Google rumored to be launching Google Drive online storage service soon

Google rumored to be launching Google Drive online storage service soon

After years of anticipation, Google could finally be set to launch their Dropbox competitor as early as this week

Google Drive is one of those mythical monsters of geekdom, something that's been speculated about and anticipated for years -- a full, Dropbox-style online storage solution from Google. And Reuters says it might just be announced as soon as today.

Consumers will get 5 Gigabytes of storage for free with Google Drive, while various versions with incrementally more storage capacity, topping out at about 100 Gibabytes, will be available for monthly fees, the source said.

No word on pricing yet, but Google Drive sounds like it will be typically Google -- massive and search-centric.

Google Drive will also be entering an increasingly competitive field, squaring off not only against the aforementioned Dropbox, but against established players like Box and Evernote, and major platform rivals like Microsoft's SkyDrive as well. While Apple's iCloud no longer offers iDisk functionality, it does offer a baseline level of service and convenience that's enough that mainstream users don't go looking for true online storage solutions.

Google has one huge advantage, however -- it's massive, services-centric user base. Demand for a Google-powered online repository has been so high all sorts of McGyver-like solutions have been shoehorned into Gmail and Google Docs just to make it sort-of-work.

If every Gmail and Google accounts users simply "gets" Google Drive, that's one heck of a jumpstart for Google, and something casual users might just turn to.

For power users, displacing Dropbox or Box might be out of the question unless it does the same things so much better it creates a compelling reason to switch. Given how much 3rd party support Dropbox already enjoys, especially in iOS, that could be tough.

Getting used in addition to Dropbox or Box, the way iCloud has, however, would probably be enough for Google Drive at this point.

We should find out shortly.

Source: Reuters via Android Central

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Google rumored to be launching Google Drive online storage service soon


SkyDrive now works same as DropBox. And SkyDrive gives 25GB free space and if you want to add another 20GB (total 45GB) you only need to pay £6/year ($9.5/year) which is much much cheaper than Dropbox. I already switched to SkyDrive.

I use iCloud and that seems enough for now; but what are the privacy concerns of all these cloud storage services? For example, when you delete a file from your cloud storage service, is it gone forever or can the company still access it? Can some company hacker mine it for data, photos, videos etc.?

I think it will be hard to switch from SugarSync to anything else since i find it to be not only the best service out there but the easiest to use... Not sure why everyone is on the DropBox band wagon... With Sugar Sync you can choose the folders you back up to the cloud... If you want your whole Desktop or Document folder synced then just select it... If you save something to your desktop bam 60 sec later it is synced to the cloud for download on your iPhone, iPad or through there very slick Web UI... You can also view photos, listen to music and watch videos... There is no need to add that document to a special Drop Box folder it is much simpler if you wanna try sugar sync click here plus i will earn some free storage if you sign up!