This is how CarPlay will work in your new Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz has published a video demonstration of their CarPlay integration. While the company went into some detail with their announcement yesterday, the video takes its time showing various aspects of the system, including the interplay between voice commands and physical controls.

The Mercedes system will also feature a set of physical controls, centered around a large dial. The dial is used to scroll through options, including app selection, contacts, and music. The voice commands button is located near the dial so you can activate Siri. The video details how many of CarPlay's features will work, including making call, getting directs, and sending and receiving messages, and unsurprisingly, it works a lot like iOS does now.

What do you think of Mercedes' CarPlay system now that you've gotten a glimpse of how it actually works? Sound off below in the comments.

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Reader comments

This is how CarPlay will work in your new Mercedes-Benz


Regarding functionality it's what I expected. Haven't seen anything that's new game changing.

The design for the Mercedes is awful. The car has nice lines then you get this sticking out of the dash. It looks out of place IMHO. If they were going this route I think they would have been better off making a custom mount/solution for an ipad. This way you could get dual functionality.

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Man this video is awful. We don't need to see three times the same thing being done. Plus, the look of the icons looks like the old iOS 6. What a waste.

FWIW this is obviously part of a media kit so anyone needing video of the functionality has multiple angles and can avoid jump cuts while editing.

And people think glass is a distraction. Lol. I hope this guy has pulled over at this point.

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Bleh... it looks terrible. Really had to be an afterthought to add to that car. Also, the voice texting seems very tedious. They should combine choosing to text, saying the persons name, and the message. "Text Michelle Schmidt I will be late for dinner", It can recognize the word "Text" followed by a name it knows, and then the message.

Siri does that on my iPhone. I don't know why she couldn't do that through the car, I think he's just taking his time to respond.

This was the one feature that might have convinced me to wait for a '15 model C Class. Now that I've seen it, I don't have any reason to wait. I will seldom plug my phone in, as it's much easier to use Bluetooth and keep it in my pocket. Why would I opt for the push to start option so I can leave the key in my pocket, then jump on an option that makes me plug my phone in?

Interesting integration and a nice feature, but as ||JB|| says, it's nothing game changing.

I agree with many of you. Very boring video. I couldn't sit and watch it 3 times. I don't think I'll be getting Mercedes accessory for my iPhone.

What happens to seri if the phone loses the data connection? Being in the armrest if think that could happen in certain areas. Does seri work when there is no data?

Siri doesn't work with no reception. Which means you're in trouble in the bad part of town. Think Mad Max. :)

I dont understand this carplay works only for the c class or works on all the mercedes cars this generation, like a class for example?

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Not knowing anything on it, my assumption would be that the car companies will put it in their top end line so they can sell it as a feature. Want carplay? You'll have to get the high end model with the super duper integration for another $10k (because we all know people that buy iDevices like to overspend on Apple products).

Then a year or two down the line, it might filter down to cheaper models.

I love my iPhone and macbook and mba and only sort of hate my apple tv. But I don't want that sh*t in my car. That's just too much. I enjoy driving to much to want to have that there with me. Driving can sometimes be like an escape from all that.

And how weird was that promo. Germans...

He's going to crash he's staring at his "CarPlay" screen. Also this is stupid and nothing I can't do in my crappy car. Really dumb.