HTC One review (M8) - is this the Android phone that tempts you away from iOS?

Mobile Nations' own Phil Nickinson, Android Central's editor in chief, has put the newly announced HTC One (M8) through its paces. It's no iPhone killer, but the new HTC One has some really nice features, including a big screen that's sure to be the envy of some Apple customers who are getting tired of the smaller iPhone. Android Central:

HTC has been noticeably excited about the HTC One for some time now, and rightfully so. It's a hell of a smartphone. It's an imperfect one, sure. The camera still trades resolution for features, but the features tend to be pretty compelling, and it's not like you aren't able to take some beautiful shots. That's probably our single complaint about the new HTC One.

The increased size of the HTC One enables a lot more battery to get packed under the hood, so it sports a lot more raw capacity - more than 60 percent more, in fact. Combined with power saving technology HTC has included, you get about twice the 3G talk time and standby time as the iPhone 5s.

While the camera's capabilities didn't thrill overall, the HTC One does sport a nifty technology that senses depth information and enables new features like bokeh/depth of field, background effects and more. It's an all aluminum construction and sounds like a solid phone, a worthy competitor to Apple's high-end iPhones.

I have to admit, a lot of the personalization stuff and focus on the interface goes by me, because it's not something most iPhone users worry about - for good or bad, the only iPhone users who do customize the interface have jailbroken their device. It sounds like Sense BlinkFeed is trying to do some of the same stuff Microsoft does with the Windows Phone Metro interface, which quite frankly isn't a user experience I crave on my iPhone.

Anyway, swing by Android Central and check out what Phil has to say. And share your thoughts with us - is this something that would tempt you away from the iOS platform? Are there elements of the HTC One you'd like to see in the next iPhone? Post in the comments.

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Peter Cohen

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HTC One review (M8) - is this the Android phone that tempts you away from iOS?


Most iPhone users don't worry about customization because they never had it. The rest of the world did. And now, most will realize what they've been missing--and if Apple does not adapt, they will sadly loss tremendous business.

Right...because that is the end all, be all metric of "success."

Last I checked, they still make more money than any other company selling phones. That's thriving to me. Because a bottom line is the main metric.

Yeah, I'm gonna leave you here. Cause clearly you're talking nonsense now.

When you find the mythical fact where Samsung's PHONE division is making more, go ahead and let me know.

Care to provide a link saying Shamsung has a more profitable phone division than Apple?

Yep, thought so........the noise of crickets is deafening.

I was definitely waiting to see the proof of Samsung making more money over Apple.

Last I remember, Apple had 56% of profit share and Samsung had 53%.

But the take away is that Apple has 56% with only selling iPhones and nothing else. Samsung's profit is from both smartphones AND feature phones...which we know Samsung still makes a good penny off of. And yet Apple is still ahead of them in profits.

But yet these commenters want to state that "Apple is dying."

It's very laughable.

Not everybody is a "thinkerer" by the way. And it seems to me that most "thinkerers" don’t really appreciate Apple’s offerings anyway, so they already aren’t iPhone owners.

I switch between android and iOS once a year. The only thing the iPhone has missing is a bigger display (IMO). That being said I do enjoy the customization offered by android devices but every time I go back to IOS for a year I don't miss it. Everything I need is just a swipe or a tap away. I find it also helps with storage. If I see an app that I haven't used in a while I will delete it. Because it's right there and I'm reminded of what I have on my phone every time I unlock it. Android however can often times be a mess. Digging in folders and going through the file system and finding things you don't even remember installing. IOS is simple and that's how it should be. (Again IMO) ツ

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Oh and forgot to mention this year I'm due for an android reboot but after seeing the new Galaxy S5 (the phone I was going to switch too) i might just skip it this year? Don't get mad I'm not hating on android. I clearly love them both. I was just a bit let down and this new HTC isn't a game changer either. What do you guys think? Stick with my 5s until the 6/air? Or give the heart rate sensor a feel? Take a few pictures with duel cameras? I don't know.

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I don't see a game changer in the smartphone market in the next couple of years, at least not hardware wise. Apple already sports a 64 bit chip, and it will be a couple years until the full effect of that is seen.

