IK Multimedia iKlip for iPad giveaway!

IK Multimedia was nice enough to send us an iKlip for iPad demo unit. For those of you not familiar with IK Multimedia, I recently reviewed their Amplitube 2 rig emulator and iRig adapter. The iKlip is an iPad accessory that allows you to securely attach your iPad to your mic stand.

The iKlip is made from a thermoplastic blend. This allows it to be durable but light at the same time. It will attach to most mic stands and allows you to adjust it at different angles. The clips are easy to secure and don't damage the iPad.

iKlip currently retails for $39.99 USD. Here's your chance to win one free courtesy of IK Multimedia and TiPb! Leave a comment below letting us know how you would use the iKlip and why we should pick you. Next week we'll pick a winner and send you your very own iKlip!

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IK Multimedia iKlip for iPad giveaway!


Oh man!! I would LOVE this! I do voiceovers and often use my ipad in my closet (thats where i record lol) to read copy and to have it HANDS free would be a dream! Perfect companion for what i do. Thanks, and best of luck to all! :)

I used the Bebot app for iPhone on my album and would love to perform it live using my iPad. As I look for more ways to integrate iOS apps into my music, the iKlip will make performing much easier.
Here's a link to the song: http://itun.es/iFt2MC

I do alot of lecturing and this device will secure my iPad by the podium. I use the iPad to transmit my presentation to the projector. This will free my hands where I will be able to preview with iPad and use my Remote to advance the slides. Very nice idea for the iPad user

I currently use my ipad with "IRealBook" on gigs, and this who be the perfect stand for it!!!
You should give the IKlip to me, because the Universe said so... ;-)

THIS WOULD BE AWESOME!!! I sing and use the iReal Book app when I play piano and I've been looking for something to attach to a mic stand so my iPad is no longer in harms way. lol

I've been looking at these. I actually want to stand it up next to my treadmill to watch movies while I run. I'm scared to put my ipad on the treadmill because I'm afraid it will fall off and I don't want to use bungee cords!

I am a working musician Bass/Guitarist. This would be perfect for me. I am using my iPad live all the time now. I actually have it rigid that I can use looper in live performances. Thus wld make things a lot easier!

This would be a great compliment to my iRig/Amplitube set up. Right noun lay my iPad on the floor. Not too safe :-)

I give presentations to students when I speak and use my iPad exclusively. This would be an awesome tool and a blessing to use

I'd love to win this to record my sensuous voice. Maybe I'd even be capable of becoming a lesser version of Lady Gaga some day.

Just got Photo Soft Box app- this would be the perfect accessory to hold the ipad in the right place and use it on photo shoots!

I have switched a lot of my home studio over to the more mobile iOS. iPhone and iPad. I would love an iKilp to use with guitar tab and for recording vocals.

I play saxophone in my local church and would love to use this with the new iRig Microphone when it is available for purchase later this month. Would be willing to give an unbiased review on both products!

Dam, i finish all my long post and when click Submit internet shutdown :(, Anyways, i will try to put it all again, i think i remember.
First of all, this items is amazing for a lot of things, and is 100% USEFULL. That for me is the more important.
The iKlip can help you, in so many ways, here are some of those ways:
You have a meeting in your house with all your family, and wanna have a private conversation with only adults involved, and no kids there?
You can get the iKlip and put them a movie there! The kids will entratin 100% !
Big meeting with all family coming and you don't know what COOL to put in the entrace of your house so everybody be like =OO?
iKlip is your deccision! With this Klip you can put photos, pictures, videos, a application running something cool, ANYTHING!
You marriage and nobody see the pictures of your marry? So you are making a meeting to show them all the pictures! But the problem is that are like 200 people and you just got 1 copy of every picture!
No Problem! Get iKlip put the pictures there and people can look them there!
This is digital life people!
Fashion: Got a fashion store and wanna show EVERYBODY the last Desing but in a way that EVERYBODY LOOK AT THEM?
You can put the iKlip in the front of your store so people that pass there look the latest desings and buy them!
This is a VERY GOOD IDEA. Image this.. iPad ( PEOPLE LOVE THIS ) + New Designs? This is crazy people!
Work: You want to organize a meeting in 1 hour but nobody know because they are on launch(eating)? Then put this iKlip on the front of your Company and they will read it!
No more mails to everybody + no more problems with mail if send or not send!
Want to see a movie in your car or look a tv show, when you are waiting for some food on McDonald or anything else? This is your solution!
iKlip is the best SOLUTION FOR ALL.
Why should i be choosed?
There are 2 options that people always put here
Option 2) Pleaseeeeeeeee Pleaseeeeeeeeeee Pleaseeeeeeeeeee Give it to meeee! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Option 3) I don't got the money for buying this! Please give it!
I don't agree with any of those :P.
"Ahhh whaat??"
For me TipB is only one things.
TipB = The best in the world for your apple items, such as iPhone, iPod and iPad.
There is something that i always say on my life..
"Tell me the bad, because the good i already know it."
Is better you get honest replys to this post, that false.
With no feeling of hurting anybody!
Good luck to everyone here, and have a good weekend!
Regards for all!

