High school student sells kidney to buy an iPad 2

A 17 year old high school student from China’s Anhui province wanted an iPad 2 so much, that he sold one of his kidneys to pay for it.

I wanted to buy an iPad 2 but could not afford it. A broker contacted me on the Internet and said he could help me sell one kidney for 20,000 yuan.

The deal was agreed and the kidney removed. He received the money which was approximately $3000; he used some of the money to pay for an iPad 2. When his mother saw the iPad 2 she was surprised that he had one; due to the high cost in China. She then discovered the horror story and notified the authorities of how it all transpired.

How badly did u want your iPad?



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High school student sells kidney to buy an iPad 2


A clear example of someone with their priorities out of check. Sold a part of your body for a iPad 2? What do you plan to gain from having this iPad 2 is what I would ask this kid... unless he's going to make that $3000 back with the iPad, the whole thing was pointless. Wow... what have we done to the future generation? They want iPads, iPhones, gadgets more than life?
Something is wrong here...

No, but he spend all the money on an iPad and a laptop (according to another source). So that money is basically wasted as he's not going to get his kidney back and the iPad
and laptop are decreasing in value for every day that passes.

yes they are! we posted this on my blog on tuesday or wednesday and so did iphonedownloadblog and 9to5mac.com

Then stay on your blog. Who cares if posted late. It's Sunday slow news day. Just filler material. I read about this on another website too.
I hate the word blog.

Mmmm Well who cares when you posted it on your blog, I am sure that it has made it circuit round every blog and probably posted on another one before your blog. All that most of us are interested in is that we read it on this blog!

What do you do, spend all your time surfing other blogs for material for your blog?
Who cares, never heard of you or your blog.

Poor Alex. There's no action on his unknown, third-rate, wanna-be blog, so he has to come here for attention. :lol:

If you don't like the way things are done here set up your own website and post the news up there. Or beat it.

This has nothing to do with Apple but really any sort of technology. Things like this have gone on for decades wether for cars or others.
It's that longing overcomming even your body. This is also applied to money.
But again nothing new. Society has existed even when Western Europeans were nothing but tribals and the Middle East/africa held the worlds advances.
You can trust me when I say some people went far more extreme in those days for what was valuable or the advances then. And it could also be sacrificing everything to reach a higher rank in the class based society(Which still exists today)
It's not what We have taught the future generation. It's what humans Are. Just our bodies, soul, and mind aren't enough for us.
Thus why we have Religion.

And yes he didn't spend all $3000 on an iPad 2. Although you have to wonder if he had to sell a kidney if there were better uses.
Then again a man sold organs just to go to a World Cup. Priorities for ya.

"How badly did u want your iPad?"
At least spell the word "you". I expect that kind of typing in a chat room or text message, not a blog.

Oh give me a break! Gotta draw the line somewhere. The only thing more annoying than 'Grammar Nazi's is the people crying 'Grammar Nazi!'. Seriously get sick of you people.
Go ahead and write incomprehensibly. The rest of us will be over here having proper conversations.

Damn... you guys are being unnecessarily brutal. I'm not sure why you would need to be.
@Fast... Some people don't like going to other blogs, because they don't care about all the other crap the writers are blogging about. I come to TiPb first for all iDevice-related news, then when I want all my other Mac/Apple news, I head over to TUAW. I've found these two sites cater to me the best. This isn't really earth-shattering news, so timeliness is not really a high priority for the release of a story about an idiotic boy who CLEARLY has his priorities out of order.
@Jay... Really? Do you really have to nitpick the use of "u" over "you"?

I agree. The use of U and other "time saving, attention grabbing" grammar should be left to the illiterate or the lazy. You wouldn't put you on a resume would you? Or any other important document. This world is getting dummer by the day and that doesn't help. Olearymo showed a great example of how some people actually think those words are spelled because they have done it like that so much.

Johnny: "Hey mom, I'm heading over to a friends house....I'll be back in a week, can you sign this release?"
Mom: "what's it for?"
Johnny: " I'm selling a kydney for an iPad2"
Mom: (laughs) "you're such a joker, sure I'll sign it"
[week goes by]
Mom: " how was your time at your friends Johnny?"
Johnny: "Great!!! Look at my iPad 2.....btw do you know how to change bandages?"
Mom: "WTF Johnny, I though you were kidding"

Wow... That was such an incredibly stupid thing to do, that I'm just speechless. What's he going to sell when the iPad 3 comes out? It's not like he can sell his other kidney. He might want to re-evaluate his priorities in life.

What's so wrong about this? It's his kidney, he can live just fine with one and now he has some new toys. He probably got tired of his clonepad and wanted the real deal. If he ever goes to prison his majors will be harvested anyway. I say probs to him. I gave my kidney to someone in need and I didn't even get so much as a thank you from him or his family, this guy gets some cash, fair trade IMO business transaction plain and simple, he is old enough to know what he is doing.

Yeah... not seeing the big deal here. Unless he picks up a major drinking habit in the future. The human body works perfectly fine eight one kidney removing toxins from the blood stream. Yeah its kinda gruesome but its not like he gave up a limb or sold his body for sexual favors. This kind of thing isn't new. Dunno why everyone is calling him dumb.

I don't know what's worse Chinese people killing themselves over making Apple products or Chinese people killing themselves over getting Apple devices.

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