iOS 4.1 HDR photography comes from Imsense acquisition?

iOS 4.1 includes HDR photography for iPhone 4, but did Apple roll the technology themselves or did they buy it along with UK company Imsense Ltd? MacRumors has done some sleuthing and they think the latter:

According to a note on the website of Braveheart Ventures, which backed imsense, the company was acquired by "an undisclosed trade buyer in July 2010". According to a press release from Braveheart, it received £342,000 for its minority stake in imsense, more than doubling its original £150,000 investment in two years.

We also note that imsense Director of Engineering Alexis Gatt left the company in July 2010, just as it was being acquired, to become senior engineer at Apple. Together, the information suggests that imsense may have been acquired by Apple, although no definitive evidence has yet been uncovered.

Their iPhone app, imphoto, is also gone from the App Store, and desktop versions of their software have been discontinued.

Does this continue Apple's recent tradition of small, technology and talent focused acquisitions?


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Rene Ritchie

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iOS 4.1 HDR photography comes from Imsense acquisition?


I think he mean that the feature doesn't worth losing your jailbreak. Btw that's my opinion.

Idk I unjailbroke my iPhone 4 to get the new features I like it. Only thing I used from jailbreak was sb setting and 3G unrisictor. I didn't even use sb that much.

It's amazing the ball clamping people still have on jailbreaking. God forbid someone takes away ones right to make the phone their own. Jailbreaking while effective for some things, has usually resulted in sub par peformance and freezing issues in my experience. But thats what tech geeks are used too. Having something that's held together with glue and popsicle sticks, as long as it's as open as possible.