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Get Ready For It: Smartwatch Fans is expanding... and rebranding!

When we Welcomed Smartwatch Fans to the Mobile Nations family on January 1st of this year, we told the story of how the site came to be. In reality, we actually started 2013 with the goal of building a community and resource with a broader focus, covering not only smartwatches, but also other wearables and the broader world of connected devices often referred to as the internet of things.

The problem was, we couldn't find a domain name and brand that we loved. With the months rushing by and 2013 coming to a close and the urge to get a new community launched just as strong, we decided to not delay and get things rocking with the more niche-focused Smartwatch Fans. It's been a busy four months on Smartwatch Fans, and things are about to get a whole lot busier and way more fun.

We FINALLY have a name and brand we love for the destination we've been wanting to build, and later this month we'll pull the trigger on the change. We're going to keep the name a secret for now, but above you can gander at the awesome logo for the rebrand. Starting immediately, we'll begin ramping up the coverage on Smartwatch Fans to include more topics like connected fitness, connected home, connected automotive, connected toys and more. In fact, we've already expanded the discussion and help forums to cover this new range of topics, so the community participation can begin immediately.

We're going to keep the name a secret for now, but above you can gander at the awesome logo for the rebrand

We have big plans for where we're taking the new community. We're now living in the post-smartphone era. It's no longer a dream that every phone will be a smartphone - it's a certainty. And whether you're an Android, iOS, Windows Phone or BlackBerry user when it comes to your smartphone, this new site will become your preferred destination when it comes to all the things you can connect your smartphone to. Beyond our regular Mobile Nations personalities dropping by to contribute on the new site, expect to see a lot more new faces join in on the fun as we add to our passionate team of experts throughout 2014.

Guess our new name and win a Sonos Play:1!

You'll want to keep it locked to SmartwatchFans.com for the rebrand to kick in, but in the meantime and in true Mobile Nations fashion here's a chance to win an awesome prize. Leave a comment to this post taking a guess at what the new name will be. The first person who guesses right will win a Sonos Play:1 (and Sonos Bridge of course) the day we officially announce the new name.

Logo Sneak Peek!

Kevin Michaluk

Kevin Michaluk is Chief Media Officer of Mobile Nations and editor-in-chief of CrackBerry.com. He also loves watches. And Campari. A lot.

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There are 53 comments. Add yours.

Gazoobee says:

Love the logo. Brilliant!

Couldn't care less about "smart watches" though, sorry. :-(

ejraney says:


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HDdesign says:

I'm just the opposite. I am all about smart watches, but hate the logo. Lame.

Kevin Michaluk says:

There will still be tons of smartwatch coverage... and the logo rocks (you're only seeing one usage of it right now). Trust me. :)

sir17reeder says:


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ROSES5682 says:

Interconnected or we connect

Bcloutier says:

Wearables or something similar to that?

David Hroncheck says:

Nope, page for the elderly.

Connected Life dot com ?

iviat says:

News Watch

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richard451 says:


Connected Life.
Connected Tech.
Acid Trip Bearded Donkey Space Warp.

Clegg05 says:

I'm going to guess, Connectibles.com

Clegg05 says:

Last guess, connectable.com (similar to sir17reeder's guess, but without the s).

kilcher says:

Maybe there is no new name yet and they're tricking us into coming up with ideas for them. =P

iviat says:

Watch Central

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bambuco says:

Hmm... Connected Central (similar to android central, WP central) or Squared Connection...

DrSavant says:

I wonder if the rebranding will fix the oppression of free speech in the said forums... Like having one's opinion deleted, and being nasty about it...

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EggoEspada says:

Smart Connect


Smart Connections


ernbrdn says:

Everyday connected living

Gsarfin says:

I agree, in this context the logo looks lame, but I'll hold of judgement until I see more.

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uncommon-asian says:

I'm guessing "Connective" or "Connected". Maybe even "Connect Central".

emjayess says:

Tech that connects



metllicamilitia says:

Interconnection Central

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oscaramzz says:


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p0rterhouse says:


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oscaramzz says:


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riksch says:


svfd757 says:


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