iOS 4.3 features: New wait button when adding contact phone numbers

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A minor but likely very welcome change in iOS 4.3 beta sees the addition of a wait button to the add contact phone number's extended keyboard and the rejiggering of some of the other buttons. Wait will add a semicolon to the number as opposed to pause which adds a comma. Overall, the pause button has moved to where the ghosted 4 button used to be, the plus button has moved to where pause was, star has moved to where plus was and a new wait button has been added to where the ghosted 6 button used to be. Phew.

Sounds more complicated than it is, so just check out the picture above and let us know what you think. Easier extension adding for one and all?

For more see our complete iOS 4.3 beta walkthrough...

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iOS 4.3 features: New wait button when adding contact phone numbers


This is for like if you call someone and have to put in their extension. Example, you call someone's work number (1-800-555-1234), then one for employee directory, then 123 for their extension, you can program their contact number to be (1-800-555-1234-pause-1-pause-123) and this way itll get to them directly without you having to navigate that menu system like you would have to currently.

What I'd like to know is, what's the difference between wait and pause. I've used pause in every smart phone I've ever had, but I've never heard of wait until now.

great, yet another different convention for pause / wait in contacts. blackberry uses comma and bang, and win mo used to use 'p' and 'w' chars. my contacts are a mess of those combinations and will get worse now...
would be nice if they'd all just adopt the same convention.

This sounds great, would definitely help navigating some automated systems, but how do you proceed from a wait? Do you have to use a keypad button or can you advance it with a hardware button or your voice? Otherwise, it won't be useful hands-free.

This is a huge addition. The iPhone is really weak in an enterprise environment where you have conference calls with participant/host codes. I have always sent a "Blackberry Friendly" link so people can just click on it and dial the phone number and extension. I could never get that to work on the iPhone and really welcome this. Now, if they would just get the data detectors on the location field in calendars we would be getting somewhere. Also, how about a cut and paste after you dial a number. I often try and copy the participant code, dial the main bridge and then try to paste the partipant code but alas it doesn't work.

What is the difference between a pause and a wait ?
Agree that a paste option after dialing would be great for entering participant codes.

The sound of one hand clapping. I mean wow. If this is the sort of "new" features, and by new I mean stuff other phones could do for YEARS, then I think I will have to skip the new updates. Don't think my heart can take the excitment.

You can do this now for extended numbers. After the phone number, add a comma-then put in the extension. Follow that with another comma if you need to add a password.

Thank you! I was just about to write this because it seems these people don't know you can do this NOW. :|

I thought this was for girls, so they would be forced to stop and think for a couple minutes before they put my number in their phone.

Pause inserts a 2-3 second pause before dialing the additional numbers (i.e. password or extension). Wait will display a prompt on the screen after dialing the first part (i.e. 555-555-1234), then you hit a button to tell the phone to dial the additional numbers when you need them. For example, if you have to call your voicemail number, wait for the phone to ring and voicemail to pick up, then enter # or * plus your password. If you only had a "pause" saved in the phone number, it would dial your code/password too soon for the system to recognize it. Hope this helps.