Having charging issues with your iPad? Here's how to fix them!

Having charging issues with your iPad? Here's how to try and fix them!

If you're experiencing charging issues with your iPad, whether it's an iPad 2 or an iPad Air, you aren't alone. Out of all the mobile devices Apple makes, when it comes to charging issues, the iPad is typically at the top of the list. In some cases the problem is hardware related but in many, it's not. Here are some steps you can take to resolve iPad charging issues before heading out to an Apple Store.

1. Perform a hard reset

If your iPad appears to be dead and only shows a black screen, or your iPad just isn't recognizing a charger when you plug it in, you should immediately perform a hard reset. In order to do this, simply hold down the Home button and Power button together and don't release them until you see an Apple logo.

Once your iPad reboots, try plugging it in again to see if it registers a charge. If it does, you're good to go. If not, or if your iPad doesn't ever show an Apple logo, move on to the next step.

2. Try a different outlet or USB port

Sometimes the issue isn't actually your iPad at all, but the wall outlet you're using. Many of us get into a routine of plugging our iPhones and iPads into the same places each and every time. This makes it easy to not think about trying a different wall outlet to be sure that isn't the problem.

If you've already tried a different wall outlet or you just did and that doesn't solve the issue, move on to the next step.

3. Inspect your charging brick and cable, try another if you can

I know that I have to reach behind the bed in order to unplug the iPad charger so it's not something I do often. It also makes it hard to see tears in the cable that could have been caused by an angry house cat or a dislodged cable because of things getting shuffled around.

Be sure the block you are using is the one that came with your iPad and inspect the cable for signs of tears and scratches. If at all possible, try another iPad charger if one is available. If not, you can always try an iPhone wall block as well. It'll charge much slower but it can at least rule out the iPad being the problem and let you know the brick or cable needs to be replaced.

4. Try restoring through iTunes

If you've already inspected all chargers, cables, and wall outlets as well as performed a hard reboot, it may be time to try a restore. It's something the Apple Store will typically advise you to do before coming to the conclusion that it's hardware. Just be sure to back up all your data to either iCloud or iTunes before starting. If you aren't sure how to perform a full restore, you can follow our guide by clicking the following link.

5. Visit an Apple Store or call 1-800-MY-APPLE

Once you've tried all of the above steps, or if you're iPad is not responding or showing up in iTunes, it may be time to visit an Apple Store. At this point, the issue is most likely a faulty battery or a faulty charging port. Depending on the issue, an Apple Store can replace your iPad either under warranty or for a fee, depending on the issue. If you don't live close to an Apple Store, you can call 1-800-MY-APPLE in order to set up a mail-in repair. You may have to pay for the call depending on your warranty status.

Your tips and tricks for dealing with iPad charging issues?

If you've had an iPad that just didn't want to charge for one reason or another, were you able to resolve it? If so, what did you have to do in order to get things in working order again? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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Having charging issues with your iPad? Here's how to fix them!


Something you don't call out explicitly but... if an iPad is charging slowly make sure you're using the iPad brick, not an iPhone one. I've plugged into the iPhone brick occasionally and been annoyed at the slow charge before I realized what I did. Many people probably don't realize that the two bricks put out differing amounts of power.

@rickg1 Thank you so much for this advice. I rang the Apple store today and even they didn't ask me to check which brick I was using. It's so obvious when you know :)

In some cases it's also good to restore the device as new, and see if the issue persists before restoring the backup. Some types of software glitches get saved in an iTunes backup, and come back when that backup is put back on a device. iCloud backups are a bit safer, but I've seen cases where they can get corrupted too.

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I've always believe this too but people always say no, backups don't contain iOS info, just app and personal. But I'm with you. I think backups can bring down existing issues. I have had time where a clean restore worked and bringing down my backup resurfaced the issue.

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Interesting. Both iPhones I have had ended up with dead, unable to charge batteries at just about the 24 month mark (like clockwork), yet my nearing two and a half year old iPad (3, if they called it such) is going strong as ever. I use it for hours every day and still really only need to charge it every other day usually. I am still impressed that I can fully charge it, unplug it, and when I come back 8-12 hours later, it's still at 100% being in standby.

I tried everything but it wouldn't charge but I think the problem is with the charger because sometimes it's broken from the inside so I bought a new charger and it worked :D

My IPad suddenly stopped charging and I tried the Hard Reset method you mentioned,and it started charging.Thanks so much.

Mine was not charging when it was on it charged only off I had the wrong ubs plug part not the cord wasn't enough power changed to a Duracell one and it was ok started to charge while on again. I think the one I had charges my galaxy note 4 don't use the cellphone ones.

I'm having the same problem. My iPad will only charge while powered off. I tried the hard reset and different outlet and I also bought a Duracell charger but nothing has worked so far.

After reading several articles over the past few months, the most common solution seems to *Be Sure To Use a Genuine Apple USB to Lightening Cable*. Many, but not all aftermarket cables will generate the "Not Charging" message in the upper right corner of the iPad Air 2 display. Also, please avoid the five dollar charger/cable combos at the drug store etc. They are inferior, and can damage your iPad or iPhone. At worst, they can start a fire. After 25+ years in The Fire Service, I've lost count of the number of burned out apartments and homes I've seen because of all kinds of inferior electronic products. Bottom line-use only Apple or Apple certified products with your iPad/iPhone. I hope that this has been helpful.

Same and was hoping Apple support had some answers.
Go to Melbourne basically and abruptly, which at absolute minimum to get to a service centre is a 9 hour trip not disregarding the cost and time.
Crikey, would've thought you could post if for a new port/service.
I guess buying a new one, except I have so much info on there!

From the earliest days after purchasing my iPad 2 I have had charging problems that suggest a loose connection. At first I thought I had just been sloppy in plugging it in, as I would wake up and find it had not charged, but it gradually got worse and now the only way I can get it to recognize the iPad charging cable is to put stress on it, like resting the iPad upright on the cable, and often then it takes jiggling to get it to get the charging icon to light up. Yesterday I went and bought a new cable and that did not change the problem. Any thoughts

Can someone help me out ? I have an iPad 2 been with it for 2 years but recently it only charges up to 59% no matter how many hours I keep it on charge . Don't know what to do about this ..