Fourth-generation iPad announced

Fourth-generation iPad announced

Apple has announced the 4th generation iPad. Starting at the same $499 price point of the 3rd generation, the 9.7-inch device has an A6X chip which Apple claims gets double the performance of the A5X. Additionally, the Facetime camera has been updated to Facetime HD, LTE support has been expanded, and it includes the new Lightning connector found on the iPhone 5. Lightning-compatible accessories include a USB adapter, and SD card reader, and HDMI and VGA adapters. Pre-orders start this Friday, October 26th, and the devices will ship on Friday, November 2nd.

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Fourth-generation iPad announced


I am not going to lie, I am a little perturbed about this one. First it was the scuffing on my slate iPhone 5, then the new iPad 6 months down the road......if I wanted poor build quality and out of date hardware in 6 months I would still be using Android!

You act as if it just all of the sudden quit working. Its still just as amazing as it was. They just have one a little better now. Is it really that big of a change? Sell it for 100 bucks less than what you bought it for and pony up for a new one if your that upset about it. Thats exactly what I'm gonna do.

Isn't this exactly what Apple wants you to do, give them more of your money! For what, spec chasing!!

I agree completely. I own what was Apple's latest iPad before today, and now it's not showing on their product lineup? But the iPad 2 is still there? As a product manager myself, that could get someone fired.

I really don't like their direction these days.

Actually it's not even the old iPad since they still support and sell the iPad 2. It's like the iPad 3 never existed, it just got killed off. As soon as I heard the news, my first thought was Apple is going to catch some shit over this decision. Steve Jobs would have never let this happen.

This also explains why they don't want to use numbering schemes on the iPads anymore. They just want everyone to forget there was an iPad 3, all you need to know is "The New iPad".

The iPad 3 never existed. Indeed, it was just iPad, as this one is also called just iPad. Well, kinda iPad with Retina Display. They don't want to use numbering systems because numbering systems suck and get too large and unwieldy. The only Apple hardware that uses a numbering system now is the iPhone. It is iPod Touch, iPod Nano, Mac Pro, Magic Mouse, iMac, so on and so forth. And so it also is with iPad. And has been for 6 months.

Your new iPad is just as usable as it was yesterday too.

This is Apple. Quit being so fucking shallow. This sort of sentimentality is why they make fun of us you know?

"Oh my new thing was just replaced so now I don't have the newest thing.."

Boo hoo.... babies..

THIS x1000 "Now people won't know if mine is the newest or not (sob) waaaah" A lot of you clowns really don't help shed the stereotypes directed at Apple users.

That's not the point at all. The point is that most people consider carefuly their investments in tech, and regarding Apple those investments take the yearly cycle into account. Apple has worked hard to maintain this predictability so people can plan in advance.
This shows a degree of disrespect for those users, people who will think thrice before buying anything from Apple again.
It is a completely unecessary move from Apple, since the 3rd gen iPad was still selling well. Now it has been erased from memory, and owners will be upset with reason, since Apple has made a point in showing that the current line is iPad mini, iPad 2 and 4th generation iPad.

Disrespect? Oh good grief.

Apple is the seller. You are the buyer. People need to stop trying sentimentalize this relationship like it's some sort of family.

So you think buyers deserve no respect from sellers? Or are you one those defend Apple in every possible instance regardless of their posture?

I don't think this is a family, I think it's a seller that sells expensive products and works hard to build a trust relationship with customers, to the point of basically reinventing retail in the process.

The trust that Apple cares about building is to its shareholders. As a BUSINESS that should be their main concern. If this new product generates more revenues, then it is the right move.

As a buyer you speak with your purchases. When you stop purchasing their product then they might consider your concerns. If you continue to buy their products then what is their incentive to cater to you?

Sell it in a private party transaction, you'll get a lot more money for it than you would selling to a reseller.

I couldn't care less about the processor/GPU update, or the connector. What DOES irritate me is the updated front camera. I use/rely on FaceTime and Skype a lot while I'm away, and I feel that was an upgrade that should have been in the 3rd generation. There was no "new technology" there for them to work out - absolutely ridiculous for there to be a VGA camera on the iPad 3. (which I stated at launch in March)

Oh well.

I am for first time officially pissed at Apple.... how did my "new iPad" I just brought three months after its official release, become last years model within the same year???

It's not a "last year's" model. It's the third generation model. The new one is the fourth generation model. It has nothing to do with years. Now you know why Apple dropped numbers after the iPad. They can update them when they want.

You bought your iPad three months before the new one was released? Just imagine that they released the new one in March like they have before. Everyone who gets an iPad for Christmas gets it three months before the new one is released. Think about that for a while. And then think about running a company that makes these products.

