55-inch iPads now at Apple Store

Forget those rumors about a 7-inch iPad coming sometime soon, it looks like Apple Retail Stores suddenly have a whopping 55-inch iPad in stock.

Well, on display is more like it. Similar to the giant iPhone 3G/3GS that used to dominate the windows, the new 55-inch iPad shows off all the photo, web, and other features available on the regular sized device.

The displays sit atop giant sized books, newspapers, and other assorted old media. They show how Apple is positioning the device as something decidedly for the mainstream, even if they do look a little out of place in the ultra-modern Apple Store.

Sadly, they wouldn't sell it. Not even to a fanboy with creds like mine...

More pictures after the break.

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Reader comments

55-inch iPads now at Apple Store


Damned cool.
It's also noteworthy that the max-iPad there is made more like an iPhone 4 than like my iPad - as many if us assumed would be the case for iPad 2.

@Uncle... Its Friday, not everything has to be action packed soul rocking tech news. I like it, keep it up. (BTW: I saw one of these at the Mall of America the other day - I want!)

They should make this the iPad tv. With tv hook ups, built in dvr, interactive guide, phone connection so you can answer incoming phone calls or make out going phone calls, emails, facebook, and twitter updates on the fly. I think this would be frucking awesome.

Guess I'm not a real fanboi because I would never have thought this was worthy of a blog post.

Hate to tell you but these have been up for awhile down here in Florida. Maybe this is the rumored iTV...

Idk about everywhere else but west county mall in St. Louis has had one if these up since at least the iPhone 4 launch. Which I'm pretty sure would be a first that STL has gotten something before anywhere else lol.

Most 'spensive iPad EVAR!!!! Just don't let it smash your beanbags when you hold it in your lap to watch Dirty Dancing!!

I'd buy it if it was widescreen and you had it on a stand where you could rotate it. And put an HDMI out on it for Blurays, and you could Bluetooth into it from your iPhone. Like it was a virtual screen of what you were doing on your phone. Say if you wanted to sit on the couch and go through all of your pics and as you swiped on your phone the screen followed. Now that I would buy, let it sync with iTunes and have a built in media center. Stores all your music hit iPod on your phone and the IPad does it all. Count me in.

Same here. Apple Store in Fort Worth Texas has had this up for at least a month. What's next? iPhone 4 launch day photos? Sometimes I think you guys get paid by the post.
News would be great. Even if this weren't last months news, it would still be lame.

Just got mine! You should see the butt pocket of my jeans with this thing in there. SICK. But I do like the 3.5" headphone jack.

Wait until one crashes and we see a Windows BSOD... THEN how bad will you still want one?

Wow......am I the only one who gets that this is a joke?! All they're doing is adding a giant plastic iPad model...
Anyway, nice joke tipb...

Werid the Apple Store in my area had these on display on iphone 4 launch day. I thought apple usually rolls these things out at the same time.

My only question is..
Is it also multi-touch, or just a flatscreen tv made to look like an iPad?