXoLoGiSt says:

I like the formula 4 case. It looks really good (ESP to a car enthusiast like me) and looks like it protects well. Hopefully I win this case since I recently lost my job and can't afford to buy it if I don't win.

Michael Samuels says:

I would have to go with the formula 4.

mdoades71 says:

Love them both as they each feature a racing inspired look to them. I would prefer the Formula 4 however as it approaches a more aggressive design which really suits my tastes in cars (and in this case - an iPhone case). Whether or not I'm picked, thanks for giving one of these away!

William says:

Right now I have an 'incase' clear case (cracking in both top corners for some strange reason) to show off my "Neon Genesis Evangelion screen protector (front and back). What better way to make my phone look more 'NERV'-like than to have the Formula case to keep it "top-of-the-line"!!!

Jason says:

Formula 4 looks great and you don't have to take the case off to dock it : )

lcargile says:

The FORMULA 4 CASE FTW!!! That thing is awesome! Looks like it would fit my needs/wants for a case perfectly!

Rafael says:

Formula 4, Docking is a must!

GavinCampbell says:

The black Formula 4 is the best looking case. I really like the look of it.

///M_iPhone says:

Formula 4 for me, it looks awesome.

ben says:

Formula 4 - Black w/Carbon Back

Sergey says:

Hey, I need an iPhone 4 case REALLY BAD because I don't have one and love my iPhone 4. I take a look at your blog at lest 3 times a day, just awesome. Could I please have the The Formula 4 case :) It looks really nice :D. Thanks a lot, lots of interesting things on this website!!!

karry#IM says:

Ooh La La! I would love the Formula 4 case. Thank you guys!

Anna Ely says:

I like the sleek smoothness of the Formula 4.

tlbarr3 says:

I like the Formula 4 case as it is durable and sleek. Much better looking than the bulky otterbox defender case my Iphone 4 is currently wrapped in.

nstark07 says:

Loving the look of the Ion. Would love to have one!

nagasaki69 says:

I would get the formula edition because it says aerospace in the description!! I'm sold ;-)

luisfeliperios says:

Both cases are great, although I like more the ION case, looks great!!

smoke5643 says:

THIS IS the case of my dreams... Gotta love that carbon fiber!! Me needs one.....QUICKLY!

supersonicgt says:

I love the Formula 4 case and would be totally fine if you wanted to give me one!