This would be a great tool for teaching at my church. Could eliminate the stand used to set the iPad on altogether.

I'm moving to Uruguay in a couple months to direct a camp down there. I am constantly speaking and having speakers come, I believe this would be helpful for all. Using the iPad for either the notes or the presentation being projected. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

It would be great when you have everyone in your family(new to America) gather around the iPad mesmerized at the thought of technology's advancements. And then you can all gather around and put it on the stand and watch movies huddled around a 9.7 inch screen. Isn't that great? Now if only I had that stand, I could do this. :)

would LOVE this. Just got a MacBook Pro this week to accompany my iPad as I am working on my Master's in Music Education. Would love to have this to work with my students on GarageBand and other music software we would use in the classroom! A Pretty amazing piece of equipment, TiPb, I could put this to very good use!!!

Aloha. This would be great to hold my iPad as a TelePrompTer for my geeky middle school students doing the lead-ins for our school TV broadcast. Even they agree they shouldn't hold my iPad, as it would be so easy to drop. Last year's class paid for most of my iPad and they know how I covet it. Mahalo for the chance to win one.

Last year I helped my brother in law remodel a bedroom in his house into a recording studio. In two weeks I am expecting an iPad from my wife for our anniversary. This would be perfect for the song I'm about to start recording for my wife as an additional gift for her present!!!

I've had my eye on the iKlip for a little while now. It's awesome to display charts and lead sheets for leading our worship team at church. It will stop me lugging all the sheet music around. And in tandem with the bluetooth Airturn device, it's the perfect sheet music device for gigging (Except outside on a sunny day!!).

I will be perfectly honest...I'm a greedy bastard and just want to win! No other sappy reason given!

I love using my iPad with amplitube. Such a great product. I've been dreaming of the iklip so i could use the iPad on stage. Pleeease pick me!

Would love a chance to make use of this. I have a lot of electronic music gear and I'm always struggling to figure out where to post up my iPad while we are on stage I could definitely make use of it (like a lot of other people here it seems) while I jam out.
I also have a day job where a lot of presentations are necessary and I could pull double duty for the iKlip and use it to make me seem way more professional than I am haha.

I think it would be cool to start a band that runs each instrument through an iPad app. It would be a unique approach to live performance.
An iKlip would be a must have for that.

I'm using my iPad as a set list and metronome (running the "Tempo" app) during gigs (on drums) with a 9 piece band and also (on guitar) whilst running music classes for local babies with my wife and son :)
The iPad is a wonderful piece of kit for this: it's reduced my between-choons shenanigans from a frantic "search set list for next choon; read tempo from sheet; set tempo on metronome; concentrate on metronome's single small LED and internalise tempo; find music; count band in" to much more relaxing "one tap on iPad app to select next choon; internalise tempo really easily and quickly from brilliant iPad display; find music; count band in". I'm thinking about getting the sheet music itself into the iPad next, to remove that step.
Why pick me? I appreciate your efforts in developing secure relationships with iOS technology :)

I give safety briefings to new employees where I work. I've been using my iPad for the last couple of weeks for my presentations and notes... Turned out to be a great idea. My fear of public speaking goes away when I can use the iPad to shield myself from the group. I would like the mic stand attachment so I don't have to hold the device for the entire 40 minute presentation. It could stand to lose a few ounces....

i use my ipad daily in musical settings, whether running pitch and speed corrected versions of tunes through amazing slow downer, or taking notes about songs we're working on, or using vnc to control the laptop that's running the sound system, or checking the email, or making oooh ahh screen displays to impress the punters... It needs a place to live. There's always a mic stand around. But there's no iclip. yet.

