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Enter to win one of two amazing new Element Cases for your iPhone!

Leave a comment below telling us which of these two new Element Cases for iPhone you'd love a chance to win!

During CES 2014 Rene and John sat down with the team from Element Case and took a look at some of the new cases they have coming out this year to protect your iPhone in style. It was an interesting interview, with Mark and Jeff talking about what goes in to making their high end cases and giving us a look at some of them. Two of those cases especially, the Ronin G10 Stealth and Rogue Black Ops, are favorites around here.

Ronin G10 Stealth - The new Ronin G10 Stealth starts with CNC machined black mil-spec G10 side rails. The top and bottom crowns are CNC machined from T6061 aerospace grade aluminum and finished in our proprietary, non-glare, black Flux finish. The stainless steel hardware and logo treatment are blacked out as well. The back plate is plush, black, non-slip Ultrasuede®. Action Zipper Case included.

Rogue Black Ops - The Rogue Black Ops is part of the new Hogue Collection and features Hogue's proprietary Cobblestone grip and colors in the back plate insert with matching CNC machined aluminum side rails. Included with the Rogue Black Ops is a Tactical Holster for easy carrying on your belt or back pack.

We've teamed up with Element Case to do a giveaway! To enter, leave a comment below and let us know which of these cases you love and want to have for your iPhone. We'll pick two winners in a week and send them the case they picked.

The winners are: dasupaman23 and M4c0770! Congrats, and thanks to everyone that entered!

Michelle Haag

A nerdy little birdy and the Doctor's next companion. While I'm waiting, I do the dirty work for Mobile Nations.

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Reader comments

Enter to win one of two amazing new Element Cases for your iPhone!

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I Would LOVE the Rogue Black Ops...I have the Ronin G10 Stealth now and would love to give my son the Black Ops case...Pick me

I'd love to win the case that is picture, not sure of the name. However the Rogue Black Ops sounds awesome. The pictured case looks like a case that I'd use very subdue not flashy black in color and understated just my style!

Thanks, I'd love to win the Ronin G10 Stealth!

Rogue Black Ops--black/black.

Would be great to use during outdoor trips such as my upcoming Glacier National Park trip to Sperry Glacier!

I would love the Ronin G10 Stealth, because it is that thin and I love thin cases. I had an Element Case for my 4s, but still I have the new, I don't bought a new one although I love it.

I would like to win the stealth one. I have yet to find a case that is worthy for me to cover my phone, these ones look pretty cool. I don't think I'd pay this much for a case so I guess winning one is the only way I'll get one!

The Rogue Black Ops case is the way to go. I comes with a holster. Crossing my fingers, I case recently broke and I need a new one ASAP.

Count me in for a chance to win the Ronin G10 Stealth case, based on the good reviews that I have read... it sounds like a great case to protect my 5s.

The Rogue Blacks Ops case looks awesome but my choice would be the G10 Stealth case. It looks a bit more refined. Would love the G10 for my 5s. Thanks.

I would LOVE the Ronin G10 Stealth, it is stylish and looks durable. Exactly what my iPhone needs.

Best of luck to everyone else :)


Sent from the iMore App

Ronin G10 Stealth for me please so I can stop drooling. Love a good minimal (size-wise) case that still offers some protection. Especially when it looks like that! Nice.

I would really like to win the Black Ops case that comes with the holster since I'm in private security. It would really help to have a durable case that maintains a low profile. I would greatly appreciate it and would be genuinely pleased. Better yet I'd be ecstatic just for winning something. Money is kinda like Kevin Hart right now. Short and funny.

They both look great. I'll take anyone as they all offer great protection and looks so so cool...

Sent from the iMore App

I would love the Rouge Black Ops. Would look great on my new 5s that should be here in the next day or two!

Posted via my Nexus 10 Android iMore App!

That Rogue Black Ops looks incredible. That would ease the sting of having to give up my blackberry Z10 for an iPhone 5s...

I would love to add the Black Ops to my goring element collection. The new Mini case is awesome and gets a ton of complements.

Wow ! wow ! wow !
Element cases are on word the best cases made on earth giving Style & Protection to your iphone I have always wanted to have one please :-)

Sent from the iMore App

My dad is a pilot and at 80 years old also a new iPhone user. I would love to give him a Rogue Black Ops for his birthday. Pick me!!

I would LOVE to have the Ronin G10 Stealth. I have dropped my phone on many occasions, so I always have it in a case. The problem is that it is so hard to find a case that is very sleek, yet durable. The really good ones are incredibly bulky, and the gel cases don't work for pocket carriers such as myself. This case looks like it is exactly what I need. And hey, it looks incredibly bad ass! ;) Thanks so much!

OMG my wife would love a case that will not break at the corners and snag on her clothes!!! The G10 would do the trick!

I will gladly accept either of the two! Always wanted an element case, but cant bring myself to spend that much on one...

Ronin G10 -- no contest. And I'd love to finally get my hands on one of these machined cases. The plastic ones feel like they undermine the iPhone's build quality...

I'd love to be picked for the Ronin G10 Stealth. Right now I'm using a generic case but I'm looking to replace it. The Ronin is one of the few cases that complements the iPhone's design so well. I'd buy it, but it's above my budget. So I hope iMore and ElementCase will pick me for the Ronin G10 Stealth.

