Gorilla Glass 2 sheds 20% thickness but keeps all the strength

Gorilla Glass 2 won't say anything about any connection to Apple or Apple products, but live at CES 2012, they're more than happy to share details of their new, 20% thinner, every bit as strong new Gorilla Glass 2.0. Now 20% may not sound like a big deal but a lot of device weight comes from adding glass components to devices and when you shed off 20% you're removing not only thickness but weight as well, giving manufacturers the ability to create lighter, thinner products.

It'll still be a while before devices turn up making use of Gorilla Glass but it's something to keep in mind the next time you hear a company stake claim to the thinnest, lightest of any product. It could be because of Gorilla Glass 2 and you may never know it!

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Chris Parsons

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Gorilla Glass 2 sheds 20% thickness but keeps all the strength


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