Some international iPads arriving early, hundreds of thousands of US iPads already there

Several readers hit us up saying their iPads were already arriving, ahead of Apple's May 28 international release date (at least phase one of it, phase two is slated for July). Given the spread of 9 countries, its probably harder for Apple to keep their iron grip on delivery dates and still make sure customers get them when they're supposed to.

If your iPad did indeed arrive early, drop us a note in the comments and let us know where and when.

Google acquired mobile advertiser AdMob, meanwhile, says it's seeing up to 25% of existing US iPads -- the million+ Apple sold in the first month -- hitting their network from outside the US.

Does this mean Americans bought less than we thought, and international early adapters have already sated some of their fill, or that -- given the ongoing supply constraints -- that Apple is just going to sell as many as they can make in all the countries they can get them to?

We'll start finding out tomorrow as Apple Stores open early so those who didn't pre-order can try their luck in line, like Chris and friends in Australia (picture after the break).


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Reader comments

Some international iPads arriving early, hundreds of thousands of US iPads already there


Yes, my wifi iPad arrived via UPS at 9.30am today, 27 May! Ordered from UK Apple store 7.25am on day pre-orders started, 10 May.

My iPad was delivered this morning to Epsom, Surrey, UK. Was a 64gb 3G model, ordered on May 10th whilst hanging out the top floor of an Italian villa trying to get a signal long enough for the order to go through!!

My Canadian order is at the Fedex destination sort facility at Pearson airport in Toronto this morning. With luck it'll find its way onto a delivery truck today instead of tomorrow.
This was ordered around 1:00p EDT on May 10.

My iPad was in Ontario yesterday, and this morning it's in Memphis. With my luck, it's on it's way back to China!
Oh well, I can be patient.

Mine arrived in Sheffield, UK at 1115 this morning! Sadly, 3 minutes before I was due to work. :-(

@JohnInEdmonton, are you sure it was in Ontario? I had a "Mississauga, ON" entry show up yesterday regarding customs documents, but I don't think that meant that the iPad was actually in Canada yet. It was for customs preclearance.

An Apple fanboy friend in Hong Kong preordered a non-3G iPad to ship to me in the first week of launch. When I mailed it at the post office, the lady asked me if it was an iPad because she has seen at least 15 such packages shipped already. I know lots of iPads have been shipped internationally but 25% is beyond my imagination.

Oh Boy.
Ok, I called FedEx Canada, and my iPad is in Ontario, it arrived early this morning - and Fedex "Could" have delivered today....but!!!
They out me on hold, and said that Apple Canada called them and instructed them that under no circumstances were ANY ipads to be delivered prior to the 28th. So they said I'd get it before 12PM tomorrow, which is fine with me.
but wow, talk about controlling a launch.

Steveoo, I've seen other people on twitter claim the same thing. So why were Europeans NOT put on hold?
Was this just an Apple Canada "initiative"?

Pre-ordered iPad on the 10th. Scheduled for delivery in Montreal on the 28.
According to FedEX, it went from China to Anchorage to Menphis and as of now back to Anchorage!?! Got an email from Apple to say that it will not be delivered on the 28 as planned. So in short, I will not get it before next week.. Not cool...

Yep, the one we ordered for our guests to rent (I work at a hotel) arrived May 27 at about 12:30

Mine preordered May 10 for May 28 delivery arrived a little early on Wednesday May 26 in Valencia Spain (with Dock and Case).