As a day one preorder 'new' iPad, a bit irritated, but it is 7 months old, nearly 7 1/2 when the fourth gen ships, and not all that big of a change. And he introdu toon of the iPad mini and keeping the iPad 2 around ensures that it will have a long life. The third gen iPad still does today what it did yesterday, and still will do what it was going to do for the next 4 1/2 months until we expected the 4th gen. Would I love $100 off a product or something? Sure, but don't expect it. It does make me question what the refresh cycle will be going forward.

Looks like they're changing the release cycle to the fall. No big deal. Technology advances all the time, we should know this as gadget lovers. Your PC is out of date shortly after buying it. Doesn't mean you don't get enjoyment of use out of it. I bought my 3rd gen iPad on release day,and I'm going to upgrade. Should only cost me ~$100 after I sell mine.

"Looks like they're changing the release cycle to the fall."

My thoughts exactly. Which begs the question, what will they release in the Spring, assuming there will be an event in the Spring?

CNET has just reported that Apple will allow an exchange if your iPad was purchased in the last 30 days.

Yup, bc I'm sure that it was working fine for those 3 weeks & as soon as Apple announced the new 1, yours just went dead & stopped being the great/solid device it was. The false sense of entitlement in peoples "brains" going around is pathetic.

I can't. I didnt buy it from an Apple Store. I bought it from a cell phone store. Whatever...I just put it on craigslist. If I only loose $150 on it I will be happy.

I'm glad I sold my AT&T ipad 3 back in the summer for a verizon one later. I haven't really missed it but looks like it turned out to be a good choice.

There is no iPad 3. They updated the internals of the iPad (with retina display). Just like they do with computers. And have been doing with computers for many years.

I received my 3rd gen the day it went on sale and I love it! With technology moving as fast as it does these days our gadgets are pretty much old news a month after we buy them no matter who we buy them from! I paid eight something for it and planed on skipping the next one anyway. Unless you have a butt load of money to blow you will never have the latest and greatest. Happy 3rd gen owner :)

I'm pissed! A ""new"" iPad already? My "new " iPad isn't even listed in the site. It's just mini, 2 and iPad with retina display. WTF is going on?

I'm thinking that if Apple announced this iPad in March or April, everyone would be bitching that it's a tiny incremental upgrade. Yet because it's out 6 months earlier than expected, you all think you got screwed because they came out with the latest and greatest when you least expected it. Anyone who knows gadgets at all should know better than to buy a new gadget 6 months after release AND right before a well known product announcement...LOL!!

Personally, I could care less that they just replaced my 3 month old iPad 3. The only 2 new things are the lightning connector and the new processor. I sincerely doubt that it's actually twice as fast, but if you want to go through the hassle of selling your iPad and spending another $150 to get something that probably won't feel any different from what you have, well then more power to ya. I'll still be sitting on my iPad 3 until next year at this time and I'll spend my $150 on something else.

I bought my ipad 3rd gen just after launch and couldn't care less that there is a new one. It is still a fantastic iPad with excellent screen (main reason). Great comment jjRocker, i'll spend my $150 on something else

My thoughts exactly. Feel bad for the idiots that just went out and bought an iPad 3rd gen knowing that an announcement was going to be made for today. Granted the rumors were mainly for the mini, but you can never assume you know exactly what to expect.
I bought my fiance the iPad 3rd gen on release day in March and am not phased by the 4th gen at all. Only updates that affect her are the front facing camera & new processor. She'll be sticking with that 3rd gen for a while.
Also, Apple removed the 3rd gen from the website because the 4th gen is practically the same and there aren't enough new features to distinguish the two products. Makes no sense for someone who's shopping for an iPad to get the 3rd gen istead of the 4th gen. Also, seems like they're moving to fall releases for the iOS lineup which is probably due to the lucrative 4th quarter. Also, someone mentioned above, iPads were bought for xmas but were replaced 3 mo. later with a new device. This shift makes sense from a business perspective. Stop bitching, reminds me of the SNL skit lol...

Actually there is a huge difference between the A5 and A6 processors, which can be seen on the iPhone 4s vs iPhone 5 processor tests. Also there is an upgraded facetime camera. But like you, I'm content with my iPad 3 (aka 3rd generation, aka old "new" iPad) or whatever it will be called. Also, I totally agree with you on the release date. If it came with just these changes in Feb/Mar 2013, it would have got blasted in the press. So they do it now and they still get blasted in the press.

Actually Apple did do a processor upgrade on the iPad 2 at some point before the 3 came out. The difference is they didn't make a big deal about it so there wasn't as much backlash as well as there wasn't really a "generation" change (maybe there isn't this time). Due to the fact that they made a big fanfare and added to today's announcements is what caused all this debate.

The original iPad 3 is still an awesome device, it just now has a few bells and whistles in the new and improved model.

"Which can be seen on processor tests..."

Because processor tests are what 99% of people care about? You douche nerds and your fucking specs.

