Fake jailbreak tool for iOS 4.x is stealing passwords

There seems to be a fake jailbreak tool circulating at the moment that is being called "greenpois0n" that is claiming to be using the SHAtter exploit. Now this would all be fine and dandy except for the simple fact that the SHAtter jailbreak exploit has yet to be released by the Chronic Development Team. According to security researcher Costin Raiu at the Kapersey Labs, all that greenpois0n is doing is stealing users passwords.

We've seen scams similar to this before and we will more than likely see them again in the future so please remember if you see any website or program that claims to be capable of jailbreaking a iOS device running 4.0.2 or above, it is highly likely a scam or something much more damaging unless of course if it were to be released by Dev Team or Chronic Development Team themselves.

For more jailbreaking information be sure to visit our jailbreak and unlock forum.

[Ars Technica]

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Reader comments

Fake jailbreak tool for iOS 4.x is stealing passwords


Matt, you absolutely have no idea what you are talking about do you?
Jailbreaking an iPhone is in no way Hacking
Death to people who feed on these type of things.

@chirayu are you saying that jailbreak does not take advantage of some type of exploit? I certainly don't think that jailbreaking is a malicious type of hack, but it seems to me to be hacking. It's not a feature Apple allows end users to enable or disable.

Chirayu I think wishing death on people is taking your anger too far, get away from the Internet before you self harm.

I did not mean literally, you need to do what you are suggesting me to do.
Yes, its hacking but everything is done automatically. Real hackers write exploits.
Have a nice day everyone

@chirayu How is jailbreaking not hacking? Bypassing restrictions is the whole point of hacking. Hacking does not have to always though of in negative malicious or criminal terms.

Actually, bypassing restrictions is the whole point of cracking, which is only a small subset of hacking.

Um, the dev team has already released an updated redsn0w for older the 3G and 2G Touch that jailbreaks 4.1... might want to update that last paragraph.

Jailbreaking IS hacking by the definition of the word, hacking just has a negative stigma around the name. The vast majority of jailbreakers do not use jailbreaking for malicious purposes, they use it as a tool for using previously restricted features. You wouldn't condone someone that was changing their air filter or muffler for "hacking" their car would you? Jailbreaking is simply nodding your device to get more functionality. The only reason I jailbreak is to use the in app SMS feature that irealsms offers.

1 Jailbreaking is not "hacking" in the traditional sense. No sensitive information is being attacked and gotten.
2 Jailbreaking has been deemed LEGAL under the DMCA.
It'd be hard to argue you're hacking something when it has been deemed perfectly legal by the governing body. Using an exploit/jailbreaking is doing no harm to anyone what so ever. This is COMPLETELY different than jailbreaking to use CRACKED apps. Big difference in legality and who is being hurt.

lol @ hacking your muffler or air filter. It is 100% LEGAL.
Please check the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, there is NOTHING the dealer can do to you, nor deny you warranty service for putting an aftermarket exhaust on (as long as you dont touch the catalytic converters which is a government mandate) or an air filter UNLESS it cause the exact problem you bring the car in for and the dealer can prove that.

Who cares what the definition of hacking is that is not the point of the post. Also to say hackers are getting hacked good for them?!? that's like saying car salesmen are crooks so if a theif steals a car well it's just irony. The user is using a tool for their benefit not to harm anyone else so to say it serves them right to have some low life steal their password to me is just wrong.

I don't know if jailbreaking is hacking or not but I don't think it's allowed by apple. I too have my iphone jailbreaked but I used the jailbreak from some popular sites so I hope I am safe.

Jailbreaking being deemed "legal" does not in anyway mean Apple need to honor any warranty if (yes it's a big if) they could prove you jailbroke your phone.
It's still in breach of the EULA you agreed to...

Nobody said they did. However, since you bring it up, now that jb is recognized as legal, most states in the US give the benefit of the doubt to the consumer in any warranty dispute, so Apple would have to prove the jb was a contributory factor in the issue triggering the warranty request. (In the unkikely event somebody actually cared enough to take Apple to court, that is.)

Okay, last time I was at the genius bar there was a little sign warning, though not mentioning the word, about jailbreaking. Basically don't blame them if your phone gets cleared when they try to fix it if you jailbroke.
As for the definition of hacker/hacking. Jailbreaking should be considered a form, but hacking is not necessarily a bad thing. It's just the name the media has given to it and is accepted by most in modern practice. If you think I'm crazy, check a Computer Science textbook.

Oh, my original reason for posting. Very nice article, I saw it and almost sent it in but forgot as am traveling. So remember people - yellow snow or green snow is bad. Red snow is tasty. That is all.

HAHAHAHA poor little JB..quit being such babys about what Apple is not doing for you wahwahwah

I fell for the 4.2.1 fake. Whats incredible is how much work someone put into this to make it look legit. Ok, so i ran it on my phone and it didnt jsilbreak it. What kind of damage control do i need to do? Already changed all passwords associated with the phone and apps.

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