Enter now to win a $200 Ronin case from Element-Case!

Element Case unleashes the Ronin for iPhone 5, and you can win one for free!

Element Case makes some of the highest end, most exclusive, most luxurious iPhone and iPad accessories on the planet, and that's never been more true than with the Ronin for iPhone 5.

The Ronin FE blends CNC machined, aircraft-grade aluminum with ethically-sourced, renewable Ziricote wood offering a warm, lustrous finish and a soft, genuine leather backing for unrivaled style and protection unlike anything else in an iPhone case.

The Ronin features a wood and aluminum-blend frame completely encasing the iPhone 5’s perimeter with in-line volume, mute-switch and power button controls. Its slim-yet-stylish curves fully engulf iPhone 5 in a comfortable, smooth and luxurious package offering full protection and stand-out style no other aftermarket accessory can offer. Inspired by the clean lines of the “Katana,” or Samurai Sword, the Ronin bears its namesake for the legendary Japanese Samurai warriors with no allegiance to a lord or master -- thus the Ronin 5 lives in a category all its own.

I know they're drawing on Asian culture for inspiration, but to me the Ronin also looks like something straight out of the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings. It the kind of case Elrond or Galadriel would have born into battle and used to smite many a ruin upon the mountainsides.

But here's the best news of all... You can win one of your very own! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below telling Element Case you want one! We'll pick one of you at random, announce the winner in our usual post next week, and Element Case will send you your prize.

And if you just can't wait that long run, don't walk, over to Element Case and order yours now!

Source: Element Case

Rene Ritchie

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Stephen Seko says:

I ordered and have since received the Sector 5 FE which I believe to be the best looking case for an iPhone 5, well, until now. Although it has an entirely different "vibe," the new Ronin is beautiful. I want one.

jbuck387 says:

I definitely want one!

Zdenek Zacek says:

I would like to have one ..

jamie says:

I would live to have one!

Sea-Dweller says:

Element Case, I want one!

jorgeagtz says:

I've never seen an iPhone case that I fall in love with at first sight. This is the one for me, I must have one!

Buddy L says:

OMG ; that is the Most BadAss case I've ever seen !! It's so me , & I would pimp this thing everywhere I go ! Please allow me to show off your case everywhere but giving me on , otherwise , I'll have to by one ! Not that I can afford it , & my Wife will probably kill me , but it looks so worth it !!!!

grobenrw says:

Stunning and elegant! Love it!

joshmundy says:

that is one SEXY case, would look even better on MY iPhone 5!!!!

RickRicart says:

Pick me! I want one. Go Element, the best cases in the World!

Sergio9955 says:

Would love to have one!! Free advertising for all!!!!!!

Vox says:

Yay! I want one of these...been wanting an Element Case for a long time...want one...please? :)

Aoon_M says:

I would love this case! :D

gkomsky says:

This case, when coupled with the ridiculously unnecessary purchase I made of Frodo's sting sword back in 2003 at The Lord of the Rings marathon, will finally validate my purchase thinking.

Timo Kakko says:

Nice one, you just need to make it bee dust and waterproof.

karthik_pn says:

I would really love this case and i think it would compliment the iphone 5 white really well. I had an element case once for my iphone 4 and it was great , so i trust this one would be too

fishfarm20 says:

Absolutely gorgeous cases! I'd love to have one, just can't afford the price, but, free is VERY affordable!

sutok says:

Looks amazing. I want one! X

applegeek84 says:

May i have one of these please guys!!!

Zihui Tan says:

I would certainly love to own it too!

Rmart73 says:

Always been a fan of Element Case, great american company and even better products oh and outstanding customer support. Nothing like a sleek case for a sleek iPhone 5..I must have this!!

mrnserv says:

can I have one please, thank you in advance...

ras19064 says:

What a handsome case! I would proudly show it off to everyone.

aaronbrown22 says:

I would love to have one....

cardfan says:

I'd love to give one to my wife..

ajoshi4176 says:

I would love to have one

Sam Rapowitz says:

Wood and aluminum: always a good combination.

Nikko Roxas says:

Want!!! Make me a winner!!

iPhone5_pwnd says:

I shall call it squishy and it shall be mine.

BayAreaKahuna21 says:

I would love an element case!

airmaxx28 says:

Would love one for my shiny new iPhone 5.