I agree with you man... I was thinking about switching from ios to android... Done a lot of research... And what you said, made me want to stick to iOS... I just dont want to face that shit where you have to reboot your phone, install the antivirus and ect...

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Lg phones are the worst of the bunch. You'll understand I'm a couple of more months.

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Lg phones are the worst of the bunch. You'll understand I'm a couple of more months.

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who reboots their phone? I don't need antivirus period. I only install from the Google Play store and only install highly rated apps. Like I have time to skim through 1 Billion apps. I just go to my favorite tech sites and let them tell me whats good.

I think the next moto x is going to be one of the best phones on the market and I can't even talk to how sexy the moto 360 watch is. Wow. Android Ware OS is shockingly great looking.

Interesting, I have the exact opposite experience. Because my iPhone does not allow me to organize my apps on home screens, and instead makes them part of a long unorganized list, I forget all about apps that I haven't used for a while.

You're completely clueless about apple, the people that buy iPhones, and what's important to them.

@ kazn3r re: "Most iPhone users don't worry about customization because they never had it. The rest of the world did. And now, most will realize what they've been missing--and if Apple does not adapt, they will sadly loss tremendous business."

Completely, utterly, totally wrong. What decade are you living in?

Some so-called geeks pretend to not like Apple because they "limit choice" or because their products aren't "open." But what they really dislike is far deeper, far more inevitable, and completely unstoppable at this point. The so-called geeks instinctively know this, and they are incapable of admitting to themselves.

Yes, the real reason why some so-called geeks (claim to) dislike Apple is that Apple has changed consumers' relationship with technology. Apple has made geekdom irrelevant to the masses. All that knowledge, all that expertise, all those TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms)? Redundant.

So go ahead and obsessively tweak your smartphones' settings. Over and over until you get it just right. And then keep on tweaking those settings a little more, just to prove to yourself that you're worthy of the "geek" label. Or for whatever reason you think you need to still do that. We'll wait.

Ok. Done now? All finished tweaking? Well yay.
And guess what. Nobody noticed. Nobody cares.

But hey, it's cool to have hobbies. Knock yourself out.

Starting from the paragraph "So go ahead..." has a point. A bit cynical, but a valid point anyway.

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Your wrong SockRolid. We don't care what peoples relationships are with technology. I know that a lot of people want an appliance and not a computer. That's fine. You can't get someone who doesn't like politics to like politics. No reason to try. I think as much you say no cares or noticed if were done tweaking then why even waste your time writing this? Who's going to read it? No one cares right?

Bro apple is known for class. No matter if they don't adapt it in future,it will work They know where to Focus n why. They love to keep everything organised n simple to understand. And that's what every apple user love. Apple just won't throw so many features just lik tat. They take their own time to release it. That's how you can be perfectionist. :)
PS: Not cheap lik Samsung :D

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I'm definitely tempted. I have an iPhone 5. I'm also a Mac user and have 2 Apple TV's. But, I also have a Nexus 7 (2013) tablet. I like the Android OS and it's matured a lot since I had the original Droid. I like having the widgets and the ability to change around the appearance of my phone. With the iPhone, I know I'm going to get a larger phone (iPhone 6) with just "squares" on the screens.

I use Google for my email and calendaring and I can use Google Music and/or Double Twist to have my music on an Android device. I'm pretty sure I can have an Android phone playing nicely in my Apple environment at home. So, yea, I'm definitely thinking about jumping to the new HTC One.

I think those that go all google and don't give a damn about privacy are going to like this phone more, as you do. Those that care about privacy and don't give everything to google freely are going to be much harder to reach.

Google is upfront, How easy is it to find what Apple and developers collect? Transparency doesn't necessarily mean more.

I am a Mac/Android user, and they play pretty nicely together. The one thing you'll miss is backup/sync via iTunes. The Android File Transfer application for OS X works pretty well, but it's nowhere near as seamless as iTunes sync.

