More on international iPad delivery delays - maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow

Earlier today Apple began notifying some international iPad customer who had placed pre-orders that, due to flight delays their iPads may not be delivered on May 28 but instead on May 29. Following up with FedEx, TiPb was first told that a hold on delivery placed by Apple had caused the delay, and then that due to Apple's desire to have iPads show up on May 28 and no earlier (except in Europe, right?), FedEx lacked the capacity to deliver them all on the 28th. Apparently FedEx had an agreement in place with Apple to continue to deliver to residential addresses until 10 or 11pm tonight, and through the day tomorrow. Customers with business addresses not open late or on the weekend may not be so lucky, having to way until Monday to take delivery, or heading over to the FedEx facility to pick it up themselves.

Again, we don't know the service level agreements in play here, but definitely not a situation Apple or FedEx wants to be in.

If you're still waiting on your international iPad delivery, or if you've gotten any further info from FedEx, let us know in the comments!

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More on international iPad delivery delays - maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow


I'm one of the unlucky folks still waiting for their iPad. I spoke to both Apple and FedEx today, and both told me that it should show up today or tomorrow. I'm not holding my breath for today, but it would be great.
The whole reason I preordered was so I wouldn't have to wait- there are still plenty of places in my city that have the 32GB WiFi iPads (which is what I ordered) but I have to wait while everyone who just wandered in on opening day gets to pick one up. Bummer!

Also, I should mention that my package details on the Apple and FedEx sites haven't updated in over six hours- still says my iPad is languishing in Mississauga. I hope it hasn't just been sitting the whole time- there's got to be more planes flying out of there than that!

I'm Swiss. TNT hasn't managed to bring me my iPad. Needless to say, I'm not amused - I preordered the minute the site became available and I'm still waiting, but if I had simply walked into a store today, I would already have an iPad. This is simply unacceptable; TNT is clearly unable to handle a launch of this magnitude.

Six hours? Heh, my tracking info hasn't updated since yesterday morning. For all I know, my iPad is collecting dust somewhere in a warehouse a mere 70 kilometres from where I live. Madness.

I walked into a local computer store here, and they had piles of them. I agree Parkettpolitur, FedEx dropped the ball on this one-I preordered the first day possible, and here I am waiting. Pretty frustrating...

I phoned fed ex today asking If it was going to come in today and tomorrow. He just told me was wait till 6pm and call back if nothing happens , well I forgot to check and I went on to see the tracking and it was already listed on the the truck and ready for delivery !! Then at 730 pm the GLORIOUS white truck appeared ! Felt like a 10 year old kid running for the ice cream truck !
And now I'm typing on my new rocking iPad.

I received the email last night about my ipad being delayed a day and was just blown away. I thought pre order and not worry about it, just have the joy of its arrival. My brother went to the local apple store this morning at 5am and got his no prob. I called fedex around 1:00pm and they said there was a customs delay and it would not arrive until next week. I was realy starting to get upset at this point. Then about 15 mins later my phone rings to a very nice lady telling me my ipad will be on a special flight this afternoon and will arrive in Ottawa after 6:00. I was so excited and headed right over to the local facility just after 6:00. I luckily work close to the airport so it was not a long drive. I arrive only to be told that it is not here. But is on route at this time. So I sit paitently to watch countless people line up until there is a huge line up. I watched people receive there ipads for 45 mins and they still have not called us yet that had been waiting. Then all of a sudden I got frustrated an went to ask. They said it is here. I fealt like they forgot about us that were already there but oh well. So I am happy to say I have my ipad and am very pleased that Apple and FedEx worked it out. It was a pain but the main thing is I have my ipad when apple said I would. I hope everyone that is still waiting gets it soon :)

Walked into BestBuy here in Edmonton, AB, CA and bought the 64 Gb 3G, no lineup. Could, the salespeople were a) clueless and b) pushed the hell out of their extended warrantee ($100 for 2 years, $200 for 3 years). It took WAY too long to get them to accept "NO".

I have a friend who didn't get his until 10:30pm from the fedex delivery truck. Driver said he was his last stop.

It's 11pm, so I guess it's not going to be tonight for me. It's hard to be patient, but I guess living in Saskatoon, I really should expect to be f*cked over- large cities on either coast, but bald prairie inbetween. I'm not sure if it's Apple or FedEx who dropped the ball on this one, but they cut it way too close.

Well I too have been waiting patiently for Fedex.
I just spoke with them this morning My ipad has now cleared customs in Toronto.Fedex says it will not arrive in Saskatoon until Monday. As a side note Fedex does not deliver on Saturday in Toontown.

They don't deliver on Saturday, but I think the office opens at 11. I just got off the phone with FedEx and apparently the last scan they show is leaving Winnipeg, which is heartening news. I'm hoping I can get them to hold for pickup, so I can get on with my weekend instead of waiting for a delivery truck all day.
If I wanted them to deliver, I'd have to wait until Monday, but if it's just sitting in the FedEx store down by the airport, I'll be down there with my nose pressed to the glass until they let me in, heh.

Well, Noviatech, I just spoke to a CSR at FedEx, and it sounds like my iPad is on a truck already out for delivery! Due to the screw up, they're running iPad deliveries on Saturday. If yours is still out in Toronto, just keep your eye out for any FedEx truck driving around S'toon- the only ones on the road are full of iPads. :P

FedEx just phoned to tell me my iPad is waiting for me at FedEx today and I can pick it up! Apple wouldn't let them reroute the package from my office to my home address. It's weird to hear companies like FedEx say things like iPad and Apple to you on the phone before you even mention the situation, they just knew.

Fedex dropped it big time!!! Sent from Alaska to Memphis then to Alaska then to Memphis, from Memphis to Mississauga to Anjou (another mistake) to Mirabel and finally to ville St-Laurent. And know there telling me the fedex guy is alone at the facility and cannot unload the trailer so I can't pick it up! What a mess!!!

I had to show up twice but i was finally able to pickup my iPad at the FedEX depot in Ville Saint-Laurent early this afternoon.