I'd use mine while I'm leading worship at my church. Having the iPad on the iKlip would give me access to all my chordcharts (PDFS) all the time.

Wow this thing looks awesome. I would use the iKlip to add iPad-powered music into my performances, and using it for lyrics otherwise. Totally getting this either way. Props to TIPB for asking everyone what they'd use it for. I'm getting some awesome ideas from everyone.

I would use the iKlip when shooting DSLR video to make it easier to use my iPad to record sound. I would think the iPad could be attached to a tripod, as well as a normal mic stand, and let me record better sound than the built in mic on the camera. I already bring my iPad with me where ever I take my camera, because using the camera connection kit makes it so easy to preview beautiful pictures right away! The USB connecting in the kit lets the iPad use USB microphones, which would greatly open up the possible audio configurations I can use. Please pick me and I'll show how the iKlip will be appreciated by a whole new category of consumers, the DSLR videographers!

I play guitar and sing in the praise band at church, as well as record at home. I've been struggling with using amplitube as there was no good place to put the ipad that its not in the way of music or other things... this is the solution!! ROXOR!

Wow! As a voiceover talent I can now rejoice! With the iKlip on my mic stand I'll never again have to print, shuffle, drop and stress over scripts as I record. Plus... I can "turn pages" silently. The iKlip for voiceover talent will be REVOLUTIONARY!

A friend of mine purchased this product through MusiciansFriend. However when it came in we found two problems with the product. The biggest issue was that screw used to connect the iPad bracket to the mic stand bracket was too small and did not create a tight connection. Instead we used a 1/2in deck screw. Luckily the coutersink in the iPad bracket allowed for the larger screw. The other issue is that you cannot easily switch from landscape to portrit. you have to remove the iPad, remove the screw, change the orientation, and reassemble. Its not uncommon for me to switch between amplitube and my sheet music. The sheet music looks better in portriat while AmpliTube only displays in landscape.

I have been playing guitar in clubs for almost fifty years. For Christmas my daughter gave me tha AmpliTube app for iPad and the iRig. It works extremely well. I'd like to try using this on a band job but I've been apprehensive that I might damage the iPad. The iKlip looks like a solid solution.

Definitely would help me learning to play guitar with tabs etc and a mic set up. As to why you should pick me, since I don't have an iKlip my iPad just falls on the floor if I try to attach it to my mic stand :)

I think uses for this product are only limited by ones own creativity. Can't wait to integrate the iKlip into my performance and recording rig. It is really the perfect solution to a common problem. But, that's only the beginning. The product has much more potential than this obvious use. I'd like to try this product for assisting in the creation of Podcasts as well as multimedia presentations using the iPad platform.

My wife would likely steal it from me if I win. She could use it at work (teacher, principal) for lectures, presentations and other situations where you don't want to hold the ipad. If I win TWO iKlips, I'd use mine for live playing and recording to utilize cubic footage,as square footage within arms reach gets really filled up ( guitars,amps,chord charts,ect.)

I think this would be useful for my public speeches for fundraising efforts! wow- i didnt know this existed--how brilliant!

I would use iklip at guitar height while playing a midi equipped guitar, on the iPad running a synth like ims-20 as drum backing and lead controled from guitar. The iklip would place the iPad at the right height to allow quick adjustments to sound on the fly form my right hand in-between picking notes, using two iklips I could run amplitude on one to process guitar sounds as well!

I am currently in my second year at university studying Fashion and Brand Management - it would really help me keep organsied, keep on top of eamils and allow me to check the lastest news / blogs.