Would love to have a Ronin G10 Stealth case!! I've always eyed element cases but just never pulled the trigger on purchasing one. Thanks for the opportunity to maybe win one!

Both of these cases would be awesome to have. If I had to choose which I would prefer, I would easily pick the Ronin G10 Stealth. I am always buying new cases trying to find that "one". I don't like bulky cases. I want the smallest case I can get, while still providing some protection. That is why i think the Ronin G10 Stealth would be perfect for me. Thanks!

I would love the rogue! Tired if cases breaking or having the bulkiness of an otterbox. Please and thank you!

Sent from the iMore App

I always fantasized about owning an Elements case and would love to receive the Ronin G10 Stealth! Would probably make me a fan for life!

Had an iphone 4. Switched to a Note 2. Now back with a 5s. Now I need to protect this fun little bundle of joy (I do miss the larger screen ;-). The Ronin G10 Stealth sure would do the trick!!!!

The Ronin Stealth would be great, I have a 4. This is the best looking case I have seen and I would sure like to be a proud owner of one.

The Black Ops case looks incredible. It would go very well with my "tactical" collections. Make me a winner! I never win anything......

Either of these cases would be fine with me, I've seen friends with these cases and they are top notch cases.
Just could never afford to buy one, Wife and 2 kids to support always had to come first.
But yeah, either one would be great to own!!

Sent from the iMore App

My favourite is Ronin-G10-Stealth-iPhone-5-5s case. As I can't find it in Turkey, I'd be pleased if you can choose me :)

I would love a Ronin G10 Stealth case for my iPhone5s. I have always wanted an Element case, but the cost would make my wife kill me :)

These cases are plain sick!!! I want the Ronin G10 Stealth so bad, I'd be willing to conduct a black op to get it from someone (if I knew someone who owned it).

I think that the Ronin G10 Stealth would be the best case to have on any phone including mine. Because of the design and the looks, it would keep my phone safe. Being a Chief with my local fire department, it would give me the added security I need to protect my iPhone 5S. I think this case is worth every penny. It would be great to have and possible to have for the rest of my members. Thanks

I'd love to own the Ronin G10 stealth case for my iPhone. It looks beautiful and seeing that I am in need of a new case, this one would be perfect!

Sent from the iMore App

I would love the Ronin G10 Stealth case for it slimmer form factor. I've been wanting an element case for years!

I could certainly use the Ronin G10 Stealth...as a former combat engineer I need mil spec hardware all the way!!!

Sent from the iMore App

The Ronin G10 stealth for me please. Element makes some great cases. I have dropped a few phones with Element cases and not one dent, scratch or ding to my phone.

I currently have a lifeproof but I've had it for a year and I wouldn't mind a metal based case like these!

I'd love to win the Ronin G10 Stealth for iPhone 5 ☺️

I love iMore by the way! Can't stay away from here

My 5s is jonesing for the Black Ops! It's one of the baddest looking cases on the market and would love to give it a shot!

Sent from the iMore App

I just left the android world and I am not part of the Apple ecosystem so the Ronin G10 Stealth iPhone 5s Case would help complete this transition.

The Black Ops is the perfect case for me. As a guy that travels around town all day for work and my iPhone being the hub for all my work my biggest concern is always dropping. The Black OPs looks like the case I need to protect my phone. Plus it looks bad ass!!!

I'd love to win the ronin g10 stealth! It looks like a really high class case that helps showcase the iPhone 5/5s!:)

Sent from the iMore App

I have the black ops elite edition and its the best case Ive ever used. would love another style to switch it up once in a while! that stealth is super nice!

ElementCase makes some the best looking cases I have seen. The Ronin G10 Stealth and the Black Ops are no exception. They are both stunning and practical and really accent the beauty of the iPhone!

I would love to have the Ronin G10.

I'd love to have the Ronin G10 Stealth case. It's one of the few cases that accentuates the beauty of the iPhone instead of detracting from it.

Im a little case ho, short and stout. Shoved in a big drawer and room is running out. When I get a new one then I shout. I put it on and prance about.

Really those look really nice. Please pick me.

I would love to win the Ronin G10 Stealth, its so sleek looking and still offers great protection to iphone. also the black on black looks great.

Ronin G10 Stealth please...

I tried commenting from my iPhone on the app but kept getting prompted to log in despite being logged in, if I have somehow managed to comment twice, I didn't do so on purpose.

That Ronin Stealth.......phew, that's sexy. Who wouldn't feel like James Bond rocking one of those? :-p

Good luck to everyone!

Sent from the iMore App

Wow! That G10 stealth looks amazing. Thanks so much for the chance mobile nations you guys well and truly rock!


One of my really good friends needs a case for their iPhone 5s so help me make their day with a Ronin G10 Stealth case. Thanks iMore...

The Ronin G10 Stealth would be awesome on the white iPhone 5s. Let's dream about it and thank you so much iMore for the amazing stuff you guys bring up each day!

Just switched back from Android and i dont have insurance on my sweet new 5S. Its needs all the protection it can get. Please dont let my new baby become another statistic. Ronin G10 Stealth either one actually they both look pretty tasty.

Ronin G10 Stealth all the way!! I really like the elegance of that case. Thanks guys ツ

Sent from the iMore App