Here's how third-party apps integrate with CarPlay

Here's how third-party apps integrate with CarPlay

We now have a better idea about how third-party apps work with Apple's CarPlay. So far, Apple has been fairly selective with app partners so far, with only Spotify, Beats Music, Stitcher, and iHeartRadio announced so far. Donald Lakamp, president of Digital for iHeartRadio-owner Clear Channel, says that CarPlay integration is something added to an existing app, rather than built separately for CarPlay. Additionally, adding CarPlay support to an app can be done fairly quickly, according to Fast Company

“Without giving specific dates, it was fairly quick for us,” Lakamp says. “Apple has done a good job of doing what you need to do in a car. I can tell you that we spend a lot of time on our custom integrations thinking about how you keep an experience highly functional, but highly simple--because driver distraction is something that you really need to think about--and how you take the core of a product and can convey it as safely and simply as possible.”

What third-party apps would you like to see supported in CarPlay? Let us know below in the comments.

Source: Fast Company

Joseph Keller

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go3fan says:

Google maps

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bunkscene says:

I tend to doubt Apple will allow this, but I would love to see other Maps allowed for this. Specifically, Waze or Google Maps. I am sure this is a way for Apple to try and get people to use Apple Maps more.

renstein says:

I would like to see this as well. Apple needs to work on Siri integration with third party apps though. They are touting Siri as the main UI for this (hand free), and you would need to be able to use other maps with Siri.

dreyfus2 says:

Something with bettet POI data (here in Europe), Apple's is desperate and they don't seem to process user submitted corrections either. I sent them almost 150 corrections for my city since Apple Maps exists - they have not done a single correction ever. And a TV, e.g. DVB-T, app like the Elgato or Tivi ones (hiding the picture when the vehicle is moving).

Other than that... Doodle Jump using the steering wheel as input device :-)

More seriously though, what I would like to see at some point is the ability to feed more than one screen with e.g. video. I think about screens for the back seats to keep the kids entertained during longer drives.

Mercifull says:

Tunein. Use it all the time to listen to community radio when out of fm range.

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Quintus says:

TomTom, Downcast and Sirius

Dev from tipb says:

- Google Maps
- IM Clients

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suprmanx7 says:

Carplay runs on QNX. Thats a surprise!

renstein says:

No. Carplay runs on the iPhone. QNX runs the car's infotainment unit. The infotainment unit in the car is just the monitor and input device, the iPhone is the computer.

iQatar says:

Sygic :)

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dmoreau says:

Georeader (reads historical markers out loud to you when you drive by them)