How to change the iTunes account on your iPhone or iPad

How to change what iTunes account is linked to your iPhone or iPad

For some people, their iTunes account, iCloud, even Apple Online Store accounts are one and the same. The email address and password combo they use to log into the iTunes Store, iBooks Store, and App Store is identical to the one they use to log into iCloud email and Find my iPhone. It's a beautiful, unified dream. Others, however, have separate iTunes accounts. Whether that's because they're so old they predate iCloud, or because they're shared with a partner or family, or simply because they want them that way, the email address and password they use to log into iTunes is different than iCloud, and has to be set up separately. If you're one of those people with a separate iTunes account, or you ever need to change which iTunes account you're logged in on, you're in luck — Apple makes it easy to do!

Note: Due to content licensing restrictions (i.e. Hollywood and the record labels), you can only have 5 computers and 10 iOS devices authorized on the same iTunes account at the same time. Also, you can only switch iTunes accounts once every 90 days. If you do it sooner, iTunes Match and iTunes in the Cloud will stop working until the 90 days are up.

How to switch iTunes accounts on your iPhone or iPad

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on iTunes & App Store.
  3. Tap on your current Apple ID at the top.
  4. Tap on Sign Out in the popup menu that appears.
  5. Sign into a different Apple ID in the fields provided.

How to change the iTunes account on your iPhone or iPad

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Reader comments

How to change the iTunes account on your iPhone or iPad


What happens to the apps purchased under the old iTunes account 9the one you just logged out of)? Will those (and their data) get deleted from the device?
That's important to mention.
Will the iTunes Match content associated with the old iTunes account get deleted/become unavailable? Important to know as well.

Apps etc. will remain, but you'll need to log in with the other account first, if there's an update.

iTunes Match association won't. You need to re-login first with that associated account.


That means that I can (not that I should!) login with my friends iTunes account and get apps that he has paid for (as long as I don't care about updates) and keep my apps as well?
That doesn't seem right.
What prevents me from doing this repeatedly and "steal" apps that I haven't paid for from my friends?
Aren't apps DRM protected?

Well, sanity? If your friend's ok with giving you his/her password so that you have the possibility to buy stuff on his/her bill... Your friend's taking the risk.
I wouldn't "lent" a friend my account.

Apps are always associated with the account that bought them.

Hi, I had my friends email which we were using both of us,but it seem either me of her used the wrong password, so we created another email but with her it's picking but with no.first after creatingthe new email for me I didn't sign out of the apps store I just delete the older mail and sign in. The problem is when I signed in with the new email it only pic for I day and it stopped , have tryed but it still telling me neither the email and the password isn't correct what shuld I do please help.