Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablets to take on iPad 2

Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablets to take on iPad 2

On the same day Apple and News Corp debuted The Daily, Google held their own event to once again show off Android 3.0 Honeycomb, a tablet-centric version of their mobile OS that Motorola, HTC, Samsung and others will use to compete with iPad 2.

Android Central has literally a ton of coverage up and from the looks of it Google is trying to be a little more desktop about the tablet than Apple has thus far. We'll see Android 3.0 Honeycomb on the Motorola Xoom and no doubt a plethora of other tablets this year. We'll see iPad 2 this spring and just as certainly an iOS 5 event soon as well.

Check out the Honeycomb event video after the break and let us know what you think. Anything Apple needs to pay particular attention to come iPad 2?

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Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablets to take on iPad 2


LOL. Nice try. Admins will see that this comment was not me. They have your IP address dude...
Hopefully iOS 5 will be more like Honey Comb. The home screens are just scalled up from the iPhone. We need widgets and such. Take advantage of the screen.

Apple purposely avoids widgets because they eat battery life up. The entire concept behind iOS is that it's minimalistic and functional so that battery life is maximized. Anyone who's ever know anyone with an Android deveice can testify as to their horrible battery life. The iPhone, on the other hand, has a great battery life, and therefore more usable over a long period during the day. That's huge when you're at work on a job where you can't just go plug in and recharge, such as construction.

I would have to disagree with you on your comment about the Android phones not having enough battery. My Motorola Atrix 4G has 1930mAh and lasts all day without a hiccup. So, please check your facts before you post. (android > apple)

I have previewed Honeycomb and it is really smart and cool how things work on it and would buy it instead of an iPad but there is a severe lack of high quality apps that makes it overall less usable. Doesn't matter that its may be fast, have better graphics processing, etc. A Ferrari on a rocky road is useless. I hope the sheer number of Android devices spurs on high quality development soon.

Android has two hurdles to overcome, hardware & software. Android more less has crap for apps. Then there's the hardware. The range in quality of hardware is huge. There is no uniformity....I guess that's what people mean when they say fragmentation.

That's not what's meant by fragmentation, fragmentation is the fragmentation of OS versions on android phones. A lot of Android phones are still on Android 2.1 others on 2.2 and others on 2.3... It makes Android look bad ! Especially when it comes to samsung phones...

Doesn't make android look bad at all. Who knows iphone could see the same thing due to verizon? who knows? But in all actuality there is no fragmentation. Its more options. Some people don't even like froyo or gingerbread. But mostly, they are offered for cost efficiency. Some people can't afford an iphone or Droid X. So they get a low end android phone because its still a smartphone but reasonably priced. The lack of most up to date software is a price people are willing to pay to have a decent phone for a low price.

wow, talk about limiting your outlook on life, tech, and everything else... no ipad 2 anything yet but you already want to buy it. this is why i hate apple fanboys, they are just witch hunters of today.

I have a Nexus One and a IPad I would love to see widgets on the iPad. I think widgets will be great on a tablet, just hope apple ads them with iOS 5. Notifications too I would hope apple will address them eventually.

Honeycomb looks great and all the tech sites a saying it handles just as good as it looks. Watching the video makes this ipad seem very limited and basic. Apple will have to damn near reinvent iOS for the iPad 2 to keep me on board. Thats a shame because I liked having Android for my smartphone and iOS on the tablet. Ironic that soon it will be the only smartphone OS blown up for a tablet, while all the competition comes with true tablet OSs. Knowing how Apple operates, I doubt we will see anything really compelling until iPad 3. Guess it works out for the best since my kids want my iPad and I want a tablet built for a power user.

Looks cool. But for some reason a lot of the stuff it does I've been doing on apps on my iPad for a while now. Not sure how someone can be a power user on any tablet. That's what my iMac and mbp are for.

Thats part of the problem. I have to open a app to read my email, to check the weather, check/post on Facebook or Twitter, etc...These are all things I can see at a glance on Android, and it's constantly updated. The notification situation is painful enough on the iPhone but damn near inexcusable on a tablet. That's the problem with iOS, especially on the tablet. Everything exist inside of an app. iOS is little more than an app icon placeholder. There is so much that being on a tablet opens up. Google, RIM and I'm certain HP realize that. I guess we will see if Apple does in the near future.

I hope, for your sake, that iOS 5.0 doesn't have widgets and other UI enhancements.
If it does... then there goes the #1 criticism of iOS vs Android...

It looks great, but the problem with being used by the masses is that apple has proven, people ike simplicity. Tech blogs can gush All the cool stuff that is being shown, but for the average consumer, does this become too confusing? It seemed to me like everything was thrown in the mix and wish it was a bit more streamlined. The whole OS reminds me of the wired magazine app. Where it a case of "look what we can do!" how things intergrate to me was a bit much. Felt like a feature overload. How is google to leverage this along with their chrome OS? It will be interesting to see. For now IOS on my iPad is clean and let's me enjoy the experience. Honeycomb OS seemed to take over too much of the experience.
One thing that I did like ,and is on the Mac is the app defined action menu. Very OSX. I wish apple had brought that the iPad. It made the user interaction more like your personal computer.
The more I think about it it seems honeycomb as gone to the opposite extreme of IOS and if HP are to offer something between the two, then that will be the bigger competition

I hear what you are saying, but I'd rather my experience not be limited by the fact that Apple wants me, my grandma and my 6 year old to be on a equal playing field.