Christ0f says:

Element Case, I want one! Please pick me! Thanks, iMore and Element Case!

Eveinc says:

This is by far the best iPhone 5 or any other iPhone case i've ever seen. I want one, better yet, I want to win this one.

Rnkriis says:

Bought an element case for my 4S and just let it sit in my desk due to it killing me reception, wold be nice to win one to make up for that loss.

smmathew says:

I would love to have one of these. Beautiful case.

lucky4meman says:

I would like a Ronin iPhone 5 case!! :)

Matador says:

What a beautiful case! Would love to win this one.

deeptali says:

If I get Sector 5 black ops that would be awesome.

DevilishBanker says:

I always wanted a $200 case to cover my $200 phone! I hope I win :) In all seriousness, it is a really awesome looking case.

BlueDevilNation says:

I have super cool iphone on the way for christmas and would really like a super cool case to go with it please !!!

auriculogenesis says:

I'd love to win one! It seems to be one of the most natural-feeling cases one could ever get in their lives... There's a lot of synthetic and metallic cases on the market. This one breaks the trend and sets a new one! :D

syng says:

I really want one! Thanks,

Sitthitouch Surabotsopon says:

give meeee please I want it so badddd :'(

jlake02 says:

What an amazing case! I'd love one! :)

Winski says:

To the Element folks... I would love to have one of you cases since they seem to be part of the second wave of real craftsmanship to be targeted at the new iPhone.. Good work.

Thanks !!!

Smh5108 says:

Awesome, totally Awesome! WOW! Sexy case!

munhbayar says:

Another Free stuff... you guys are rocking...I want one too whatever is fine...

indie-android says:

My iPhone5 is coming soon ... need a case.

Slayers says:

would love to put my 5 in 1 of these

Michael Nolen says:

It's simply art...semper fi!

herbert1225 says:

Element Case, I want one!

Peter Le says:

Yeah yeah yeah!!! You know whats up!!! I want one!!!!

Adam Rasmussen says:

It's beautiful! I'd love one!

MiguelCh says:

the case's so awesome! I really want one! :P

BrandonB says:

OH YEAH! I've been drooling over an element case since the first time you reviewed them.
This one (Ronin) is PREPOSSESSING!!!

John Shevlin says:

I would like one. I had the vapour pro for my iPhone 4 and it was amazing.

rndaddy says:

I rock that case. Send it to me. Pretty please.

EKK330 says:

This case is absolutely beautiful. I'd love to win this!

kgie1217 says:

Very cool case! Would look good on my white iPhone 5!

anygivensunday says:

This is a beautiful high quality case, the only thing acceptable to put on my iPhone 5!

ffjones54 says:

I would love one they are crazy nice cases

cjurdaz says:

Would love one for my new iPhone 5 I just picked up

Romanu says:

This looks like an awesome case. I would surely love to have one. Thanks iMore for the opportunity.

dfine1966 says:

I love the style and looks. I would love one if you so offered.

blueyxd says:

This would be an awesome case to win, want!

nouniques says:

This is the finest case ever seen.
Most definatly would like one.

nate8it says:

I want one! It looks awesome!

Karolisk says:

I want one! Would be a good reason to finally upgrade to iPhone 5

Speed Li says:

The new Ronin is beautiful. I want one.Pls! Pls!

Farmdreads says:

I work with wood. This would be a perfect fit for a carpenter.

donnation says:

This is the first case I've seen which actually adds beauty for the iPhone 5. Beautiful!

Ian Yu says:

Oh God... I really love and WANT this RONIN case!!!!

ct_mike says:

As an aerospace engineer and woodworker, that is one beautiful case. May I have a free one please?

lds710 says:

I would appreciate one.

petworks97 says:

i could really use this one

Ziltoid says:

Katana? Samurai sword? I want anything ninja! Looks great!

adriang21 says:

This would be great on my Iphone

mjdenes says:

The RONIN Case is wonderful and I know I will love it.......... I want to WIN IT TODAY!
THANKS FOR OFFERING IT AS A POSSIBLE PRIZE....... I will await its delivery in the mail !
Loyal Fan of APPLE and iMORE..............

bkDJ says:

That's a beatiful-looking case! I'm in!

M_Stephens says:

i'd love one of these! Unique, beautiful, amazing... and hopefully mine!

