Enter now to win a $200 Ronin case from Element-Case!

Element Case unleashes the Ronin for iPhone 5, and you can win one for free!

Element Case makes some of the highest end, most exclusive, most luxurious iPhone and iPad accessories on the planet, and that's never been more true than with the Ronin for iPhone 5.

The Ronin FE blends CNC machined, aircraft-grade aluminum with ethically-sourced, renewable Ziricote wood offering a warm, lustrous finish and a soft, genuine leather backing for unrivaled style and protection unlike anything else in an iPhone case.

The Ronin features a wood and aluminum-blend frame completely encasing the iPhone 5’s perimeter with in-line volume, mute-switch and power button controls. Its slim-yet-stylish curves fully engulf iPhone 5 in a comfortable, smooth and luxurious package offering full protection and stand-out style no other aftermarket accessory can offer. Inspired by the clean lines of the “Katana,” or Samurai Sword, the Ronin bears its namesake for the legendary Japanese Samurai warriors with no allegiance to a lord or master -- thus the Ronin 5 lives in a category all its own.

I know they're drawing on Asian culture for inspiration, but to me the Ronin also looks like something straight out of the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings. It the kind of case Elrond or Galadriel would have born into battle and used to smite many a ruin upon the mountainsides.

But here's the best news of all... You can win one of your very own! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below telling Element Case you want one! We'll pick one of you at random, announce the winner in our usual post next week, and Element Case will send you your prize.

And if you just can't wait that long run, don't walk, over to Element Case and order yours now!

Source: Element Case

Rene Ritchie

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vianar says:

gorgeous case. I would love to have one!!

NotHomer says:

This has to be one of the most beautiful cases Element Case has made to date.

thomaszbb says:

I would LOVE one, please!

bellarossa says:

wow - what a beautiful case!

BeyondtheTech says:

Wow, this is a beautiful case!

Tj952 says:

l would like one, PLEASE!!!!!


Dear Santa,

I wish I can win the nice looking pretty element case on imore :)
I left you some milk and cookies

bvonscott says:

Wow. That case is really cool. Count me in on one of those. I love real wood used in products and not that fake stuff.

jlam85 says:

i would pimp this so hard on twitter/fb. pick me!

Chirogreg says:

Yes, I would love one of these cases on my iPhone. I would show it to everyone!

pyceasyas123 says:

awesome case. would love to have one! pick me please!

Sopa says:

I'd love to have one!

vmp0014 says:

I'd love to protect my iPhone 5 with this beautiful piece of art!! I'm in.

Lazarus#IM says:

By far the sexiest case I've seen for iPhone 5. Please oh, please- would love to have this so much!

mohammadshaikh34 says:

Love your website, really need a case for my new iphone.

dpfenninger says:

That's a real purty case...pick me, please. :)

Andy Chesley says:

Oh man!! The ronin iPhone 5 case please!


OMG YES PLEASE! I would LOVE an Element Case for my beautiful iPhone 5!

Firesoda says:

Finally, a case worth bragging about. Very nice craftsmanship.

brward2k says:

Bam. I snatch your underpants right off your butt.. How bout you kick some love to uncle Brent!! :)

gordo8631 says:

I'm not one that's usually big on cases I usually find one and stick to it I think this is the one

ur34 says:

Element cases are the only case I use for my iPhone. I had a sector for my 4s and it was Brilliant. The Ronin is a masterpiece worthy of the iPhone 5! I'd love one!!!

B1000 says:

This cases inspiration, a samurai who has no lord or master, fits my personality perfect. Therefore it would be the perfect accessory to my iPhone.

emjayess says:

Love my job....but it won't provide me with such a cool case for my cool iPhone 5! :-)

(Thought I was just another one of those spammer, dintcha?!)

Thanks for the opportunity, iMore and Element case--this is probably the only case I'd stop going naked for!

hilandr says:

Yes Please and Thank you.

Ratane says:

Looks magnificent and elegant. Hope to win!!

G.4 says:

I love this case! Thanks for the opportunity iMore and Element!

John Cecil says:

Would commit sepaku for this case!!

mannyvel says:

If I win, I'd buy an iPhone 5 just to use it.

IrishRT says:

Not only do I WANT one.... I NEED one! So beautiful.

