Fake or Really Fake? Apple iTablet UI Goes YouTube

It's just a snippet of the mythical iTablet user interface, and while Gizmodo is almost sure it's fake, Brian Lam holds one tiny breath of hope for it to be true. Either way, it's an interesting concept. We've heard rumors that, if Apple's tablet uses a version of the iPhone OS, it may run multiple iPhone apps as windows on the larger screen.

We're guessing most of you will chime in with "fake, fake, fakety, fake!" in the comments, but what do you think of a multi-window (and multitasking!) iPhone-like OS?

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Fake or Really Fake? Apple iTablet UI Goes YouTube


Fake Fake Fakety Fake!!!
Lol, just kidding, I just liked the phrasing there. I wouldn't put it past Apple to be working on a multi-tasking interface. That would naturally be the next step and a good one to make Palm shut the hell up. And if it is fake, then most likely we'd still see these type of features somewhere cause it's really clean looking and Apple will eventually see it and 'borrow' the idea. That's just good business.

How many buttons are there on the bottom?? Are they not going for as streamlined of a look as the iPhone? (assuming that's real)

That looks really slick, I have a hard time believing that would be fake it just looks too good. The only way I'll be interested though is if it has an ereader app that is "Apple-polished" and has purchasing options through iTunes. I don't think that Apple would release a tablet-style device without getting into the ebook selling market, but you never know. Without the reader this is basically a neutered computer and who needs one of those? If Apple does begin selling ebooks on iTunes, they need to change the name of the software to iMedia, it already does WAY more than just tunes.

If this is real, thats not the actual hardware. Its just a demo of the software. What he is pressing is not the actual tablet. Supposedly it is a dev kit. So what you see in the video is purely a software demo and not a hardware demo. If it's real... who knows for sure. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Interesting how the Safari icon returns as reactivated (brightened) after launching it. Shouldn't it either remain darkened, or be marked as running with some kind of indicator (unless there's some sort of indication I just can't see because of how small the video is)? I would expect it to return to its brightened state after the app is closed, but maybe that's just me. It looks slick, but seems suspicious.

I'm not convinced that looks like something would base a platform on. Doesn't seem like something Steve would be happy with--seems more like somebody kooking with the Mac OS X Dashboard.

It is a simple fact. CS4 won't play here--it has neither the PPC or an x86 proc so Adobe will skip this. I imagine that any number of paint apps would thrive on this, but that may not be what you want.


It is a simple fact. CS4 won’t play here–it has neither the PPC or an x86 proc so Adobe will skip this.

Yes, that was just my point. I already have an iPhone and a MacBook. Since this is rumored as an iTablet rather than a MacTablet, it would be useless to me. ;)

This product has no announced system information, and yet you know what processors it won't have? Today's OS X has various versions running on ARM, PPC, and x86. Any one of these could be used. ARM to closer link its development to their mobile software, PPC because of the FABless chip manufacturer PA Semi that Apple bought last year, and x86 because that is where desktop/laptop development is taking place. Any one of those are feasible.
People who write off uses of a device they know nothing about is even sillier than being super excited for a product they know nothing about (Let's admit it, we are all excited for the iTablet without knowing if it exists or what it is)

All Macs have the word "Mac" in their names. If this is truely to be called an iTablet, then the possibility of it running Mac OS X is zero.
If it's given some other name, then who knows?

Yes these products will be used as newsreaders, gameplayers, and magazine readers. If there is not a newsreader app, sites like http://iFastNews.com will flourish. Finally newspapers and magazines will have more screen space to sell real display ads. This is gonna be big!

I believe it's possibly, maybe real. The guy said it was the dev platform of it ofc so it's not the actual hardware, but the interface could be real.
Introducing a new member of the iPhone OS family as an in-between device would sorta kinda make sense. Not only would it help Apple to further move the iPhone OS as their primary mobile platform and phase out iPods but it also solves several complaints Apple has about netbooks. Apple's gripe with current netbooks and tablets on the market are that they're low-powered, can't run multiple apps, have cramped-keyboards, and have sub-par battery life.
Those issues could be addressed by introducing a new iPhone family member that has full access to the App Store. Instead of using real desktop applications, they'd use mobile apps from the App Store to achieve better battery life and more robust multitasking, while still offering a desktop class experience. Typing on a virtual keyboard on a 10" screen would also be far easier than typing on those cramped hardware keyboards on netbooks. In terms of harware specs, I can see them being able to clock in higher processing power and RAM than the iPhone while still keeping it as slim as the iTouch. It will probably have 64GB of flash memory.
It's a very viable platform for some people and would be much better than current netbooks on the market offered by ASUS and Sony.

oh comon!
it's just some random box with buttons and lights on a white macbook.
the guy just pushes it down so the mac's mouse button clicks.
and im sure its a keynote animation that just plays on the display :)

Totally fake. Someone already called it - its a video he made and he "pretends" to hit the "touch" screen. I could make this is in 10 min in After Effects, a laptop, and a video camera.

hmmm.. i say fake, although it looks real.. fake
theres no indication in the iphone firmware that it could multitask or anything. i'm sure devs would have run across it if it could... unless apple has a special firmware to run it on (a mac os mixed with iphone os?)
also this could easily be faked by having a green screen. just acting like hes using it and then adding the animations later...

@fastlane I know it isnt the trend anymore, but the iPhone runs a version of Mac OS X, except over time it's been called iPhone OS. Therefore it doesn't matter what it is called - it still runs OS X. Perhaps not a version / edition we've seen before.
This might be fake, but if it is, then it is a good fake :D I love the look of it. If the iTablet is released before Christmas then I am so going to New York to buy this :D