JuanCa Granados Rodriguez says:

Yo quiero una por favor..........gracias de un español con mucho arte. Gacias.

shimad says:

I would love to be the first in Honolulu using that case

KonstantinND says:

Cause i Love WooD and raw metal.


Superb slim and innovative design! Good Job!

DamnSkippy says:

I would love to show this case off!

Fawicted says:

Clearly want an element case guys!!! :D:D

Mark MacKenzie says:

Dear Element Case,

I want a Ronin Case for my iPhone5! I think that's all that's required to win so ill await the postman arriving with my delivery and making my year!

Many thanks


supertramp2k says:


danthompson84 says:

Beautifully designed case. Gorgeous. I'd love one.

mpagano37 says:

I want one please. Looks great.

Alpha157 says:

Hey I'd love to have one for the iphone 5 i get for christmas, if i do win this will be my christmas present from you.

Alpha157 says:

Hey I'd love to have one for the iphone 5 i get for christmas, if i do win this will be my christmas present from you.

jjcasillas15 says:

This is a thing of beauty. Would love this!!

rvzz says:

Awesome case. Give me one.

cheesey69 says:

Wow that looks awesome , count me in please. Happy Holidays

estroh says:

I'd love one, looks nice

davjaxn says:

I want one! Plan on getting an iPhone 5 in January and I would love to put this on it!

giantlikefefifofum says:

RONIN or BLACK OPS CASE. Please and Thank You. You guys rock

humantraffic says:

I love one to save me from destroying my iPhone while hiking the Chief in BC or trying to catch a cab in NYC

novakjo1 says:

ummm...yes please! what an amazing looking case

jwelchmusic says:

I love these cases.. I found Element over a year ago and have been drooling at their products ever since. This would greatly compliment my iPhone 5!

encyclopedia says:

Cool, I want one...pls...surprise me...

jlyriq says:

Great case!!! Element i want one

rpol86 says:

I would love to have this. I had one for my iPhone 4

DanielVox says:

Would complement my Glass Screen Protector well. Having an iPhone is more then just a phone it's almost like an accessory.

trpdnabx says:

My phone is craving this case

crwoo says:

hey, i want one :) :)

quarters says:

Please Element, I would love to put this case on my iPhone 5. Thank you.

josephk71 says:

I totally love Element they make the best cases, I hope to win RONIN for my iPhone5, hope I get picked.

Happy Holidays To All

CPFB says:

I would like one. Looks awesome!

Ron Motto says:

I'd love to have one of these awesome cases !

faithnomor says:

OH HECK YEAH!! This looks great!!

Tony Tharayil says:

WOW! I love my Sector 5 FE, but I might just need to get one of these...

Sign me up for the drawing, you guys rock!

cc3d says:

please send one to me and I will give two cheeseburgers on Tuesday!

Rqomar says:

Looks nice, I would love to win one.

aog3 says:

WOW this case is beautiful!!!!! It just going to make my 5 a lot more elegant.

bbsadaj says:

I'll take one of these please, and thank you.

Deanne Sutton says:

My iPhone 5 would love the chance to be wrapped in the sheer luxury of this case. Please pick me to be the new master of this Ronin!

JimmyNg says:

Common! I'm Asian, so pick me.

Sylvain Girard says:

Iv'e been waiting for a good case for the iPhone % to come out and this one is perfect!

kyle17 says:

This case looks amazing! I have been looking for a element case for my iPhone 5 for a while and didn't know which one to get because they all look so nice! I would absolutely love one!!! Would go great with my white iPhone 5!

CK#CB says:

i really need that case on my 5! plz & thank you!

trentsongs says:

Beautiful design. I'd love to show it off.

babyblues197669 says:

Such a sophisticated luxurious case! Perfect for an iPhone 5!

Apple_girl says:

Cool looking case. I want one!

Miyagido says:

I never thought it was such a bad little tree

CooperS84 says:

Thats a pretty amazing looking case, me please! :)

i_am_kikz says:

Great design. Got my FRE case, and i want to have Ronin also

iBill 100 says:

Yes please. This would be a beautiful addition to my new iPhone 5.

Big_Boy3 says:

I would love one. Shiny!

DonS50 says:

Nice! I think it would look great on my iPhone 5.

Bacco says:

I'd love one...thanks.

Belzad says:

I too would love one.