Kai Wernicke says:

Beautyfull case, sign me up, I want. one!!

CaFe88 says:

that case looks amazing!

Nuttz565 says:

This will make my Christmas! Thanks Element

Joey Laserna says:

watch out ....this is perfect present for christmas beautiful and elegant.

Rbj69 says:

Am really in need of this case love to get it plz

rclark07m says:

I would like one. Thank you.

DynaGix says:

That is a nice case. I would like to advertise it by using one.

tonywa77 says:

I'd love to have one. Much appreciate for all your hard work. You Guys are the best

Stefan Deroche says:

Wood, metal, leather, beautiful Ronin i want you !

skeets000 says:

This is the case i have always wanted

opticalserenity says:

I'd love one! They're fantabulously fantastic.

Claudia Montgomery says:

I love all the element cases !!! I really want one!!!!!

7Anthony says:

I've had bad luck with metal cases and would love to give a wood one a try. Thanks

carterwong says:

I wish I could afford a purchase, so win would be prefect.

smacsteve says:

I think Element Case has the coolest, most innovative cases I've ever seen! I'd own one, but for the cost... Not in my budget!

EV36 says:

Awesome case. Would love this.

John Ennis says:

Oh go on then, get one in the post to Somerset Uk old chap.

DimebagWuest says:

I have entered these contests many times and haven't won, I would love one of these cases to cover my iPhone as it's glass has shattered on me a few times!

Eric Lim says:

I would love to have one.

surfboy1990 says:

Would look great on my new iPhone 5

TacomaJustin says:

I love the Black Ops case for the iPhone 5. Best looking case out there.

Rolf says:

I'd love to have a beautiful case like this!

Mark van Suchtelen says:

Great looking case.
Already loved the vapor but this is so much better
Love to win one.

jyoung says:

Element....I want one....please!

billybaldin says:

I would love to win this case..:)

kfreemanii says:

Please Choose me...i would love to have it.

gravitypaul says:

Please please please let me get what I want - one of those cases :)

intuicity says:

I would greatly appreciate a case. Thank you!

grandongz says:

This case look awesome!
I want one!!!

Naris says:

Would love a truly beautiful case like that. Great material choices!

jjh2397 says:

Bring it home. Would love to have this!

avelvethammer says:

This I want. I have not found the right case for my iPhone 5.... I am super picky about them, its like wearing the right shoes with your outfit. This for sure is what I would use daily. It's like a Rolex watch...goes with everything. Dress or casual. Nice job! Well done!

petey28 says:

It's Xmas after all.....and I feel lucky...great looking case....I'm in.

wefferr says:

This is one of the most elegant cases I have seen. May I please have one?

Bazalevskiy Maksim says:

Absolutely fantastic case! Guys from Element Case perfectly know what to do.

KekoaLani says:

Awesome looking case! Thanks for the chance to win one!

rwl420 says:

Would love to win an Element case for the iPhone 4S.

buckeyeosu23 says:

Yeah, these look great. I would love to have one!

Bazalevskiy Maksim says:

Absolutely fantastic case! Guys from Element Case perfectly know what to do because i really want one.

sellcellphone says:

Very James Bond, I like it.

sirovnikmitja says:

Almost steampunk, I want one.

ssivic says:

Pick me pick me! I don't have any case for my iPhone 5, and I really need one. And this one would be ultra cool to have!!!! :)))

mountbkr says:

It would be nice to sport an Element case on my new iPhone 5

Jayden Kerr says:

I would love one! I had a Vapor Pro for my 4S and it was seriously the best.

nccjones says:

Wow! What a beautiful case!

Gunther Rohn says:

Elementcase at it´s best!!!

ckillam3 says:

Isn't amazing how these guys can make your iPhone a work of art? I would love one thank you.

Fishous says:

I like the Sector 5 Black Ops iPhone 5 Case.

RagedUSMC says:

Id love to win this case for my iPhone 5, it looks badass!

idkmybffjill says:

I want to feel like Robert De Niro with my Ronin case!!!

Pop2U says:

Is that mine? I could use it.

Mriley1058 says:

I'd love this case. Element makes the nicest cases I've seen.

teepeeayy says:

Pick me! Pick me! These are GORGEOUS

PaulCostello says:

This case is gorgeous! Hoping I will be the winner. Thx

Roxyz says:

love it!! Would dearly love to win it, because there's no way Ican afford one!

