Foxconn persuades Apple to drop search for second iPad manufacturer?

Despite the recent rumor that Apple was looking to add a second manufacturer to its iPad supply chain, DigiTimes's magic 8-ball now says it won’t happen... this year at least. Foxconn has convinced Apple that it can manage the whole iPad operation on its own.

Foxconn has exerted its efforts to protect its orders and apparently has persuaded Apple to not shift some of its iPad orders to other contractors for the moment.

Pegatron Technology were the likely manufacturer that Apple had ready to step into the fray; should it be needed. It now appears that Pegatron will have to make do with its rumored order for  iPhone 5s instead. Pegatron are still looking to secure orders for future versions of the iPad as well as notebook and desktop Macs according to the same sources. Pegatron Technology currently manufactures the Verizon CDMA iPhone 4 for Apple.


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Foxconn persuades Apple to drop search for second iPad manufacturer?


Your kidding right? They are just little finger condoms. Your whole hand in a latex glove for as long as their shift is would turn mush so they just cover their fingers.

Apple's probably afraid Foxconn will just start outright gunning down their employees if they don't get all of their work. It's bad enough on the employees there to get out the current demand. The high rate of suicides at Foxconn is not a coincidence, people!