It's 99% impossible for him, as he likes Apple, and has good reasons for it, not just because "it's Apple". So let him enjoy what he wants. :)

Oh I was just curious, I wasn't trying to be confrontational. I do notice though whenever these type of articles popup he is the first one to say "no." but never any elaboration.
Nothing wrong with that, just an observation.

Personally I find the design of the M8 to surpass the iphone5s and thats a tough feat.

I've always liked the HTC One. Build quality and Blink Feed are nice. Though I prefer to use an iPhone I am curious about what you think of the HTC One and how you think it will stack up against the Galaxy S5?

Design wise the M8 destroys the S5 imo. But that being said the S5 has waterproofing and I think that is huge. I don't have a preference in either UI. Both are larger than their previous models even slightly, but I think thats a bummer. Head to head I would choose the M8. But the S5 is very close behind.

Agreed. The design is nice. And the waterproof feature is nice as well on the S5. With the M8 being 5.76 in it may be more on par with the Note 3.

i think the HTC One is a much nicer looking phone than the s5. That said i thought the old version was better looking and more attractive too and the samsung phone still probably sold better so who knows what will be more successful.

i'll answer that question. Not a ton actually. much of what i loved about my iphone was the look and that changed with ios 7. And honestly, since the 4s the only things that have been big selling points to me with new iphones are lte and a better camera. Nothing in ios, not the new colors. And lte and a better camera are a function of just new models. you get that on any phone iphone, android, wp7.

the biggest issue i have with android is a small one and one i could probably get used to and that's just the layout and work flow. For some reason it doesn't feel intuitive all the time. On apple i always know every app has a back button. I know if i click the home button i go to my apps. it's pretty streamlined. In android i find myself sometimes not knowing how to get to the prior screen in some apps, and it does vary. I find myself hitting the home button and then feeling lost. I think part of it is because on ios apps are on the home screen. I android apps are in like a separate apps folder and widgets and apps are on the home screen. That feels cluttered. also the up and down scrolling feels weird when i'm used to scrolling just left and right to pages in ios. I'd hope those are simply things i'd adjust too. I'd hope i could remove the widgets off the home screen to clean up the cluttered look as i wouldn't use most and never liked widgets. I think if android changed some of that i'd be more interested. More phones with expandable memory would be nice too. And i know that some phones you can add themes or skins or change launchers but i'm not sure if all of them can. I'm not the biggest on customization and theming but not being the biggest fan of ios 7's stark white look i've come to wish i had the ability to pick the look of my iphone and thus theming would be a nice feature.

" I'd hope i could remove the widgets off the home screen to clean up the cluttered look as i wouldn't use most and never liked widgets."

Hold on a widget and drag it off to the trash can... GONE. You can lay it out exactly like an iPhone if you like but your doing yourself a disservice. You have to stop thinking of how you do things now. Thats what holds people back. You have to give it a full 30 days to learn how things work. Use it as intended. You might actually like it. Yes it's a PIA to learn something different but you might end up liking it in the long run. After you understand how it all works set it up the way you like

The truth is, how i do things in most cases is a choice. It's why i bought the phone. For example i had a Palm Pre, full of gestures and swipes but what i really wanted was a back button. I chose a platform because it worked the way i want. Another thing is i listen to lots of music and my pre had serious problems reading my meticulously tagged library. it confused. And i've used Android phones for more than 30 days. I just haven't particularly been thrilled with the experience or some facet. Saying "use it as intended" doesn't fly with me. It like Apple saying "you're holding it wrong." No you're antenna just has issues. You built it wrong. Like there are aspects of ios i have issues with. It's typically a design direction i don't like. I'll give an example. If you take a picture, then go from the picture app to the camera roll you can't edit the pictures. you have to exit the camera app. click on the actual pictures icon, and then the edit functions are available. Why? That's illogical to me. it's the same pictures app. The Jailbreak community was a product of platforms not doing things the way people wanted. That's kinda way ios now has a quick launch toggles and notifications. Android just has similar things. I want to do things my way not as some one else intends. Some things i'm flexible on but others may become so annoying that they are intolerable. For example on my pre it was horrible handling music. It misread ide tags, failed to see songs, grouped them in the wrong genre even the the genre tag was correct, it if you had one album name not capitalized it thought it was a separate album so it would show up in a different directory. Well using the music player is probably 80% of my phone use so it was a major problem. They never fixed it so after a while i had to switch. So for me it's more about whether they can meet my needs not tell me what to do.