Mirage299 says:

Dear Element Case, I want one. Thanks :)

MrCid says:

That case is stunning!!!

Barefoottek says:

That look awesome. I'm in. Thanks iMore!!

c_man says:

This case oozes quality and class. I'd really like one.... please!

ultimato says:

This case looks awesome. I would love to have one!

tinadannysmith says:

Please let me win one. WOW!

AntCarretero says:

I FINALLY got my iPhone 5 yesterday, and this case would compliment it perfectly! I most certainly want this one!

thechucklingcod says:

Please pick me. I am getting my new iPhone 5 this month. It would look reaaly nice in this case!

sting7k says:

That case is sick!! I want it I want it I want it I want it!!! Please. :)

Ganlron says:

This looks awesome… would love to have one.

bondmar30 says:

That is an awesome case. I would love to have one.

kidoco says:

I WANT ONE! Seriously, this Ronin case is sweet! I have loved Element case since I first laid eyes on them but couldn't afford one. But this one is just incredible looking! I WANT ONE!

rschlameuss says:

"Sharp looking case you've got there..." said the stranger.
"Thank you, its the Ronin from Element Case" said I.
"Wow, sure beats the one I got from Monoprice for $2.95" said the stranger.
"We'll we all can't win something from iMore" said I. The sound of the alarm next to my bed jarred me awake.

jacobflo says:

I would love to see my Iphone 5 in the new Ronin!

thedzfamily says:

Looks pretty amazing! I'd love one!!

mistoffelees says:

Loving the look of the Ronin. Could really use it on my phone.

kevin ferguson says:

prettiest case I have ever seen!! would love one!!!

CharlesCFD says:

I would just love one of these cases! Please!!!!!

Lbar1001 says:

That's a really nice case, I'll take one!

erikbock says:

I love the element cases. I had the AR-15 special edition case for my iPhone 4. Now I could really use one for the iPhone 5. The Ronin looks like the answer to me.

TreoToni says:

Element case!!! Please send me one!! Very very nice!!

rawkerdude says:

I liiiike that! (In the voice of Adam Devine, from Workaholics)

lizdeika says:

Element Case, i want You

imoreisamazing says:

I'll take it please pick me!

lifecansuckbutliveitanyway2012 says:

awesome looking case :D would be awesome to have one!!

Ruphus says:

I want an element case!

rbonnerjr says:

I would love to get my hands on one

iDerek says:

Handsome case! lemme have one!

ChrisLuce#IM says:

Interesting looking case! I think I could grow to really like it!

MacBipes says:

Element Case — I would love to use your case on my iPhone!

drieetha says:

this is a beautiful case! i'd love one.

kdsooner says:

I want one. Ninjafy me!

nheilweil says:

Cool...I'd like one of those cases!

jfaneuf says:

I would love one of these =)

Guysreviews says:

I'd love this case, thanks!

rtjenkins says:

This looks great. I would love to have one.

robeko32 says:

My iphone 5 would look great with it

bullysmoke says:

awesome case.. would love one.

SC8888 says:

I would love this case!!!

toshiman says:

Want one!!! have try some cases so far but this one looks more modern and rustic at the same time... great combination of metal/wood/leather; like the color also.

phreddyl says:

this would look really nice on my 5!

burkeyc says:

I want one for my New iPhone 5!

Ben Hall says:

Oh wow, that is one good looking case!
$199 is a bit steep for my budget but FREE sounds a wee bit more affordable.
Put me in the 'Yes please' crowd.

whippetcat says:

I would love to own this case, thank you.

mexidev says:

I would love this case!! Not only is it beautiful but it would give me the opportunity to tell my hipster friends I have something they have never heard of.

keyportkook says:

The Case looks really cool. I hope I win.

M2Schibs says:

That case looks awesome...

g_diddy says:

Very nice case, I'm so in.

