International and Want an iPad on April 3? Reserve for Pickup and Get Traveling!

iPad reservation

Not in the US, can't pre-order an iPad via, willing to travel by plane, train, or automobile to the closest Apple Retail Store on April 3? Then reserve your iPad for pick-up now and be sure get one when you get there!

You'll need an Apple Online Store ID to reserve one, but my Canadian Apple Online Store ID worked just fine. If yours works too, let us know in the comments!

Note: If you buy an iPad from the US, you'll likely need to have to go back to the US for any warrties

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International and Want an iPad on April 3? Reserve for Pickup and Get Traveling!


I just placed my reservation for a 16GB Wifi. I'll be in Phoenix, Az on launch day. This is the first time one of my trips to the US coincides with a US-only Apple product launch. I'm pumped!!!

Isn't warranty on Apple products worldwide? At least, here in México they can fix iPods purchased in the US.

The "go back to the US for any warranties or repairs" is not true. The Genius bar can repair any Apple product bought it anywhere in the world.

I would like to use my ipad in the US and Europe. As I just spend three weeks in Europe and had a hard time finding any open WiFi spots I am considering to get the 3G version. Can I then get a European SIM card while there and switch back to the AT&T card when here? If anybody knows the answer that would be great.

The iPad 3G is gonna be sold unlocked. So, yes you can use any SIM card that's a micro SIM card. Regular SIM cards won't fit (<- which I think is stupid).

I just had to do this as well i looked up ways to get around the only us billing but the place where i sent it didnt work so they cancelled it and i spent 30 min talking to someone trying to get around it, o well at least i got up at 515 this morning haha o well should be an expericance driving 2 hours on april 3rd to go get it. cheers!

I just reserved one from my canadian account :) There's no reservation number though - does anyone know how they'll identify who reserved one?