If those are really your only issues then I think you should start looking closer at android....I mean that in a good way. If you don't like widgets you don't need them. Every android phone can use a launcher. And there is an app called themer beta in the app store that will give your phone a simple unique look. Android is what you make it. It can be as clean or cluttered as you want. For me personally when I get a new phone I set it up the way I want and pretty much leave. I might change to a new wallpaper or if a new app comes out but that's mostly it.

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I like iOS better, but from my Palm days, and the T5 sure miss not having an SD card slot in the iPhone. I know everyone is wanting a bigger screen, but that is a little too much. Great review Phil.

This could be the one to lure me away from the iPhone. If you could just replace the Android OS with iOS, add access to iTunes, iBooks, and the App Store, iCloud... Yep, that would make it possible that I could switch.

ITunes match users can't access their cloud stored music. That being said, uploading all your music from iTunes to Google Play Music is incredibly easy.

(begin sarcastic tone) There's a way for me to access my iBooks through Google Play Books now? I can access my apps through Google Play Store? Even my iTunes movies and TV shows? (endsarcastic tone)

I would think most people don't use book, movies, or tv shows on their phone. Don't most use the apple tv / tablet for tv and movies and the tablet for their books. (no sarcastic tone)

I've been tempted away a couple of times already but I always come running back. Though each year android gets that bit closer to matching iOS in all departments

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No it doesn't. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, but if you believe they're approaching a matching scenario, you're not paying attention.



That would be like asking a big fan of Miles Davis if the new One Direction album could change their mind about their favorite musician.

I did the whole Android thing for a year, enjoyed it as well as got frustrated with it. Went back to the Iphone 5s and realized that I won't leave IOS again. It just works so much better. I really don't miss the customizing like I thought I would. Sure there are a few things I wish the Iphone did that Androis phones do, but not enough to leave again. I have a Nexus 7 and I will keep that. But it doesn't compare to my iIpad Air at all

Last year's One (M7) replaced my iPhone 5 and if Apple doesn't make a 4.5+ inch iPhone 6 I'm definitely upgrading to the M8.

From what I'm reading most people seem to think the rear camera is lacking. If true, that's a bit of a bummer, will have to see some photos. If Apple doesn't come out with an iPhone w/ a larger screen this is the one phone that could have tempted me away.

I'm 99% confident that Android won't offer any sort of feature set to make me want to switch. However, we shall see what Microsoft does with Windows Phone. They may tempt me to switch back. iOS 7 tempted me to switch back to iOS since it felt a lot like a prettier version of Windows Phone 8.

We shall also see how nicely Ubuntu Phone plays with my ecosystem (if it ever fully launches in the US). *That* OS has definitely piqued my interest.

Tempt me away from iOS?.... Nope... No thanks... I like my iPhone! There were some features shown on there that I can already do thanks to my jailbreak. Jellylock 7 does that whole swipe to open the app thingy.

My philosophy is this: if you want a phone you can customize and change things up with, get an Android device; if you want a phone that just works, get an iPhone. It's all up to the individual.

To address your question, Peter, regarding any features from the HTC One I'd like to see in the next iPhone, I'd like to see the sound system (speakers) integrated into the iPhone. Other than that, nothing. My 5s is fast, I like the screen size, I think the camera takes and processes the best photos that any phone has to offer. I don't count the Nokia 1520 and 1020 in that statement though because they're basically a camera that makes phone calls. A phone shouldn't have a sensor larger than 8-10 MP.

So many people want to see a larger screen on the next iPhone and the rumours are starting to point in that direction. But for me, I like the ability to do everything with one hand if need be, and I don't like the idea of having a phone that doesn't fit easily into my jeans pocket. But that's me.

I hear it's a nice device and works great but it still has all the customization of Android.