Miguel Martinez says:

Hello i love to have one pls.... it is a graet case..,

Willie McBride1 says:

This case looks amazing!!! I'd love to have one!

amynunc says:

Love element cases! had the ion4 for my iphone 4s!

joker1138 says:

Gimmie! Love to get one of these

Elessar.cm says:

This is without a doubt the most impressive case I've ever seen. I would absolutely love to be chosen to receive one. I'd immediately pass it on to my wife for her newly acquired iPhone 5.

nthn says:

I want one! what a beautiful case and rugged seeming as well.

indio24 says:

Right here, right here choose me.

jalba3 says:

I've been shopping around for a case for my iPhone. I fell in love with this design. I would love to get my hands on one.

ahbe says:

Yes please! That's actually a pretty awesome case. I would actually take my LifeProof case off for that one. I love the wood and leather retro look. That's very tempting.

Spencerjw says:

I'm a purist and generally don't case my iPhones (I don't tend to drop them either) but for a case like this I'd make an exception.

I really DO want one!

D Rey says:

I'm to poor to afford such a glorious case. I love case. Hook a brother up!!! :)

MarkY says:

This case is beautiful!

mmjax says:

This is by far the nicest case I have ever seen, for ANY phone, and I would love to have one (except for the fact that I don't have that kind of money). So please pick me!

Zachary Manville says:

Element Case, I want the Ronan for iPhone 5. Thanks iMore

papaton says:

I definitely would love a ronin cAse help a college student out.

dbarnett says:

That's beautiful! I want it.

cacb90 says:

I would like to get one

tedgocal16 says:

Beautiful. I would like to have one for my iPhone 5. Thank you.

drseacat says:

This is probably the nicest iphone case I've seen to date. Would love to have one!

tkurtz says:

I'd love to have one. It's hard to find an elegant case that looks good enough to put on an elegant phone like the iPhone. It would fit right in on mine.

ccostel says:

Probably one of the most elegant cases I have seen, I would love to have one.

floydstyle says:

wow I'd take one for sure! these case look so nicely designed!!

leathernuts#WP says:

Great looking case. Would like to have one. THanks

bveno33 says:

This looks pretty awesome.... Would be an excuse to upgrade to the 5.

poctaac says:


smckenzie96 says:

Wow... One for me, please!

Bizounce says:

I would love one to give to my roommate for Christmas!

PaulNic says:

Wow, looks awesome. Me want.

gammills08 says:

Would love one of these!!!

camriokid says:

awesome case...would love to wear one on my iPhone 5

cmacjr says:

Sign me up. It would be great to win this case.

Stetrain says:

Definitely want one of these.

Chaos5 says:

I'd love to have one of these cases to go with my iPhone 5. It would make it oh so sexy!

Eugene Goryunov says:

Would love one. The exotic wood makes the case really stand out.

izo.sak says:

this case looks so luxurious! i want it.

tvkeller says:

Yes, I do want one. Thanks for the offer.

newcbfiend says:

I want one! I would take it there and back again.

navybear51 says:

Please please please I'd like one.

Bruce Craig says:

This case is AWESOME! Of course I want one.

fmbimmer says:

I would greatly appreciate a case. Thank you!

Chris Weber says:

Oh my that is sexy. I would need a case for my case.

Bluecanary says:

My iPhone 5's lackluster case is easily blown away by this! I hope I win!

soxozor says:

Definitely a premium luxury case. Would love one

khurtwilliams says:

My iPhone 5 is currently "naked". It needs clothes. The Element Ronin is much needed. I'd like to have one.

Anmol Jain says:

I'd love one very much. Want to review it @
www.thesmarthacks.com .

thomas_paterson says:

Looks like an excellent case

MattBmore1 says:

I had an Element Case for my 4s and liked it a lot. I'd love to get one for my 5 (for free)!

jsknee says:

Dear Element Case,
I would truly enjoy having the Ronin for iPhone 5 wrapped around my iPhone 5. Thanks!

Sampson947 says:

That case looks amazing! I would love it.

hudss says:

very nice looking..wonder how it looks with a white iPhone

Heckler says:

Awesome looking case!! Would love to have one.

Franasia says:

Ronin is the case I would love for the iPhone 5. Just awesome

Brye#IM says:

This case is fresh to death. I have yet to find a case worthy of attaching to my iPhone, because let's be honest, most cases don't look very nice. In the meantime, my iPhone has acquired a few battle scars from its Kamikaze attempts to destroy the earth. I would love to call the Ronin my first case.