Fleksy keyboard SDK exits private beta; will your favorite apps support it?

Fleksy, the alternative keyboard that developers can use in their iOS apps, has moved their SDK out of private beta and made it free for any developer. Originally launched in December with a limited set of partner apps, the SDK now allows any developer to offer iOS users the option of utilizing either the standard iOS keyboard or Fleksy. The company expects many developers to add Fleksy support over time. In fact, a number of apps are launching Fleksy support today, according to the press release:

A number of new app developers are launching today with the updated SDK on the App Store. These are Cotton Notes, hAppy for ADN, Matcha, MUDRammer, Remoter Pro, SnapStatus, Tap Forms Organizer, Vert 2, Write for iOS, You Doodle, and additional Fleksy-enabled apps are now added on a daily basis.

Do you want to see your favorite apps support Fleksy? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: PRWeb

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Reader comments

Fleksy keyboard SDK exits private beta; will your favorite apps support it?


I do too. And the stock keyboard is better. However swift key with Swype would be awesome.

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But have you tried alternatives? I have used the ios7 stock keyboard extensively and it works good. But it cannot touch Swiftkey.

I meant Fleksy specifically, but I'd lump the watered down Swiftkey app for iOS in there too.

My experience with Swiftkey on Android is far too limited to pass any kind of judgement.

That said, I just can't see being able to type faster on a phone than I do with my iPhone. I don't think my thumbs can go any faster lol. The mistake I see most people making is trying to be precise. If I'm typing more than a couple words I use two hands and just plow through what I want to say without regard for hitting the right letters. I'd say 90% of the time it comes out correct. For the 10% of the time I end up with errors, I find tapping into a word to replace it after I completely type the message is the fastest way to correct.

Then again I'm rarely going past 3-4 sentences at a time. Maybe it's a use case thing. What would really scratch my itch is if Siri could do a half competent job of taking dictation...

I don't doubt your speed with stock ios keyboard at all. But the thing with Swiftkey is their predictions are so damn accurate all the time, you don't even have to get close to the word and it knows exactly the word you were going for. Once it learns your patterns and common used words and phrases it really flies, doing most of the work for you.

Why doesn't Apple support 3rd party keyboards??? Swiftkey on my Note 3 is without a doubt the best keyboard in Mobile. I wish Apple would allow it for use on my 5S.

hAppy for app.net already supports it. It's ridiculous how well it works, gave me some trouble at the beginning since I'm used at typing well, but even using the invisible mode is...I mean you have to try it!

I also hope swift key does the same.

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Having different keyboards in different apps would drive me insane. Apple clearly wants you to use their stock keyboard whether there are better ones or not.

The color is about the only thing I find useful from the video I saw. The letters popping up is more of a gimmick why change the fly out? I want to know what letter I typed and the flyout is the way I know how. The invisible mode? really what purpose does that serve other than novelty? I'll pass on this. This is just different for different sake IMO

DayOne & Evernote needs to support this keyboard. But I hope we would have an option to switch back to Stock keyboard as well.