These comments are hilarious! " I just bought......" I would be upset too though, but it is what it is. I bought my X-New Ipad when it came out, but really doesnt bother me. It does what I need it to, but I can see some peoples fustration, but thats technology, easy come, easy go. Apple was just always the odd ball.

Apple product cycles are absolute JOKE. I bought my iPad3 in April and I'm not changing it yet. They sure know how the lineup the fools to spend money now at the 6 month mark purchasing minor upgrades that don't even get you a single new function that previous model doesn't have. Go buy it boys! Hope it's not your rent money lol

Ha, I'm still using my IPad 1 and iPod touch 3rd gen, neither of which got iOS 6. Looks like my next one will be iPad gen 7.....that should only be Xmas

How about this- for everyone who has the 3 (including myself) think about all the $$ you are saving not having to purchase all new charging cables, Docks etc. I am happy with mine and have a ton of accessories for it. Apple could barely keep up with the lightening adapters now...

I have to admit, I was pissed. Bought an Ipad "3" on October 6th, for $519 + taxes. Only other Idevice is the Iphone 5. Called the Apple store, and told them I was some what upset, and bothered that I wasn't "told" of a new product release in the midst...... Also bought the camera adapter (part time photographer).... Just got off the phone with the Apple store, adn they told me to come in today, and I will be given a FULL refund. I must admit, the Apple customer service is 2nd to none.

This is a new Gen iPad?? IMO, not really. This is more like iPad 3.5 in the sense that really, we are only getting 3 minor tweaks: Lightning, FaceTime HD, and A6X processor. Anybody who is actually pissed at this can only be pissed at themselves. Have fun spending more money on something that we all pretty much already have.

I'll pass on this, and depending on how the Surface PRO turns out in January, my iPad 3 MAY be going bye-bye too.

My new iPad functions great. I do not know why everyone is so upset. I never owned an iPad until the new iPad. There were many discussions about "should I upgrade?" The main thought was, if you never had an iPad, or just had the iPad 1, upgrading made sense. Upgrading from an iPad 2 did not. Having the new iPad, I see no reason to upgrade. There is not enough "wow" to entice me. Now if you have the iPad 1,or 2, it might be worth the upgrade. My only concern about products coming out quickly, when will Apple stop supporting the previous models with updates, or you just get partial updates?

Enjoying everyone's comments and was initially perturbed at having just placed my order for a new iPad "3" yesterday and the new new iPad being announced today but he one thing that had kept me from xxl'ing my order is my lack of desire to be forced into updating my connectors to the new Lightning since I have a 4s with the 30pin now and don't care to shell out extra coins as well as have duplicate connectors in the home office and vehicle. Sticking with flexibility of that is more beneficial than moving from a5x to a6x in the long run just yet

I have an Ipad 2 and didn't upgrade to 3 because it didn't seem like a good enough upgrade, but now that the Ipad 4 has a better front facing camera and A6X I will be upgrading. Will be a huge leap from a 2 to a 4.

I'm on the fence about this one. Part of me is cranky that my new iPad (don't call it iPad3) isn't actually a new iPad after less than six months into (what I thought) was the product's release cycle.

On the other hand, if that means that they're changing the release cycle from the spring to the fall, then that means that I'll likely be refreshing my iPad a year from now, six months sooner than expected. Of course, I wonder if my battery dies while my iPad (what do we call this iteration now?) is still under its two-year service plan 10 months from now ... which iPad would they replace it with?

One of the reasons I left RIM was how they handled the original Storm users by putting out the Storm II less than six months after the initial product's release. That just basically tells us that we were beta testing a product because the one they wanted to put out fell behind schedule.

I will agree with the folks that say Steve Jobs would have never let this happen. It speaks volumes about the changes in Apple management since his passing -- and I don't see those as positive changes. It's not so much an issue of me feeling like the company did me wrong, my (whatever we're calling this) iPad works just as great now as it did yesterday -- but it is a small break in faith, at least in management philosophy, with the Apple that I've come to expect.

Now I'm scared to get an iPhone 5 soon because as soon as I do, they will announce the 5S. I have a iPad 3 and I'm happy with it but the announcement process does kinda suck.

Don't think anyone has mentioned this; but the 4th generation iPad most likely also comes with the new Apple EarPods -- So consider than one more upgrade over the 3rd generation iPad lots of us have had for the last few to six months.

A6X, FaceTime HD, Lightning Connector, EarPods.

Ahh, well. They finally had me at retina. I just couldn't hold out for more (even had I known it would only be till the holidays).

Of course there is the slight twinge of remorse with the rapid product upgrade; but I guess this short-cycle balances out with me getting the extra 6 months of having "the latest and greatest" when it took an unexpected 18 months for the iPhone 4s to trump my iPhone 4.

OK, totally forget almost everything I just said. Apparently the reason it hasn't been mentioned is because the iPad doesn't come with earbuds --- and this is a fact I've apparently forgotten. Whoops.