Disclaimer: my only experience with Android is helping my dad with his SG4 mini which I've been able to figure out but - and maybe it's because I'm just used to iOS - I find the iPhone so much easier to use. More intuitive.

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Ya, I'm aware of that. I know a lot of folks who like it. I could probably get used to it if I ever decided to switch.

Nope. Apple is finally going bigger this yr and I can't wait. The screen size and battery life are my 2 biggest gripes w the iPhone. I've had many android phones and I like them but all the customization is blah to me. The way a phone is made OS and all should work / look the way u want it too. The iPhone does that right out of the box better than any other phone on the market IMO.

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I can't believe that the camera on that and the previous HTC One is being praised so much. Some of the photos in Phil's review look grainy.

Possibly. This or the Nexus 5. I like both. I like the sd card and look of the HTC One. I hate the huge size. I'm not a fan of super large screens. 4.5 is about the biggest i really like. Nexus 5 doesn't have an sd slot and i've heard issues of its' battery life. SD slot is important to me because i have lots of music and would like to have it local. I also take lots of pics and have lots of apps so i like having storage. I currently have a 64gb iphone and it's only got 2 gbs free so i use my space. but i like the phone. right now i'll wait to see what ios 8 looks like

I'll stick with my iPhone 5S 64gig. Unless Apple only offers a ridiculous 5+ inch screen with the iPhone 6/6S, I'll upgrade to it in the 6S cycle. I like my smaller, (arguably) more powerful phone, thank you!
If I were to switch, the HTC one (M8 or whatever comes after it) is on the short list of possibilities, but I HATE the phablet/tablone trend. The S5 just doesn't do anything for me, but I DO like the waterproofing it has. Every phone should have some level of water resistance at minimum.

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No. I love my iPhone. As far as the waterproofing is concerned thats not a benfit for me. All my iphones go into a LifeProof case.

Bigger screen and consistent reports/reviews of amazing battery would had won me...until the unanimous slamming of the camera quality turned me the other way. Deal breaker.

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I've been an iPhone guy a long time and dabbled with Android a couple if times. I sometimes think I need something new vs iOS, but I have no other real good reason. In the past I've gotten bored even more quickly with Android once the novelty wears off.

The new HTC One M8 definitely has my attention but I'm just not sure I could pull the trigger on Android phone. Something is holding me back. The Lumia Icon also has me a little tempted. WP seems cleaner and better integrated than Android, but the lack of apps is a dealbreaker.

I would be tempted if it weren't so damn big. Androids are starting to look like shoe phones from the get smart days

I love iPhone/iOS but I keeps an Android handy. Never know when you have to support that OS in my field. That being said, this 5S could go from the wife to the mistress real quick. I had an Evo before I jumped at the 4S on Sprint. I've always liked HTC, they caught a raw deal when Sammy started copying. I'm glad to see them making a comeback with the One series. My Evo took some great pics for smartphones at the time. I'm sure this one will be pretty good as well.

I'm waiting to see what screen size the next iPhone will be (if a 5"screen can't fit into your jean pocket, leave your sister's jeans in her closet). If Apple stays at this screen size, they will leave me with no choice. You can put up to a 128GB sd card in the phone. I don't need a music subscription or none of that other junk. They have to stop with this 16/32/64GB model! I just hope LG can hurry up and do something with the Palm patents that they have or HTC make an android phone that's less dependent on Google.

At this point in the mobile industry all the bells and whistles are miniscule when it comes to functionality. You may have the best looking phone, if your OS and hardware can't process at light speeds and remain functional, you've lost. Remember that as you continue your Android/iOS battle.

The phone its great, the OS sucks. I have an htc one m7 and I just can't put down my iPhone 5s. I had a note 3 also.

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The phone its great, the OS sucks. I have an htc one m7 and I just can't put down my iPhone 5s. I had a note 3 also.

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My biggest problem with android phones is still the lag from moving around the OS. Drives me nuts! I'm extremely happy with iOS. Also, I could care less about that much customization.

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The htc one (m8) is a great phone the best android phone in my opinion. But after a couple of months I'm back with my iPhone 5....rly don't miss it.

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