US and international iPad 2 online shipping estimates drop to 2-3 weeks

Online shipping estimates for the iPad 2 have now dropped to 2-3 weeks. This comes just a few weeks after shipping estimates jumped to 3-4 weeks shortly after the iPad 2 became available in the US. The estimates reflect both US and international availability and go for all 18 models including the Verizon and AT&T 3G options.

A quick check at a couple of local Apple Retail Stores revealed that most locations are still having a difficult time keeping stock on-hand, but when you pair this news with the new iPad 2 commercial Apple started airing last weekend, it seems they're more confident and better positioned than before to meet consumer demand.

Did you recently order an iPad 2 online? Let us know what your own shipping estimates look like in the comments!


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Reader comments

US and international iPad 2 online shipping estimates drop to 2-3 weeks


I Bought an iPad off Craigslist today. 32gb 3G AT&T for $700. Sealed box. Awesome! Gotta love Craigslist. I bought my iPad 1 the same way. Got it for $80 under retail from a student who needed to pay rent with his girlfriend. Mom had bought him the iPad because it was the hot thing for college kids. Hate to be that kids parents.

I ordered my iPad2 when the shipping estimate was 4-5 weeks on March 15. According to my account in Apple, I will be receiving my iPad2 on April 22 :(

Ya same and it was estimated to ship april 22 However it shipped yesterday and should be here on the 7th so yours will come soon.

I order mine when they became available at midnight in Australia when the estimate was 2-3 weeks. It shipped yesterday, brought forward from the original shipping date of April 15th.

Supply must be getting better, because the scalpers who tried to slap on 100$ or more on craigslist are dropping their prices rapidly. The current surcharge for not waiting in line is down to between 20 and 30$, which is actually acceptable given that it is only a phone call away and you save scouring stores...

Ordered a black 16 GiG WiFi only on March 16 with estimated delivery on April 14 but just read that it will be chez moi on April 8!

Ordered a white 32 GB wifi only today April 4th. Confirmation email says it will ship April 25- exactly 3 weeks from today

Man I ordered mine at 1am on March 25, with 2-3 week waiting... Still says ships April 15th and delivery April 22nd which btw is a holiday 4 day weekened, which means unless I get it early its not coming till April 26th!
Why did i bother ordering it online...

Oh and I dont understand how they can reduce the waiting time from 3-4 weeks down to 2-3 when they have yet to even ship 1 unit...

While you may be in some international location here in the U.S. I ordered my iPad online 2 or 3 weeks ago on a Friday and got it the next week. They have definitely been shipping.

Ordered on March 15 with original delivery date of April 22. Received notification that it shipped today, April 4!!

ordered on 3/27... still says will be received 4/28.. no change.. hoping they will just surprise me and ship it a week or 2 early.

Same, I orderd mine 28/03/2011 in Australia, still says be shipped 27/04/2011? Hope it comes soon. But my dad ordered his a week after release date instore..and is picking it up today 14/04/2011. Feeling a little bit Jipped right about now :/

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Ordered mine on 25/03 in Canada. Just checked my account and still says Ships: 22 Apr
Delivers: 29 Apr.
I got the smart cover last week though.

Ordered on march 15th, shipping now, should arrive on April 7th....that is 2 weeks earlier than original estimate!!!

i ordered mine by sending a mail to steve jobs. reply is as follow : estimated arrival time for your free ipad 2 white 64gb + wifi : "never"
cant apple just give ipads 2 to poor people like me already ?

Black 64GB 3G ordered 25th March from New Zealand. Tracking shows in transit from Hong Kong. HDMI cable arrived last week.

Here in the UK, order white 16GB wifi from PCWorld on Wednesday 30th. Got a email that it shipped yesterday. DHL site says its out for delivery this morning. So fingers cross.

I placed my order March 11 and it got cancelled :@. I don't really know why I ordered just one. Am thinking about just getting one from eBay.

Just go to a store, I gf got ours from super target. Just ask the stores what time they get their store shipments in and just call afterwards to see if they got them in.

I ordered my ipad 2 from the apple store on-line on March 20th; still says will not ship until 4/21, with estimated delivery on 4/25.

Dang! ppl from australia and UK are already getting shipping notification??? Lets see if they got the shipping notification for their accessories only ;-) I know they must not come from the same production line than ours in Canada but mine still shows late april arrival.

Ordered mine on April 4, due to ship on April 26 with an estimated delivery on April 27. Not bad!!!