Google reportedly revealing CarPlay rival next week

Google reportedly revealing CarPlay rival next week

A new report is saying that Google is gearing up to introduce a CarPlay rival at their I/O conference next week. The in-car solution will sport features similar to those of Apple's CarPlay, allowing users to navigate the software using their vehicle's own built-in controls. The system would differ from the standard infotainment devices and instead project data from a connected Android phone onto the vehicle's dashboard screen.

Known internally as Auto Link, this is said to be the first product of the Open Automotive Alliance, a group that was formed earlier this year. Consisting of Google, Nvidia, Honda, GM, Audi, and Hyundai, the OAA said in January that it would bring the Android OS to cars "starting in 2014". It's uncertain just when or where we'll see Google's in-car software, but it's expected to be shown off next week during Google I/O.

Source: AutoNews; Via: The Verge

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Google reportedly revealing CarPlay rival next week


You'd think the Open Automotive Alliance would consist of Google, Dongfeng Motor, Lifan, Geely, Hafei, Great Wall and Roewe. I hear Android is extremely popular in China. Most of the world's Android phones end up there, and most of the world's cars are manufactured there too.

(Yes, total auto production in China exceeds that of the EU and that of Japan plus the US, and has since 2009.