13thnight says:

Can't wait to have this awesome case!!

fubaracing7374 says:

I'll take one for my iPhone 5!!!

Southpoleman6969 says:

I'd love one for my upcoming iPhone 5. Upgrading in 2 weeks and would love to start it off right with such a nice case.

James Tagle says:

Element Case, I want one!

Djn4ever says:

Bring it on Element... This will be an awesome case to show off..

bosslx1 says:

Hook it up! I'd love one for my iphone 5

aaronazizi says:

I would love one! My birthday is this Saturday and I would really appreciate it if I could get this as my gift from iMore, since I promote your website to all my friends, and go on it every day! <3

ricksuttles says:

I would LOVE to have this case! I visit iMore daily!

BSUNesto says:

I've had 3 iPhones and have had to do MANY self repairs and screen replacements because I like my iPhone naked. BUT THIS, this is a thing of beauty and would go great with my new iPhone 5 that I ordered yesterday. It's the one case that would make me change my ways!

Joewhodatt says:

The metal in case look cool. All I have is a cheap soft sheel case would love this case for business occasions !!!! PICK ME PLEASE !!!!

tennenho says:

That's so flipping hot.

Gaston90210 says:

Top notch. Probably the only one I would go from being case-less to case.

txmartin2 says:

Looks like a awesome case!

vzwdavid says:

Element... I want one!

dlarocca says:

You should give it to me!

dfb8085 says:

this is gorgeous. I would love for this to be my first case for my first iPhone

Damian Tite says:

I would love the Ronin case, element case are the beez knees!

Gigiddy says:

Looks very refined. I would really like one!

Fit24 says:

I'd like to have this case.

iPhone_Therefore_iAm says:

The iPhone is a beautiful device. Element Case products are the only ones I would put on mine.

Bytor70 says:

That's an awesome looking case that you all have created! I would love to show my friends how awesome it fits on my iPhone 5.

F34R says:

That is probably the best looking case I've ever seen. Beautiful.

Sivle says:

I haven't found a nicer looking case I'd consider covering my iphone 5 up with! Beautiful case! Would love one, please!

zerog46 says:

This would look awesome on my iPhone 5.

ProdriveWRC says:

This would really make my day - please hook me up!

porsche man says:

Stunning. I think it could help me pick up girls. Please send me one. Thanks!!

biggerwoody says:

I would love one of these.

dwebb66 says:

I need one, my dog's name is Ronin!

khalid7412002 says:

this would go great with my new iphone 5 that I will be getting saturday.

bassoprofundo says:

Awesome! This would make my wife's Christmas. She was just telling me that she wanted something totally different for a case for her new 5, which started me hunting. This would totally fit the bill! Help a brother out, here...

Larr32 says:

I'd love to have one for my iPhone 5, hook me up guys!!!

mcervant88 says:

I have never seen something so beautiful!! I must have one! Please pick me!!

smchrist2 says:

I want one Element Case!

RubiconFrost says:

I need a case that looks as good as me. Please.

cslaten says:

I would like this case. It looks fantastic.......

Gadgetry says:

I'd like to have one, please!

Ron McLaughlin says:

Wow, this case fits my style perfectly. It would be really appreciated!

dalejr88nascar says:

i would love this case.. im a big case guru!!!

TiffyBeBadd says:

Merry Xmas to me! I'm claiming it!

bdfortin says:

A++. Would purchase ElementCase again!

onlineaddy says:

I want one, Element Case. tq

udayzv says:

Would love to have one.With my luck in lucky draws,probably not.

nikbert says:

I would love to win this extremely beautiful case.

JayStreet says:

Absolutely awesome! I'd love to have one.

Butcher Pete says:

This is the most beautiful case ever. I need one!

gdt702 says:

Ill take one in sin city!

gonzotwins says:

A most excellent opportunity for my iPhone 5! Thanks for the chance.

sandman369 says:

Cool case. Always in the market for some new style!!!

mike_13 says:

Looks good, I'll take one.

Piercey says:

Element comes through again! I'd love one!

Hoosier says:

Nice Case....I want one

clearrants says:

I'd love one! Hope I win!!

zdn1042 says:

Though I don't have an iPhone 5. I would like to give one to my friend as a gift this Christmas.

jw154j says:

I really, really want one...more than anyone else times infinity.