iOS 7 jailbreak is live - will you be using it?

iOS 7 jailbreak is live - will you be using it?

Looks like a surprise iOS 7 jailbreak has been released by the evad3rs team. It's untethered, and according to their site, evasi0n, it's:

Compatible with all iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini models running iOS 7.0 through 7.0.4

Jay Freeman (Saurik) seems to have been completely unaware of it, and has yet to update an official Cydia for it. If hot arrivals and potential incompatibilities aren't enough to dissuade you, however, it looks like you can indeed jailbreak your iOS 7 device as of today, and until Apple fixes whatever exploits it uses.

The question is, are you going to?

Update 1: Why you should wait before using the evasi0n iOS 7 jailbreak

Update 2: evad3rs speak out about evasi0n iOS 7 jailbreak

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Reader comments

iOS 7 jailbreak is live - will you be using it?


All I have is my iPad mini, so I'm kind of unsure if I really want to. Even when I had my 4S, I didn't really jailbreak except for winterboard and sbsettings.

I have the IPhone 5 and the IPad Mini and both do everything I want them todo, what would be the advantage to jailbreak?

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Cydia itself is not prepared for it... See the quote from Cydia's creator or read his twitter feed...

I used to jailbreak all the time. My main reasons where the MyWi app to use my phone for tethering & my3g to make FaceTime calls over 3G. As well as the usual SBSettings, infinidock, infiniboard. For the most part I had no problems whilst jail breaking & always felt comfortable doing it but iOS now offers most things I used to jailbreak for & plus the fact I like to keep my phone updated with the latest software release wether big or small so my jailbreak days are now over.

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I'm considering it for just a few reasons.
1. To airplay from iOS device to iOS device
2. To tether my iPad mini retina to my 5S on a grandfathered unlimited Att plan that has tethering blocked.
Other than those reasons, I don't really see a need anymore, at least in my case.

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Now this is a surprise. I didn't feel the need to jailbreak my device back when it was iOS 6.X and especially when I updated it to iOS 7 but this time I might dabble a bit just to try it out. Need to do some extensive reading first before I make a decision. This would be fun.

No jail break for me. I had my 4S jail broken for a few weeks last year. I spent too much time figuring out conflicts and resprings etc. My 5S I running smooth and I want to keep it that way.

I have to agree. It's just a generally buggy experience. And with many of the decent mods costing $10 or so, it's just not worth the headache. It's not like the good ol' days of webOS, in which it was easy to find and understand all patches available, and for free.

You can already install an emulator without jailbreak just type in gba for ios into Google then click on the github and follow the instructions for the emulator you want

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I would consider it if someone released a skin to make the keyboard/fonts/icons go back to the iOS6 style look

That will almost certainly happen. Themes are very popular on Cydia and there are plenty of us who like the old look better.
Personally, I'm sticking with my jailbroken iOS 6 unless I get a new device.
The iOS 7 JB actually took less time than the the iOS 6 one didn't it?

The public untethered jailbreak of iOS 6 came out 138 days after it was released. With iOS 7, it took almost exactly as long as with iOS 5: evasi0n 7 came out two days earlier than the iOS 5 jailbreak, 98 days after the release of the firmware.

Changing control center apps, speeding up animations, defaulting to Google Maps or Chrome, and a file explorer are all things I'd be interested in jailbreaking for. I'm sure more things will come along to make it more enticing.

I probably won't on My iPad Air, but will most likely give it a shot on My 5S. Hoping Ally hurries up with that review ;-)

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I'm somewhat surprised at how different the anticipation, and reaction has been to this jailbreak compared to the iOS 6 jailbreak. Does anyone else remember how much people wanted the iOS 6 JB? I couldn't escape the news about the progress on it, and the speculation of when (and if) it wound finally be released.
With this jailbreak, it's very different. Seems like no one is really that interested, which is strange to me because I feel that iOS 7 is a big disappointment not having included features like the incredibly popular biteSMS, Call Bar, a better keyboard like Swipe Selection, a better way to blacklist contacts like iBlacklist, and the list goes and on.
Personally, I do not like the look of iOS 7 at all. So I will stick with my iOS 6 JB iPhone 5 for as long as possible. So I guess I'm also not that interested in this JB.

Anyone know why they didn't wait for iOS 7.1 to drop before they released this? Apple will surely kill this when they release that update (which can't be that far off).

I just completed the jailbreak =)
Cydia isn't ready & most tweaks are incompatible but I'm sure the update for it isn't that far off; just happy to see this is the beginning =D

You shouldn't have. You should read the news. People who jailbroke has been going through heaps of trouble and this jailbreak may compromise your private data to some Chinese company. There's a big fuss about it. No one should jailbreak until confirmed. The company is also a notorious company for abuse of its users in China.

I'm happy with iOS 7 and with Apple. I won't be jail breaking any if my devices. If this were a physical change, maybe, but software can be, like my children, very sensitive - I have enough to worry about.

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Considering Ally's recent post saying that iMore does not endorse this latest jailbreak, at the time of publishing, I am going to pass. This despite the fact that I have really missed being jailbroken since I was forced off of the jailbreak due to a software issue that would not be resolved without restoring the device. Restoring the device meant a forced upgrade to the latest operating system which was not jailbreakable.

So despite how much I missed it I don't trust it yet due to the reasons that Ally explained in her post.

(And again, I ask for assistance removing the "#AC" from my username.)

Nope. Not even a little interested. iOS 7 has covered 99% of what I used to jailbreak for. That 1% is fluff and not worth the risks.

I just jailbroke my 5S but I notice a hige problem ... I try using something like iFunBox but there is no access to system files. I don;t have the system/var, just the folders I saw before I jailbroke ... Anybody else have this problem?

No I am not going to jailbreak any of my devices. It's not worth my time and effort.

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I installed the jailbreak this morning. Cydia is the same as it was before. Nothing works though bite sms doesn't load either which is why I did it. I'm thinking I would like to restore back to 7.0.4 how do I do this ? Thanks

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Bunch of sheep comments in here. No use for jailbreak, makes the software super vulnerable and unstable, blah blah...Been jailbreaking my devices since i-dont-know-when, never had any real problem. Yeah the rare reboot or respring. Booo.

Zephyr (on an iPhone), BiteSMS (still more powerful and flexible than the stock sms app), Browser Changer (so i can be given the immense liberty to...well...choose my default browser. Yeah, it is 2013 after all), Killbackground (cause flipping up gets old real quick), etc. Dont tell me the stock iOS is all it needs to be. Been hearing that for years, apparently the stock iOS have always been all we ever needed, as Apple kept integrating jailbreak tweaks into the new iOS versions. The irony.

Not sure, If I had an idevice (used to) I don't really know that I would. I mainly used it for UI changes but I'm pretty fond of ios 7's looks.