Based on your comments you seem to be looking for something to replace your laptop as a power user? the problem here is that we don't even know what running the widgets and live screens will for performance. The OS like other tablets will depend greatly on the "power apps" that an be tailored for the OS. Yes you can have live widgets for checking your email, twitter and your calendar and facebook, but does that constitute to catering to power users? I just don't see the argument that the OS caters to power users. If anything apple has the ability/integrate to bring it pro apps to the iPad. Hardware is only part of the problem, and that is why apple makes sure it is not too far ahead of their developers in terms of hardware, otherwise what is the use?
To borrow Brian Wards anology, it's like having a Porsche and living in the country with nothing but muddy rut roads to drive on.
Think about what google is bringing to the tablet is nothing new, you find all this on any mac running OS10. So you gotta think why didn't apple do the same?

I doubt we'll see any android style widgets on iOS since apple's main selling feature for consumers is consistency for ease of use as well as for developers to minimize fragmentation.
yeah, you have to tap on an icon to view different apps on iOS, but Honeycomb will still require just as much effort to view each of your widgets by way of flipping between pages.
neither solution will be truly "at a glance" any more than the other due to this. plus, with another fork in android development, it will only further discourage large developers which is already an issue with android, and it will discourage many consumers because they'll be waiting hopelessly for these features to reach their phones... which most never will due to limited screen real estate.
I do like what google has done with Honeycomb, tho... but yet another fork in the OS, I fear, will cause major devs to shut the door completely on developing for android. and in case you question my reason for concern, just consider that there's still no Netflix streaming app for android but there is for iOS, despite it's popularity... then compare how many other big name content providers/developers have also neglected Android for iOS, a la Netflix.

Netflix is moving slow on Android because of content protection, not fragmentation. That's straight from Netflix. A flip of a finger to move screens is a lot less effort and time claiming than flipping through numerous screens to find the app, opening the app then waiting for the content to download. Having multiple widgets on each screen means that I can fit all the data that I want to be available at a glance on one, two screens at the most. Apple doesn't fragment, it just cuts off devices from features while claiming it's running the same OS version. Fragmentation by another name. Watch the video and you will hear that 2.x apps work fine on 3.0 and even scale just fine. Can't say the same for apps built strictly for the iPhone.

Yes you can scale, but how well do they look? Apple said you could do the same for IOS, but you soon learned very few apps look good scaled. I believe that is going to be the case with Android

Im impressed. Apple needs to put more developers into iOS5 to stay relevant at this stage. I agree that honeycomb is too complicated for all user bases but all is too simple for all as well. I can't see myself getting an android phone just due to the stability and fragmentation issues but a tablet could be tempting.

If you have this 'Keynote' presentation, you need to have everything ready to get the focus and get the message over to the audience. Here things go wrong and the presentation stumbles.
What also disturbs is to get for example the videochat working the guy is swapping screen after screen to get this done. Not very efficient. Simplicity and effective streamflow seems to be taken over by gizmo's.

This is more of a desktop OS, and should be in the same category as a laptop. This is a miss and iOS will continue to feed the consumer who wants simple and easy to use devices. Since it's so close to a laptop, I wonder how much this thing will cost, battery life and learning curve? With the widgets constantly pulling data, that's gotta be a hit on battery life. Who determines which device will get the latest upgrades? Will the Galaxy Tab be eligible? This is a messy area on Android. I'll stick with Apple and the iPad. You're OPEN to too much uncertainty with Google and Android.

apple is definetely going to have to step up their game. if ipad 2 has add's nothing new i think this will kill it in terms of productivity/useability/advanced software,etc........

Looks very can only be a good thing that something comes along to keep Apple on their toes in the tablet market.
$800 might be a tough sell though.

Takes on iPad 2? What iPad 2? As of yet there is no such product, and Apple has made no mention of it. We all assume there will be one, but until further notice, this Android tablet will compete with the iPad.

Is it just me or is google forcing Device manufacturers to having a minimum system specs to use Honeycomb. Which means the low end android device makers will be hard pressed to use Honeycomb or suffer slow processing. Not sure if someone has mentioned this, but this already creates an android tablet fragmentation with some opting for the phone OS. By pushing all this functions at once Honeycomb will be only for the device makers that can make /afford proper hardware that synergies well with the OS or risk hampering performance.
Also can you imagine Honeycomb being adapted for schools, airlines, hotels ect. places where simplicity and reliability is needed with a one stop shop for tech support. This is why IOS wins, whether or not Andriod tablet becomes a hit among techi's

my point exactly, since Google itself has come out said, "here is our tablet OS" and told everyone that listens the other Android OS are not meant for tablet. This marginalizes android tablets and leaves device makers with their own to make it work.

after seeing the JOKE that is the Xoom? uh, no thanks. Android can stay over there in the land of misfit toys.

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