#FollowFriday Giveaway: Pad & Quill Octavo and Contega for iPad

#Follow Friday Giveaway: Pad & Quill Octavo and Contega

Pad & Quill, purveyors of exquisitely hand-crafted cases for iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Air are having a Black Friday sale for their Octavo for iPad today, and a Cyber Monday sale for their Contega on Monday. If you haven't read our review yet, the short version is that when the latest in Apple aluminum and glass meets the best in old world Baltic birch and Italian leather, well... pure hipster heaven ensues.

Hurry over to padandquill.com to get the sale price while it lasts. Seriously, don't wait on this one. And if you want a chance to win an Octavo and Contega of your very own, Pad & Quill will be giving each away to a lucky Twitter and Facebook follower today and Monday. All you have to do to enter is:

  1. Follow @padandquill and @TiPb on Twitter
  2. Friend Pad & Quill and TiPb on Facebook

We'll notify the winners via Twitter DM and Facebook message, so make sure you're following!

Now hurry up an enter!

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#FollowFriday Giveaway: Pad & Quill Octavo and Contega for iPad